RT: I Want My Sex Back

Transgenderism is totally not a social contagion that has become a fad under liberalism because it is being relentlessly promoted by the mainstream media!

Sky News:

“Hundreds of young transgender people are seeking help to return to their original sex, a woman who is setting up a charity has told Sky News.

Charlie Evans, 28, was born female but identified as male for nearly 10 years before detransitioning.

The number of young people seeking gender transition is at an all-time high but we hear very little, if anything, about those who may come to regret their decision.

There is currently no data to reflect the number who may be unhappy in their new gender or who may opt to detransition to their biological sex.

Charlie detransitioned and went public with her story last year – and said she was stunned by the number of people she discovered in a similar position. …”

NBC News:

“A nonbinary senior in a conservative California school district walked away from homecoming with the queen’s crown this month.

It wasn’t the first time Trevor Meyer, a senior at Clovis East High School in Clovis, California, had vied for a spot on the homecoming court. Meyer, who has been public about his gender nonconformity for about two years, ran for homecoming prince in his freshman, sophomore and junior years, but didn’t win. …

“Honestly, I love it when they talk about me, because it opens the conversation about identity that will lead to acceptance one day.”

Progress is being made. In addition to Meyer’s historic win as the first nonbinary homecoming queen at Clovis East, the homecoming king crown was awarded to a student in the school’s special education program. …”

A gender can be tried on like a pair of new pants.

There is no such thing as male and female. Gender is a social construct. Heteronormativity is oppression of genderqueer folx, not conformity to the natural order.

It is society that has to change.

… our deeply evil, oppressive, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic culture.

Have you noticed that the Russians, Chinese and Iranians seem to be more critical and resistant to this trend than our rock-ribbed American conservative liberals? David French recently said Drag Queen Story Hour is a “blessing of liberty.”

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  1. It’s must be like waking up from a nightmare. They’ve denied the most basic, real part of themselves: their biological sex. The trauma of dealing with something as extreme as surgical alteration must be even more hellish.

    • Mr. Little, do you remember when you were at the Dean Martin Roast on NBC and you imitated him singing Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime when he was a little tipsy and Lucille Ball laughed so hard she almost fell out of her chair, except that she was caught by Don Rickles? I used to watch that on my VCR over and over again, laughing like Arthur Fleck.

      • Mr. Little has been messing with my account for far too long. How dare that mere Canadian try to impersonate me. This is my account, do you hear me, MINE!!

        I’ve banished that hack to where he belongs: Third-tier Indian casinos on the brink of going under.

  2. That is exactly right, Rich. IT IS HELLISH. IT IS OF THE DEVIL, and ANYONE who aids and abets these poor deluded fools to mutilate the IMAGO DEI, should hang for their having advocated such Blasphemies.

    • As Minneapolis was one of the three “official” centers for transition, I’ve met some trannies. They tended to be the M-to-F variety. The program was extensive: intensive psychotherapy, heavy amounts of female hormones, voice therapy, living as a woman — dressing as one, using the ladies room, working as one, etc. It was a two-year ordeal, one the patients paid for themselves. At the end of it, they usually wanted surgery, which they also had to pay for. They had to be quite determined to go through with it. I never knew how many of them eventually changed their minds about their sex change. I do know trans people commit suicide at higher rates, though. I felt sorry for them. It was a difficult road to travel, and most weren’t happy at the end of their journey.

      • Rich L,

        Do you recall that candidate Blompf earned politically correct bona fides by informing the entire Western world that the newly “transitioned” Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner would be permitted to use the women’s restroom at any Trump property?

        Christian supported him in 2016 and will vote for him again in 2020. Should we refer to them as ‘Christians in name only?”

        • November, the weird comments some ministers have made about Blompf being anointed by God and the most pro-Christian president in US history are disturbing. Obviously wrong, too. He’s the most Christian Zionist president we’ve ever had, certainly. That’s mainly for Israel’s benefit, not ours, and part of the Judeo-Christian heresy.

          He also supports immoral and anti-Christian policies like homo rights, which ought to make everyone professing Jesus as Savior to keep their distance. But many don’t. It seems to me that too many “Christians” are willing to overlook almost anything to be associated with temporal power, if it’s “conservative.”

          So ultimately, they’re not Christians at all. Their worship of power, and of a man so proud of being wealthy, whose accomplishments in and out of office are mainly economic, really makes them Mammonites.

