American Mind: Multiculturalism Is Ethnocentrism

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Lately, I have become more interested in 20th century history, which is a subject that I have long avoided out of sheer hatred. It was in the 20th century though, specifically the era that began after World War II when the Allies unfurled the liberal world order after their triumph over the Axis powers, that our civilization began its long descent into the night.

If you could go back in a time machine to the United States of Woodrow Wilson in 1919, you would find that political correctness, multiculturalism, feminism, anti-racism and various other leftwing social revolutions were not yet culturally ascendant. “Judeo-Christianity” was not yet ascendant. Progressivism was actually entertaining ideas like eugenics and segregation. The Communist Party USA was founded in 1919 and throughout the 1920s it was only the communist fringe which was agitating for ideas like racial equality and integration.

Multiculturalism and political correctness were two of the most toxic leftwing social revolutions that triumphed in the late 20th century. They were gradually absorbed into mainstream conservatism which leads it to pathologize and deracinate its White base. This is why Charlie Kirk in on Twitter appealing to identity politics for every racial group but White people.

American Mind:

“Every year I teach a freshman seminar on American society at the little liberal arts university where I am employed. And every year, we spend time discussing the 9/11 attacks. Many of these students were not yet born on September 11, 2001. They know few facts about that day’s events. But they know some other things. When I ask students in the class to describe the single most important lesson learned from 9/11, invariably someone will suggest that it has to do with the extremity of anti-Muslim bias in America. That student will allude to the appalling frequency of hate crimes against American Muslims in the aftermath of the attack. At least some other students will agree, and none of them ever challenges the claim. …

By mid-century it had become de rigueur in anthropology to assert that there was no human nature and that culture was the unique cause of human behavior. Everything man is “he has learned, acquired, from his culture,” wrote the anthropologist Ashley Montagu in 1973.

The basic idea that emerged from this intellectual transformation of anthropology was that human cultures are both infinitely varied and equally viable. It is no small matter that neither of these claims is true. Human culture does vary significantly, but there are a wide range of features that all human cultures share. The anthropologist Donald Brown compiled a 10-page list of such universal features in 1991. They include, for example, the admiration of generosity, male domination of the political realm, and a preference for one’s own children and close kin. …”

It has been a while since I have read about our old friend Franz Boas who we last encountered in Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique.

“The path from Sumner’s usage to the contemporary goes directly through the work of another early 20th-century social scientist, Franz Boas. In contrast to Sumner’s conservative laboring class origins, Boas was born in Westphalia in 1858 to secular Jewish parents who typified the well-educated European liberal of the mid-19th century. They had shed the religion of their ancestors entirely (“broken through the shackles of dogma,” in his words) and Boas wrote of growing up in a “German home in which the ideals of the Revolution of 1848 were a living force.” 

Identity politics grew out of the Civil Rights Movement in the late 1960s when MLK began criticizing the Vietnam War and when both the radicals within the movement like Stokely Carmichael and the black masses became dissatisfied with the gains of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The triumph of identity politics among blacks led to other groups – Hispanics, American Indians, Asians, homosexuals – to embrace identity politics. This was all given a blessing by the American liberal establishment as multiculturalism.

As we have observed, the role of progressive liberalism in our system is to push up against the limits of freedom, equality, tolerance, rights and so forth, and the role of conservative liberalism is to digest these social revolutions into mainstream conservatism. True Conservatism is now classical liberalism + all these social revolutions with the most recent one being the LGBTQ social revolution of the Obama era. It never pushes the culture in the opposite direction.

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      He was only 5 when she died.
      Its like every joo in the world is some hero for society and some canonized saint (demon)!
      Only in kike clown world can addicting tens of millions of people to synthetic heroin and getting rich from the death and misery of people (mostly European people) can make you a person who “loves and helps humanity”

  1. The greatest enemies of the Jews and liberalism were the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church and the Nationalist governments in Europe during the 20’s, 30’s, and early 40’s. Since then nothing has stood between them and implementing their sick twisted agenda.

    • The Roman Catholic Church has always been hundreds of years late, and billions dollars short in dealing with Islam.

      If the Roman Catholic Church had aided Constantinople, it would never have fallen to the Muslims in 1453. The Pope and the Catholic Church did nothing to help Constantinople, even though they had recognized the Supremacy of the Pope! It could be said that the Roman Catholics let the Muslims into Europe.

      • Say what you want but the Catholic Church was on the right side of history during WW2 and continued to be up until the early 1960’s when Vatican II(aka Jewing of the church) happened. Father Jozef Tiso and Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac are prime examples of true Catholics who defended the faith and their homelands from the Jews. As far as the Muslims are concerned they would not hate us if the modern Western world stopped doing the Jews bidding. Stop supporting Israel, stop pushing for homo rights, stop trying to spread “democracy” to the middle east/north Africa and guess what? We’d have no problems at all with Muslims.

  2. A lot of Americans don’t understand that the radical communist fringe, often referred to as Trotskyites, is as large and probably larger than the communist-socialist types. Also there is a growing Maoist faction in the US too with direct links to China.

  3. **True Conservatism…………never pushes the culture in the opposite direction.**

    For a very good reason: You can’t conserve something that doesn’t exist.

  4. Every relativist piece of nonsense starts with ideas that turn reality on its head. Cultures develop humans, according to those societal saboteurs, but humans have no definable nature…despite the fact that cultures share certain characteristics that can be seen across various groups of humans, which would obviously imply that humans do have a certain immutable nature. But to acknowledge that would cause enough cognitive dissonance to make their precious little heads explode. Agendas matter more to them than facts, anyway.

  5. The West never recovered from the Great War. After the Armistice many realized it was going to lead to another and possibly greater conflict.

  6. When all Whites comes to realize that “liberals” and “conservatives” are just the same subversive jews travelling about in different masks, then they’ll understand precisely who is responsible for the destruction of America.

  7. Yesss!…Having the ‘Rosetta Stone’ for the 20th Century is essential! The 21st is gonna be a real doozy as well! It is like being an accomplice and participant simultaneously in these gigantic world-historical forces!

    “The time is coming when we will pay for for being Christians for two-thousand years”- Nietzsche

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