Daily Mail: Five Year Olds Perceive Racial Differences

As the parent of a five year old, I have no problem believing this. I’m routinely shocked by the ability of my son to discern patterns and understand concepts which you would think would be beyond his capabilities at such an early age. We didn’t teach him how to read. He simply figured it out watching YouTube videos. He is always on my smartphone asking it questions about math, science and geography. He is only five years old and these are his interests.

Daily Mail:

“Children associate being ‘brilliant’ with white men, but not black men, a shocking new study suggests.

Researchers surveyed 200 children and found that, regardless of their own race, they linked the stereotype of intelligence with white men much more than white women.

However, by contrast, the stereotype wasn’t applied to black men, as black women were seen by the children as smarter. 

The New York University team says the findings feed into patterns of stereotypes that discourage children of color and women from  pursuing careers like those in science and technology, where being seen as an intelligent person is valued. …”

The term “stereotype” was coined by the Jewish journalist Walter Lippmann in his book Public Opinion in 1922. He defined it as a “distorted picture or image in a person’s mind, not based on personal experience, but derived culturally.”

The fact that black men are not associated by five year olds with brilliance even by black children isn’t because of cultural stereotypes. These children are immersed in a culture which goes to absurd lengths to promote the idea that all races are equally intelligent. The pattern is derived through induction from personal experience in spite of cultural indoctrination.

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  1. Stereotypes are usually true, because heuristics are distillations of personal experiences and anecdotes from others i.e. how humans have always gathered information.

  2. Kidz be ebil rayciss? Or is it that humans have innate differences, whether it’s on an individual or group level, and kids haven’t yet been programmed to ignore or deny that?

  3. The term “stereotype” was coined by the Jewish journalist Walter Lippmann in his book Public Opinion in 1922. He defined it as a “distorted picture or image in a person’s mind, not based on personal experience, but derived culturally.”

    Wouldn’t that apply to Adolph Hitler? Of course, it would!

    In fact, anything out of a lefty’s mouth or a Jew hit piece should qualify.

  4. .” The pattern is derived through induction from personal experience in spite of cultural indoctrination. ”

    Amen to that !
    The juice have been gaslighting us for over 50 years, with this faux equality poison.

  5. If anyone is responsible for discouraging the coloreds from achieving anything it’s the coloreds themselves. A black kid who expresses interest in math or science is viciously ridiculed by the other blacks for “acting white”. Even if he tries to behave in class he will be mocked for it.

    And no one is stopping any broad from becoming a rocket scientist if she wants to. One of the reasons most physically attractive White females aren’t interested in pursuing STEM careers is because they instinctively know that males will find them less desirable if they do so. Of course ugly and nerdy girls don’t have to concern themselves about such things.

  6. The Daily Mail is an example of just how trashy and disreputable the establishment press is in the UK. It should never be taken seriously.

    • It is half way between a broadsheet and a tabloid. I understand where you are coming from but its quest for sensationalism has an upside. Mail online (the online version of the daily mail) publishes many accounts of black on White violence which would otherwise be memory holed. Over at Sailer’s blog they lionise it. It is the first resource for many in America to get the not politically correct version of events. Sort of like the anti-New York Times.

  7. Scientists have been able to determine that babies as young as 3 months old can distinguish between races and genders.

    Progressives (an oxymoron if there ever was one) therefore cannot claim it’s “the environment ” that infants and toddlers are raised in.

    It wouldn’t be unexpected for children to parrot their parents views or values, but what researchers have discovered is that racial and gender identification are innate traits.


    • November,

      Last year my mother took several of us to a toy store. She told 2 of my little sisters aged 3 and 4 years old to pick out a doll for themselves. My mother and I then wandered on with my younger brothers to hunt for toy soldiers like knights etc. to buy.

      When we came back they had each picked out a doll. Both dolls were white not oriental or negro. Both dolls had dark hair like my family as well. My family hardly ever encounters blacks nor are they commonly even talked about in my family. Either this is inborn or readily and naturally acquired at an early age as minds mature.