      • “…most weren’t happy at the end of their journey.” How could they be?

        All [White- i.e., Adamic] men have a God-shaped hole in their psyche, that can only be filled in one manner. As St. Augustine said, “Our hearts are restless, until they rest in Thee.”

  3. “I Want My Sex Back” sounds like the title of a George Michael song ( the effeminate blond singer from Wham!).

    Just looking at some of those who “transitioned” from one gender to another you can tell there’s something wrong with ’em. But we should be shaming those sexually confused young people into submission instead of encouraging their perversion.

    This highly organized push in the media and Academe to eliminate all sexual and racial identity among our youth makes me wonder if those you-know-whos are somehow behind it. Actually I don’t really wonder about that one bit, because it’s blatantly obvious that they are.

  4. Private parts are ugly to begin with but how much uglier are they after being multilated twice? Think Michael Jackson’s nose. Those doctors who help aid the mental illness should be flogged a thousand times.

        • @Spahn,

          “Jack The Ripper” has also long been suspected as being a surgeon (they do cut flesh for a living).

          There’s a new hypothesis of who “Jack” may have been. None other than H.H.Holmes of “Murder Castle” fame in Chicago during the Columbian Exposition in 1893. Holmes graduated the University of Michigan’s school of medicine, and was in England during the time of “Jack’s” murders. Handwriting analysis of Dr. Holmes and “Jack” are very similar.

          H.H. Holmes was “The Devil in the White City.”

    • On the other hand, couldnt we open a tranny surgery plant, where we mutllate trannys with chainsaws for 60k’s a piece? Its all for a good cause 😉

      • Indeed. Make it a national franchise and call it the Josef Mengele Sex Reassignment Centers of Amurika.

  5. Of course, the homosexual ballerina offspring of the “Gipper” isn’t afraid of going to hell because he’s already flaming.

    • I have heard many times – often from pretty respectable sources – that part of the contract for fame is that your first born must be sacrificed in some fashion. It apparently is also a convenant within witchcraft.

      Who knows but when look at Cher and Angelina Jolie (whom I heard it was Billy Bob Thornton introduced her to witchcraft) one must wonder and wonder and wonder….

      There’s something really screwed up with that tier of society so pretty much anything far-fetch is reasonably possible.

      PS: I often wonder if the Salem Witch Trials had been, in fact, truly dealing with demons. We’ve been so brainwashed we often don’t know if up is up or down is down. Hell is no longer just down below anymore.

  6. I heard one Male to Female Transitionite talking about the constant maintenance required to keep their “wound” clean and prevent it from festering. Apparently, this is something that never completely heals. For an adult to make a decision to alter and mutilate themselves is disturbing and difficult to comprehend, to encourage a child to undergo these procedures is damnable. Children who are just entering pre-school are being subjected to hormone therapy and other measures to stave off puberty and to aid them in transitioning before they even learn the alphabet. I’m afraid that soon, if a child decides that they are something other than what they were born as, “child protective services” will swoop in and remove the child from parents who object to transitioning their son or daughter. In fact, I’ve already heard of parental objection being seriously discussed as a form of child abuse.

    • There are pics online. Show the pics of the “new genitalia” to any would be trannies you know. THAT might just snap ’em out of their lunacy.

  7. How do you get your sex back if you cut it off? I can’t stop thinking bout that poor messed up tranny teen jazz jennings. Will no doubt probably kill himself soon after getting its dick cut off a few months back. I couldn’t even imagine living without my dick. I still can’t believe the family was a okay in cutting its dick off, that is absolute insanity We live in a sick world

      • But not because of doctors orders.

        “It follows that the parasite which has established itself upon the gentile host does not care how much it injures the host. Its only goal is to lead a parasitic life at the expense of the host, and its natural objectives are usually the reproductive and the excretory organs. Throughout history, we find the Jew entwined about the reproductive organs of the gentile host like a parasitic vine which is slowly strangling a healthy tree. The Jew has always functioned best as a panderer, a pornographer, a master of prostitution, an apostle of sexual perversion, an enemy of the prevailing sexual standards and prohibitions of the gentile community. When the title of “America’s largest pornographer” was bestowed by police investigators, who was the holder of the title? One Irving Klaw of New York, who carried on a vast business in nude photographs and other items of the trade.

