Donald Trump: Jeff Sessions Is a Total Disaster

I had forgotten about our Senate race in 2020.

If Jeff Sessions runs for his old Senate seat, I will be voting for at least one Republican after all in 2020, particularly one with Blompf’s strong endorsement. As everyone here in Alabama is fully aware, it is Doug Jones who has been the total disaster.

Daily Caller:

“GORKA: Last two questions. How are we doing, Mr. President, in defeating the Deep State?

TRUMP: Well, I think, if it all works out, I will consider it one of the greatest things I’ve done. You look at what’s happened to the absolute scum at the top of the FBI. You look at what’s happening over at the Justice Department, now we have a great attorney general. Whereas before that, with Jeff Sessions, it was a disaster. Just a total disaster. He was an embarrassment to the great state of Alabama. And I put him there because he endorsed me, and he wanted it so badly. And I wish he’d never endorsed me.

It would have been the greatest non-endorsement I ever had. But it’s too bad. But now we have a great attorney general. And I think with the destruction of the Deep State, certainly I’ve done big damage. They’ve come after me in so many different ways; it’s been such a disgrace. But I think it’ll be one of my great achievements.”

I was happy with Sessions in the Senate.

Jeff Sessions was the only Republican who I liked for years. I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job. If Blompf is reelected, Sessions can be counted on to oppose his amnesties.

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  1. Jeff Sessions was about the only reliable Republican voice in the Senate to oppose amnesty, that is why Trump sought his endorsement. Trump needed to polish his bona fides on immigration/amnesty for the 2016 campaign. Who deceived whom regarding the amnesty/immigration issue? Certainly not Jeff Sessions.

    A President Sessions would have built a wall across 2,000 miles of border with Mexico, 20 feet high topped with concertina wire, paid for with a tax upon remittances to countries south of the Rio Grande. This could be done now with Executive Action by the President. Illegal aliens would have been deported and birthright citizenship would be under legal challenge. DACA, created with an Executive Order by BHO would have been ended with an EO by President Sessions.

    No wonder Trump wanted to get rid of Jeff Sessions.

    • I agree with the majority of what you wrote, but USAG Sessions did absolutely nothing to reign in sanctuary cities and states while at the helm of the DOJ. Sessions also went along with the (((msm’s and antifa’s))) narrative of what occurred in Charlottesville.

      Jeff Sessions was a disappointment as USAG.

      • True but we will probably never know how constrained Jeff Sessions was by his boss regarding his inclinations to go after the sanctuary cities. Certainly Trump didn’t want to fight that fight. To his credit Jeff Sessions as U.S. AG did successfully attack the MS-13 gangs in NY State, especially Long Island.

        I don’t know what the situation is now regarding Hispanic gangs but wherever there are Latin Americans, there is Latin America in all its glory viz. murder, torture, rape, arson, drugs, child molestation, corruption etc.

        The failure to prosecute the mayor of Charlottesville, other government officials including police and Antifa for civil rights violations showed that the Trump administration including the AG wasn’t serious about his campaign agenda. He spoke ambiguously about the attacks on “Unite the Right” marchers who were attacked while exercising their 1st Amendment rights with a permit issued after a court challenge. This was a major tell that Trump was not serious and had one eye on his ‘bidness’ friends and their every wish; “lowest black/hispanic unemployment evah!”

  2. Trump tends to mouth off shoot his mouth off from the hip. Trump once did the same to Pat Buchanan .20 years later Trump took all of Buchanan s positions . Pat forgave trump for his past insults

    Look at all the insulting things Harold Covington once said about Hunter and me

  3. Jeff Sessions ought to have run for president in 2016. I know for sure I would have voted for him.

  4. Trump really misrepresented himself on the presidential campaign trail. He gave everyone the impression he was against massive immigration. Turns out he’s all for massive immigration — as long as it’s “legal” massive immigration. The joke is the Left labels him racist for his immigration stance, yet he’s very gung-ho to have the USA flooded with NON White immigrants — as long as it’s a “legal” flooding of the USA with massive numbers of NON-Whites.

    With a Democrat as president in 2020 we will get massive numbers of illegal NON-White immigrants flooding in to the country — and also A LOT of legal NON-White immigrants flooding in to the country . With Republican Trump in 2020 we will get massive numbers of “legal” NON-White immigrants flooding the country — and also A LOT of illegal NON-White immigrants flooding in to the country.

    As far as the immigration issue goes , both parties are the same, both parties have the same overall massive NON-White immigration into the USA agenda.