      At the very least this is normal. Of course race awareness is different than racial hatred. That would have to be taught or acquired through negative contact. Sex differences are also inborn/picked up at an early age as well.

      By the way, it is difficult to find toy knights for boys in the USA. My father said when he was young it was easy. My mother had to order them by mail.

      • Cristina,

        One of my favorite toys as a child was of a castle and knight(s) set that folded out from a steel case. It had siege weapons like catapults and battening rams.

        But you’re are correct about finding overtly masculine toys.

        Target became one of the first “woke” corporations to make their toy sections gender less.

        When I was growing up, my friends and I use to play cops and robbers with toy guns that looked real, and no adult blinked an eye. Recently, a boy was suspended from school under draconian “zero tolerance ” guidelines, after he shaped a pop-tart into the shape of a pistol. God forbid, if a kid even wore a squirt gun as part of a cowboy costume on Halloween nowadays.

  8. They do think we’re the best and are omnipotent and omniscient. That’s why they hate us. They think and even say, indirectly, “You’re in charge, so why am I living in a shithole and dissatisfied with everything? You can change my life for the better, but you don’t.” The same words are thought or addressed to God by agnostics and doubters.

    When whites debuted their tiny navies on the Great Lakes of Africa in WWI, the natives were awed. Animists, they were soon found to have made totems, dolls, that looked like the captains who won those little battles.

  9. A study conducted by Canadian researchers in conjunction with European colleagues found that infants exhibited a racial preference for their own race and bias against other races without ever having had any experience with them. Another leftist excuse of prejudice being caused by negative interactions with other races isn’t entirely wrong, but it isn’t the only reason for in-group preference and suspicion of ‘the other.’


  10. I had to be taught to be racist, and racism is taught and doesn’t come natural. Anybody I’ve spoke with agree as well minus some nuts I met in my time in the movement.

    • “I had to be taught to be racist, and racism is taught and doesn’t come natural. Anybody I’ve spoke with agree as well minus some nuts I met in my time in the movement.”

      This is satire right?

    • Kevin,

      I won’t grant you anymore attention than to say that you’re a piss poor troll that spews baseless platitudes not too different from a brainwashed member of Jim Jones’ People’s Liberation cult.

      • November,

        A wise decision on limiting your time to discussions worthy of your time and that might go somewhere. I believe I will also follow suit. This particular thread is now a back burner article.

  11. @Kevin — Are you for real? A ‘racist’ is the opposite of being a self-loathing race traitor. No person who isn’t racially conscious can love his own race. Ethnocentrism in all peoples is absolutely natural and normal. Ethnic groups throughout the world exhibit a preference for their own culture and a disposition to judge other cultures by their own standards. This preference is a healthy and practical evaluation of one’s ethnic identity and interests consistent with evolutionary theory and cultural sophistication. People of the same race feel more comfortable being around members of their racial kin. They self segregate. No amount of studies or knowledge of history is going to change this basic primal instinct. All you have to do if pay attention in the real world to understand this. If you walk down some street and a group of thugs comes up and says, “ayo white boy gibs me dat wallet” do you think for one minute they would care if you’re a liberal and that you support multiculturalism and believe we’re all equal and all the same? Of course not. You will be seen by those black thugs as a collective based on your race. It does not matter how principled or individualistic you are if you are only seen as part of a collective.

  12. I don’t know anybody on a personal level that “self segregates”. Everybody knows we are all different but to judge based on the difference without knowing the individual is ignorance. The collectivist view is heavily flawed because it judges people by the “group”, and not individuals. There is no such thing as a superior or inferior “race”, only superior and inferior individuals within all races. No single race has a monopoly on everything whether positive or negative qualities. I remember back when I was a child that race was not important. If people treated me good and fair that it mattered not what their “race” was. It wasn’t until I encountered people from the movement that I changed my perspective. So there is a tribal nature within man, but it is not racial per say. There are many factors that unite and divide people. Nobody I know goes around and says “wait are they white”, yep, ok their good”, or “ Nope that’s a nigger” so I can’t talk to him or associate with him. This simply does not happen with the only exception being “racists”. There are good and bad people in a groups so to say oh hell we’ll they don’t look like me so fuck them is completely stupid. Hey I know I used to do the same thing, but realized it’s ignorance.

