Donald Trump: Republicans and Democrats Will Make a Deal To Save DACA

This is a huge relief.

If the Supreme Court strikes down Obama’s DACA program, the Republicans in Congress will work with the Democrats to save it.

Note: Do you remember when gay marriage and DACA were controversial in the Obama years? Scroll through our archives.

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  1. DACA was only bad because it wasn’t LEGALLY done. lmao. It never ends with these clowns. They all serve business and nothing they say on the campaign trail about immigration means anything.

    • South of the Rio Grande is where the biggest threat to what’s left of the country is much more so than China. We have 7,000 miles of Pacific ocean as a barrier between us and China, the Rio Grande is only a few feet deep at times and can be waded by the Third World. Maybe the Government can move the Grand Canyon south to where the Rio Grande is now? That would keep out the Third World hordes.

    • Yes! Now you’re getting it!

      illegal = bad

      legal = good

      Legal immigrants love America! Just like the Latin King leader who was released by Trump’s first step act.

      Don’t listen to the fake news telling you he immediately killed a guy after leaving prison. It’s the fake news and deep state HARASSING a true PATRIOT

  2. In case anyone was still considering voting blump in 2020. The only thing that matters now in America is building a nationalist political parry. Anyone not talking about that is part of the problem. There is zero chance the GOP will ever be a party that opposes mass immigration.

  3. We don’t see behind the scenes. Notice EVERYONE is against Trump. What does that tell us ? A lot when we see WHO those “everyone” are. Does he suck ? Yes. Has he done some good even while under heavy attack ? Yes. Will he kick ass his last year and second term ? I bet 90 + % yes.

    He has to play politics and don’t forget, all the stuff he promised takes time and things ( while under that much attack, ) don’t turn on a dime.

    • I don’t recall the second terms of Reagan or George W. Bush being particularly “kick ass”. What color is the sky in YOUR world?

      • Dear god gray ghost this is a horrible take, you sound like a delusional qtard with deluded visions of trump draining the swamp horrible first term but somehow you think he’ll do a amazing 2nd and redo his broken promises? seriously laughing my ass off at you if you genuinely believe that

    • Grey Ghost,

      By your own arbitrary standards for Confederacy 2.0, Blompf and his family wouldn’t be admitted. So why are you shilling for him?

  4. It really is just proof of the perfidious nature of what passes for the upper crust white elite these days that Trump, or even more so the QUEEN OF ENGLAND, won’t just simply walk out on the balcony and say “No.” They could have millions in the streets in a few hours. But they won’t because they don’t want the responsibility and because their bourgeois lives are too easy. It is one thing to ask middle class workers to become destitute, live in the woods like white viet cong, or go to prison for becoming radicalized, but I was under the impression that being fantastically wealthy and powerful was supposed to be insulation from reprisals! It’s like the character Winston says in “1984,” if there is any hope at all it is with the proles.

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