Accelerationist Opens Fire On Synagogue In Germany

It is another one of these guys.

This time it happened in Halle in eastern Germany:

It looks like a Brenton Tarrant copycat attack.

In this case, the shooter livestreamed the attack on Twitch which is a video service used by gamers. I’m not going to share the footage here, but it is mirrored on the internet:

I’ve already said everything that I have to say about these people after Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Poway, Christchurch, etc. As a White Nationalist strategy, violent accelerationism is an empirical failure. The result of this is going to be pretty much the same as it was in New Zealand which banned semiautomatic weapons and admitted more refugees.

No one is going to sympathize with the shooter.

It is already Christmas morning for the familiar cast of Eurocrat globalists:

Justin Trudeau chimes in fresh off his blackface scandal:

Rinse and repeat.

We’ve seen this half a dozen times. What exactly was accomplished here? Who was the random woman who was killed by the shooter? Was she even Jewish?

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  1. This doesn’t amount to a few hours in chimpcongo, yet it will receive international play for weeks and be used for future legislation. While our “urban” areas are combat zones.

  2. Today is the holy day of atonement on the kyke calendar, Yom Kippur. The holiest day on the kyke calendar. Ask yourself when TF are the Jews going to atone for the killing of Gods only son? It has only been 2,000 years. Was the cold blooded murder of the innocent Christ a sin? Why the reluctance to atone for the murder of the innocent one? Seriously you have to laugh at these clowns.

    • THANK you! You got to this one first. This is a 6 gorrilion % False Flag.! Oy vey Rita dahlink – couldn’t you have spared a few shekels for different video footage? Kikes are SO cheap!

    • The minute the liberal establishment notices rising white consciousness is weakening their grip on power, the anti-terrorism budget switches from Islam to “White Nationalism”. Then by a strange coincidence, there is a big uptick in global terrorist attacks, to be conveniently blamed on their favorite enemy.

      Our high IQ enemies know that violence doesn’t win hearts and minds. So I believe their strategy from now into the forseable future will be to keep faking these attacks, then play poor victim so they can con naive whites into giving up their right to free speech, and their right to self defence.

  3. A couple of Muslims are suspected—don’t forget Muslims have been in Germany since the 1950’s. So they could have German names and even look somewhat German.

  4. The shotgun would have damaged something. It’s like it was firing blanks when he was shooting the door. This seems staged.

  5. Talk about poor planning, doors locked damn shoot well i’ll guess i’ll just shoot this innocent woman an screw up my plans for good lol what a idiot

  6. Attacking ordinary jews won’t accomplish a damn thing these stupid slow minded fools! If you want to really put in a dent attack globalist millionaires and politicians who implement zogs plan attacking a synagogue is low effort smol brain logic imo just completely stupid

  7. Wouldn’t it be just awful, if the woman shot on the sidewalk was Barbara Spectre?

    The (((msm))) and zogbots will consider this anadda shoah.

  8. I don’t think it’s fair or accurate to simply refer to these mass shooters as “acceleratrionists.”

    Accelerationism simply means believing whites will wake up faster if they come under more rapid increases in pressure. There is strong evidence that this is the correct view of things. Many people in the movement who advocate for strict non violence are accelerationsts. Prefering Obama to win over McCain, as many white nationalists like David Duke did, was an accelerationist tactic. Wanting Trump to lose in 2020 on the basis that it will hasten a real nationalist leader emerging is one too.

    An example of an anti-accelerationist position would be wanting the GOP to do well in elections with the aim of blocking the radical left’s most aggressive plans. That’s a perfectly respectable position to have as well.

    Linking insane terrorists to good people in the movement with strategic disagreements is the kind of rhetoric people in leadership positions need to move away from.

    • Laura Croft won’t save us, ATBOTL.

      The USA/Israel have been using ATBOTL’s disruption strategy in Iran for decades, and proved it to be an utter failure. They’ve murdered scientists, planted computer viruses, and bombs to sabotage their power and nuclear infrastructure, as well as employed economic sanctions and yet the Mullahs are still firmly in control. Why? Because the Mullahs own the truth in Iran, just like the liberals own the truth in the USA. If you can’t decapitate the entire leadership of a country and replace it with your own, all your incel rages will increase is the anti-terrorism budget against you.

      Our society was subverted using words. It will be subverted back using words.


  10. a “mass attack” with a single shot homemade shotgun??

    FALSE FLAG. They didn’t want any real damage done, just enough for the headline.

  11. What a GREAT GIFT this MORON gave to the global jewish agenda…..

    The best thing to do, for Whites of good standing, when they come across such MORONS who behave and act like white trash, is to inform the FBI.

    We need to weed out, low IQ morons like him from our cause and our goals !!

    • That agent of zog that you snitch to will be taking a close look at you and how you came to be in the confidence of a terrorist.

    • What a dumbass. You think the FBI want to help you? Snitches like you will get the federal fucking you deserve.

    • “We need to weed out, low IQ morons like him from our cause and our goals !!”

      Project much, “ekosthen”?

  12. Look all these “patriots” that SUPPORT a psyop operation against American Nationalists…..

    I’m talking about YOU – Spahnranch1969
    and YOU – Matty
    and YOU – November

    I wonder who do you guys WORK for ?????????????

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