  13. @Kevin — Black people are concerned about the things that affect blacks, and they have many organizations that work in the interests of blacks. And they are not racists? And Hispanic folks are concerned about things that affect the Hispanic community and subscribe to organizations that fight for the rights of Hispanics. And they are not racist? I’m White. I’m actually concerned about issues that have a detrimental effect on White people and their interests, so therefore, I am a Racist! But Whites are not even permitted to form such pro-White organizations. Now, jews, as a group, cater to their interests, and have hundreds of jew-only organizations that protect them. Are jews not racists? It would appear that WE are therefore, all racists, but somehow, only Whites are evil, and only Whites who are not permitted to work in their own racial interests.

    Apparently, you have not come to understand that those in power, jews and other nonwhites, are antiwhite and are systematically eliminating the White Race. Obviously, they are not as naively magnanimous as you. White people are disenfranchised. White people have collectively been denied all forms of representation in our elected governments. We are not allowed to discuss what is in our interests. We are not even allowed to believe that we have interests. White interests are never discussed in the media. It’s not permitted. In fact, we’re not even allowed to believe we exist as a distinct group of people. White is never mentioned in any positive manner. The people who control our countries, the jews, have unilaterally decided to flood them with infinite amounts of brown people who have disrupted social cohesion to the point where our countries can no longer even be described as “societies.” Politicians tell us that having turned the once White Northern nations into mixed race cesspools of racial tension is OUR strength.

    And the thing is: you are not even allowed to acknowledge that any of this is happening without having your entire life destroyed. Even saying “well, maybe we should talk about this…” is a social death sentence, as the culture-manipulators have turned White women and feminized men into social police who monitor all normal White men for signs of thinking about maybe talking about the fact that the White population is being displaced and replaced in front of our eyes, were watching our neighborhoods turn unsafe and alien, and the media is openly celebrating the fact that we will be minorities in our own homelands relatively soon.

  14. I don’t give a shit about a so-called “White race” as there is no such thing as the “White race”. That is a social construct that was created by the elites that served their own purpose. There was a time in this country when the Irish were considered “niggers”, and at a certain point they gained their “White status”. But for many many years they were not considered part of the supposed “White race”. I recommend a book called “The invention of the White race” as it makes perfectly clear the idea of the “White race” was created by the ruling class as a method of social and economic control. There were no “White” people by the term until the early 1700’s because the concept had not yet been even created yet. The bottom line is all racialist beliefs of whatever group they are espoused by promote a collectivist mindset that results in a herd conformist mentality. I adhere to Nietzsche’s views to rise above “the herd” “the masses” to achieve the new species of “overman”. The most common place you see segregation is in prisons where the lowest common denominator are represented. It is a herd mentality in prison so if you don’t want to stand out from the herd and the masses of mediocrity then by all means knock yourself out. I recommend a video projecting future races. It’s pretty clear that “Whiteness” will not endure as more and more people mix, and travel becomes easier and easier. That’s just the reality of the situation. Another problem with White Nationalism is it simply wants to preserve this idea of “Whiteness” for Whiteness sake, and never talks about inferior “Whites” or good, successful, intelligent people of other races as being a good thing. There is one example that is the closest to being a “White” ethnostate and it’s called West Virginia. It’s not my ideal type of place that I’d want to live either. One thing I notice with people who promote White racial areas is there tends to be allot of inbreeding, and equally “White” niggers and “White” trash people. I’m a radical individualist, and believe in advancing the human species to a higher evolutionary level, not settling for stagnation, retardation, and inferior qualities.



    • Kevin,

      The Irish were never considered part of the negro race. Check american census in the 19th century. They were classified as white. They were looked down on but not considered members of the black race by any official standard. Any individual considering the Irish black should have been committed.

      Also, the Egyptians and others recognized the differences between negroes and other races. I believe they frequently just called all blacks Nubians.