        Other Jews, of great intellectual aspirations, have become writers, transforming our literature into dreary recitals of sexual acts, and making it impossible to publish anything which fails to conform to their standards of depravity. Other intellectual Jews have created a new profession, one so characteristic of them that it is known everywhere as a Jewish profession. This is the profession of psychiatry, an outgrowth of the parasite’s obsession with the reproductive and excretory habits of the host. What is the basis of the “science” of psychiatry, as it has been formulated by its Jewish founder and patron saint, Sigmund Freud? The basis of psychiatry is the “anal complex”, the theory that an obsession with the anus is the principal influence in our emotional development. Many millions of words have been written on this subject, despite its distasteful connotations, and learned speeches about the anal compulsion are delivered by scholars before the worlds learned bodies of distinguished men.

        With the anal complex setting the tasteful tone of the parasite’s obsessions, the Jew has gone on to develop other theories about the processes of human excretion. The most important influence in the modern school of progressive education is the science of toilet training, while much of modern art is based, and easily recognizable in its origins, upon the feces complex, or the handling of its stool by the pre-school child. Other important contributions of Jewish psychiatric thought, which have been hailed as major intellectual developments of tremendous depth and scope, are too filthy to be repeated here.

        When one contemplates the spectacle of a great hall, filled with well-dressed and well-educated men and women from many countries, who are listening intently, and occasionally applauding, a little Jew in a tuxedo who is delivering a learned dissertation upon the anal and excretory habits of mankind, we realize yet another aspect of the Jew. No matter what he does, the Jew is so fantastic that he becomes a comic figure. When the former Premier of France, Mendes-France, announced that his nation was surrendering the huge French investment in Vietnam to the Communists, one hardly knew whether to laugh or cry, so comic was the bulging-eyed black-jowled image of a rag merchant howling “O-o-o-l-l-d-d-r-a-a-a-a-g-g-z-z-uh” through the streets.

        The poet Ezra Pound once observed to me that when he began to suggest to people that Jews were exercising undue power in the gentile world, no one took him seriously, because everyone knew that Jews were only clowns. As usual, the Jew used this impression to fix his position upon the gentile host. Charlie Chaplin, with his racially characteristic gestures, employed his typically obscene movements to be hailed as a great comic genius by the indefatigable international Jewish claque. He made millions of dollars by wagging his behind at the audience, scratching frantically at his buttocks, and exhibiting the usual run of the parasites age-old preoccupations with the reproductive and the excretory organs.

        In his own right, Sigmund Freud is an even greater comedian than Charlie Chaplin, because the Freudian theories of human behaviour, as the great gentile psychologist, Carl Jung, reminded us, are based upon the biological parasites enormous misconceptions of the nature of his gentile host, and Freud’s theories are even more comical than the gyrations of Charlie Chaplin. Yet we laugh at Chaplin, and study the theories of Freud seriously.”

        (1967) The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Page 21-22

  8. The Church still has it’s head in the sand. Why oh why do these things happen? How did this come about? It’s really simple. We stopped looking at Men and Women as different. We stopped looked at the races as different. Now we’ve stopped at looking at sexual traditionalism as different. It’s pure Cultural Marxism. It’s the elimination of God from our Land. It’s the rejection of all the things God created and difference of everything. The Christian Right was on our side (in the Culture War) for many years. However the Christian Right has less and less and less and less influence in politics. Now all the religious right talks about is Religious Freedom? What’s that? It’s literally the last line of defense against Atheist Anarchy. Funny enough the Cultural Marxists have much in common with the right wing libertarians that have power in the Republican Party. That’s one of the reasons the Christian Right has little / no influence anymore because the right wing libertarians took power. Those scum are the enemy of Christianity, the South, and our White Race! I suggest the Christian Right become Christian Nationalists and reject the Republican Party. Oh and about the whole Jew thing……you in the Christian Right think the Republicans care about Jews because you support Christian Zionism. You don’t matter in the eyes of the Republican Party. The Republicans support Jews because the Republicans love Money. The Republicans and Jews have that in common. The Republicans have rejected Christian Conservatives. It’s time the Christian Conservatives get involved in Nationalism and standing up for Yahweh’s Laws! Deo Vindice !

  9. The Medical Harms of Hormonal and Surgical Interventions for Gender Dysphoric Children-Heritage Foundation

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