IT Worker Goes On Stabbing Rampage In Paris Police Headquarters

UPDATE: The attacker recently converted to Islam.

Workplace violence?

Did he catch an early screening of Joker?

NBC News:

“PARIS — A longtime police employee killed three officers and an administrative worker in a knife attack inside Paris police headquarters Thursday before being shot dead by police, French authorities said.

The attacker was a 45-year-old man who had been working in information and technology at the police headquarters for some 16 years, France’s minister for the interior, Christophe Castaner, said Thursday.

The assailant, who could not speak or hear, was shot by an officer with a rifle, according to two police sources who spoke to NBC News on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press.

Christophe Crépin, a spokesperson for the French police union, initially said the assailant was an administrative police officer, but Castaner later confirmed that he was an IT worker at the police headquarters.

Castaner said the attacker had never shown any sign of distress. …”

Normally, I wouldn’t even write about a story like this.

Whether it is car attacks, acid attacks, bombings, mass shootings or random stabbing sprees, this sort of thing has become commonplace in Western Europe. The killers in Europe tend to have a “lower score” than their American counterparts because of their use of knives. Sometimes more thought is put into the attacks like during the Berlin Christmas Market terrorist attack or the Ariana Grande concert suicide bombing in Manchester.

Suppose we did ban and confiscate all the assault weapons like Australia and New Zealand. We would still have this massive social disintegration problem and the budding mass killers – whether they be homegrown domestic or foreign terrorists – would still find creative ways to lash out at society. Even in an ethnically homogeneous society, liberalism would still shatter the social fabric and create resentful incels and other types of violent aggrieved loners.

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  1. There’s a big, really big, amount of mass stabbings in China, especially stabbings of children. Schools have to have special guards to protect children.
    The CCP keeps most of the stabbings hushed up, as they control the police and media.

    • Wow, how progressive!!
      Hopefully one day we can achieve such a progressive status and our children can get stabbed in elementary schools on a daily basis by mohammedans and mud savages!
      Such love and inclusion and equality and progress, goy…
      Of course pay no mind to the victim/perp race ratios…numbers and noticing stuff beez rayciss!
      It really doesn’t surprise me that there is a huge amount of violence in China.
      The fact that we never hear anything about crime in China lets me know they are coving up massive amounts of brutal shit!
      I read somewhere once there are 500 serial murderers walking around in China at any given time.
      I wonder how many serial murderers Weimerica has roaming and knuckle dragging around duh skreets.

    • A Black from Martinique working in IT? GTFO here. Had to be a diversity hire, they have them all over the place in Europe too. I guess he got confused with all the different colored wires and blinking lights then went ape shit. Should have taken his meds, 1/2 a grain of Valium a day keeps the Joker away.

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