Texas Police Were Warned About Odessa Shooter Seth Ator

Seth Ator is an interesting window into the mass shooting epidemic.

New York Post:

“Police were warned that the gunman who killed seven people and wounded 25 in Texas last month was planning an attack eight years ago, according to newly revealed police reports.

Seth Ator’s mother reported to cops in February 2011 that her son was refusing to take his mental health medication and had threatened to kill himself in a shootout with police, CNN reported.

The worried mom shared a recording with cops, in which Ator declared “911 will bow down before me.”

When officers in Amarillo, Texas, showed up to her home in 2011, they found what they interpreted as preparations for an attack — a machete hidden in Ator’s bed and an underground shelter he’d dug in the backyard. …”

We have previously learned that he had called the FBI before the shooting and red flagged himself. Then we found out that he had failed a background check when trying to purchase a gun and not only that but he had been calling the FBI for years before the Odessa shooting. Now we are learning that his mother contacted the police because she was worried about him. In spite of being repeatedly institutionalized, he still killed 7 people.

Seth Ator was just one suffering mentally ill loner who became a mass shooter. The national political conversation revolves around red flag laws, background checks and restricting the sale of firearms (Democrats) or institutionalizing the mentally ill (Republicans). In this case, there is also no White Nationalist angle to Odessa, so the story has been memory holed.

What kind of society though seems to continue to generate Seth Ators, Brenton Tarrants and Elliot Rodgers at an ever more rapid clip? The mass shooters and suicides are only the most extreme manifestations of acute psychological distress. Most of these people who are depressed, alienated and quietly suffering manage to deal with it without harming either themselves or others.

Is our current social order conducive to happiness or misery?

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  1. I vote for MISERY. I am not personally one of those, though with opinions like mine, I have every reason to be.
    Living in shit-can clown world and all…

  2. These articles are awesome.
    Great points made and we all know why the msm won’t touch this topic…it reveals that whites are the victims of a sinister ploy to empower those who are more easily controlled(nonwhites).

    The comparison of Arthur Fleck vs Patrick Bateman is a great contrast of 2 characters who are afflicted by the same sick society they despise and feel disenfranchised by.

    The difference is the way they are perceived and valued in said sick society.

    “Joker is the story of one man’s descent into madness and violence which is caused by our current social order – liberal democracy and free-market capitalism. Arthur Fleck lives in the wreckage of the world that liberalism has created after it has destroyed the social fabric.”

    – Patrick Bateman descends into violent chaos but is introverted and perceived as the “American winner” who has successfully succeeded in the Hegelian ,caste society of modern America. Both characters are literally the same , its the perception of them that is distorted to make them appear different.
    One character is celebrated as a template for all western men to strive to be like (bateman)and the other is considered the villainous outcasted pariah.

  3. Like the Las Vegas shooting, if an incident has no obvious propaganda value, it’s quickly dropped. Las Vegas was a Country Music concert, and this was just Odessa, Texas.

    No Jews or coloured auxiliaries were killed, and it didn’t happen in one of the fashionable places of “real America®”, therefore it doesn’t matter, because the people killed are annoying pests to, and the enemies of, Jews and decent Leftists everywhere, so the narrative implies.

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