    Trump of course would be absolutely horrified if Israel was getting massive numbers of NON-Jews flooding into his precious Jew Israel, but for the USA he doesn’t mind massive numbers of NON White immigrants, he actually wants massive numbers of NON-Whites flooding in to the USA — as long as it’s “LEGAL”, and he’s working hard to make it “LEGAL”. His stance on immigration now that he’s president is much different than his stance on immigration during the 2026 presidential campaign.

    As per the Left, as per the Democrats, as per The Republicans, and as per Trump, it’s not racist for the Jews to let in ONLY Jew immigrants into Jew Israel. It’s not racist for the Jews to commit GENOCIDE against the NON-White Palestinians, it’s NOT racist for the Jews to NOT want black immigrants in Israel, it’s okay for the Jews to send black African immigrants in Israel BACK to Africa, but it is very racist for us White Americans to want to preserve at least a little bit of what’s left of White America. It isn’t enough that the cities in the United States are now overwhelmingly NON White and that quite a few States are quickly turning Majority NON-White. That’s not enough for all of the bastards.

  5. Sessions was 100% vindicated from these charges as the disaster known as the Trump admin persisted long after he was gone. The problem is Trump and his moronic family.

    Sessions was the only one who was actually serious about immigration. He killed DACA by refusing to defend it as AG vs. lawsuits that were filed. DACA was dead. Trump then came long and extended it and now wants to do a deal with the Democrats to make it the law of the land.

  6. Ok, Sessions was a good senator, especially on this immigration/invasion nonsense.

    But he was a horrible AG. Sessions gave speeches. Rod Rosenstein was the real AG, and not just w.r.t. the “Russia investigation” after Sessions recused himself. It was Rosenstein who fought congressional oversight while Sessions ran off at the mouth. Furthermore, Sessions exhibited ZERO interest in trying to clean up the outrageous corruption throughout his department.

    I’m glad he’s gone.

    • I think that’s how we need to look at Sessions- he sublimated his own personality for the ‘good of the country’ and didn’t stand up to the Bloviator-in-Chief, when it became obvious that Drumpf was nothing but an egotistical nutcase, who has learned NOTHING from his time in office. If Sessions wants his old seat back, let the people of Alabama choose that, NOT SOME G-D JEWS from NYC.

  7. Yeah, I ‘m afraid Mestigoit is right, Jeff Sessions is a good man, has good political views on immigration, crime – solid Southern gentleman. But the world of Washington DC insider politics, like the world of New York City real estate, NY Media, NY Sports these are different worlds and Jeff just wasn’t up for this. Also, Donald Trump is very much a shoot from the hip New York White guy – he’s very much like former Yankee owner George Steinbrenner who must have fired and re-hired Yankee manager Billy Martin about 5 times.

    I am worried that soon Donald Trump won’t have anyone on our side as an adviser, it will be him alone with Ivanka getting closer and all kinds of bad Cuckservatives, RINOs, hypocritical Christians still obsessed that Trump had consensual sex with porn stars will come out to throw him under the bus, go on and on about electing a “true conservative” a real Christian – 3rd party Libertarian Constitutionalists will want our attention.

    Jeff Sessions should have stayed as a solid Southern US Senator – we lost the seat to some Demorat. Isn’t the former Auburn football coach now leading in the polls and isn’t he pretty much clueless about immigration, Neo Con/Zionist wars, Hell his main concern is there are now 2 days a week Tues, Wed when Americans aren’t clued to the TV set watching his Negro felons play tackle football.

  8. Sessions was ok on immigration as a Senator but he fought hard for ZOG. For the bloated mlitary, for all the wars of ZOG, all of it. As AG he was one of the leaders of the coup to make Pence president. There is another immigration patriot running in Alabama, no need to bring back this brick in ZOG’S wall.

  9. Sessions and Miller have gotten good regulatory change through the executive branch.

    The problem is that there’s no enforcement of these changes.

    Right now there are 2.5 million illegals who have their final deportation orders, they’ve exhausted all legal options and are ordered to leave. Several months ago trump announced ICE would be deporting millions of people. He was referring to these illegals with final deportation orders, but when the raids were all said and done with ICE picked up all of 35 illegals

    Trump never give a speech explaining his raids were targeting people who already their day in court plus multiple appeals. He never fought for it.

    I personally don’t think illegals deserve a day court for them to be deportable but it’s great propaganda to show to the dumb-dumbs it’s not about the rules, but flooding our country. Trump could’ve woven into his narrative on the deep state and been a massive win with his base.

    If he had given massive Rally’s in support of the deportation of two million people and spelled it all out. Even if the courts blocked him his base would not only not blame him but be even more energized to support him.

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