      The Spanish and Portuguese recognized negroes as being a separate race from whites. There were 2 Papal Bulls in the 15th century on slavery recognizing there was a black race and they were distinct from whites and could be enslaved.

      I read that in the 15th century Italy an Italian noblewoman was condemned for having sex with a negro. Interracial sex was condemned as death. I believe the story was called The Crow. It was in Italian but translated. I read about it several years ago when I was little.

      West Virginian whites have a lower murder and rape rate than American blacks. If they had more blacks their crime would shoot up.

      The West Virginia economy is among the lowest in the USA. However, you neglected to mention other states overwhelmingly white like New Hampshire, North Dakota, Connecticut (which has gone from 98% anglo to 71% anglo since 1940) and Minnesota which are among the highest per capita income states in the Union. Of course per capita income is only part of the equation. What items cost are just as important.

      The states with the lowest 2018 homicide rates are predominately white-South Dakota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. The ones with the highest homicide are—–Louisiana, Missouri, Maryland etc. Large negroes.

      The Romans recognized racial differences between negroes and whites and classified blacks as a separate race. Even their gladitorial and horse races would call someone by their name and add —The Negro after it.

      The Spanish had many different racial classifications in the new world long before 1700. The idea that there was a white race as well as others goes back long before the British colonial experience. Quit acting like anglos are all there is and that the world is an Anglo Saxon planet.

      Also, as a Catholic I have to condemn your individualism as a form of heresy. Even an Irish-American priest from the pulpit condemned individualism as a sin. Laws and Society are made for the common good and for society as a whole. Not for the individual. This is not my personal belief but Catholic tradition and laws.

      Addendum–the parts of my body that do not still have a remnant of my summer tan are as white as a sheet of paper. Same with the girls I shower with. Perhaps my school friends and myself are the only white members of a non existent race?

      Anyway, by Catholic belief we all came from Adam and Eve but are divided into different races/ethnic groups etc. Some groups are more related to some than others by breeding etc. Obviously, I am closer by image and blood lines to Anglos than to Negroes etc.

      I hope you found what I wrote of interest. Either way I am exhausted. Doing some research and typing this took me over 2 hours. I just cannot do this for a comment in the future.

    • Kevin,

      I read that article. It was so ridiculous I felt silly looking at it. It violates history, logic, and reality.

      It really was just a form of interracialism with a swastika for a cover. You are either the most bizarre national socialist I have ever seen or you are just running a scam. I am sure it is the latter. The real National Socialists were quite aware of the racial differences between blacks and whites and did not minimize that importance.

      You would be quite at home with the Democrat Party.

      That type of pseudo science and creating an artificial race was condemned by my religion in 1937 as superstition and idolatry. It denies God made race and creates something I am not sure of.

      So now I know what makes you tick. I wish I did not.

      Well I doubt further contact with you is desirable or possible.

  15. Kevin,

    I am not a white nationalist for in the USA that is primarily a WASP issue and I am not a WASP and I do not even know what an aryan is. However, I do like to soak up information whenever it is valuable.

    I thank you for responding in an amiable manner. That is always important.

  16. I recommend reading Friedrich Nietzsche as he proposed more interracial mixing not less to achieve a new higher human species. The problem is most Alt-right folks wrongly twist his statements. Then I recommend looking at the projections for future races as mankind becomes more, and more mixed. There is simply no way to preserve contemporary groups of people as they are simply not fixed categories, and will continue to change. The problem is you neglect our further evolution as a species when you promote “racial” preservation. The pro-White position is anti- evolution and anti science, anti reality. Also the preservation of particular cultures is not dependent on “Whiteness” to survive as that is a social construct. If you go to China and adopt a Chinese baby and raise them in Alabama then by culture as she grows up she will be assimilated as a “Southerner”. Only your dna is a real thing but “race” has no scientific basis at all. That’s your problem is you think by preserving a so called “White race” that it is in turn automatically preserving a particular cultures and it’s not. There are many White people who don’t give a shit about preserving their particular cultures. The bottomline is if you look far enough in the future “Whiteness” won’t exist so it won’t matter anymore oneday anyway.






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