Gov. Andrew Cuomo: NI*GER!

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York was outed this afternoon as a white supremacist after he flashed the OK hand sign while dropping the n-word in a radio interview on WAMC.

New York Daily News:

“Pivoting away from a question about the state’s delayed Medicaid payments, Cuomo cited the Grey Lady’s use of the derogatory term and steered the conversation toward anti-Italian sentiments.

“The Times also said in an article the other day, apropos of nothing, they were talking about it,” the governor told WAMC host Alan Chartock. “Going back to the Italian-Americans because now you have me. They used an expression that southern Italians were called quote-unquote, and pardon my language, but I’m just quoting The Times, nigger wops. N-word wops as a derogatory comment. …”

The OK hand gesture has been designated as a racist hand signal by the ADL. It is not known at this time how Cuomo was infected by the “virus of hate in this society” or whether he will be resigning from office because “hate has no place in our society.” It is clear though from the OK hand gesture and his use of the n-word that Cuomo has ties to white supremacy.

Note: A long list of lesser mortals have been lynched by the mainstream media for less.

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  1. The a okay gesture is some weird freemason occult power symbol to flaunt authority, celebrities and politicans have been doing it for the last hundred years. It was never a white power symbol that is journalist and msm made up invention out of freaking thin air

  2. More clown world nonsense : Fredo wants Freebies! Pretend you’re a “victim” of “hatred and racism, discrimination and prejudice”, cry and complain a lot, put on a big act of how much you “suffer” because everyone “hates you” because of your “ethnicity and heritage” , cry and complain you don’t get any
    R-E-S-P-E-C-T and win yourself some Sympathy Empathy and maybe even Freebies! Fredo jumps on The Gravy Train! Nobody likes Italians that’s why the voters of New York State voted for the Italian Cuomo for Governor of New York State, that’s supposed to mean Italians are “victims of discrimination” :

    I myself am of Italian descent, so I can say negative things about Cuomo. If you’re not of Italian descent you betta’ not say-a anything not nice-a about my pisano Cuomo, be nice-a, show some respect-a, 🙂

  3. Yes, it’s true : The Italians in New York were always very racist, they also had clean and safe neighborhoods with very little crime, no graffiti, no broken glass all over the place, no drunks and drug addicts hanging out on the street corners, no rapes, no horrible violent crime. The jews in New York are very racist also, the jews used to pay black street criminals to try to enter Italian neighborhoods, so the Italians wouldn’t let blacks into the Italian neighborhoods. They had no way of knowing what blacks were on the JEW payroll and what blacks weren’t so they wouldn’t let any blacks into the Italian neighborhoods. Makes sense to me, but hey, I’m of Italian descent. And it was the JEW MOB who wanted the South Bronx burned down and it was jews and blacks and chinese [ chinese communists from China] who burned down the South Bronx, speaking of very racist.

    The Italians were very racist, but it wasn’t Italians who went into black neighborhoods to commit crimes against them, but the blacks would try to come into Italian neighborhoods to commit all kinds of horrible violent crimes against the Italians [ and many of those criminal blacks were on the JEW payroll ], and it wasn’t Italians who burned down the South Bronx or any neighborhood, it was blacks, jews, and chinese.

    The jews, the blacks, the puerto ricans, the chinese, in New York City were also very racist. The Jews don’t want NON jews in their jew neighborhoods. The blacks don’t want NON blacks in their black neighborhoods. The Puerto Ricans don’t want NON Puerto Ricans in their neighborhoods [ the Dominicans don’t want NON Dominicans in their neighborhoods ]. The Chinese don’t want NON Chinese in their Chinese neighborhoods. And the Italians don’t want NON Italians in their Italian neighborhoods, so what.

    Read : “The Slaughter of Cities” by Dr. E. Michael Jones

    Jones blames the Protestants too much when really he should be blaming the Jews [ and the blacks and the chinese communists on the JEW payroll]. Just substitute “Jews” whenever he says “Protestants”. The
    ((( Deep State))) set out to destroy Catholic neighborhoods very soon after the end of WW2. Italians were very racist, they had to be racist, they were trying to save their Italian neighborhoods from total destruction at the hands of the JEW DEEP STATE and the blacks and the Chinese on the JEW payroll.

    Learn about what happened in the South Bronx in the 60’s-70’s before pointing fingers at us NYC Italians for being “very racist”. Yes, we are very racist — we have EVERY reason in the world to be very racist. I wish Southerners well. The ((( Deep State ))) is also trying to destroy The South, like the ((( Deep State))) destroyed so many Italian neighborhoods in the Northeast.

    If anyone knows the name of the JEW rabbi or JEW rabbis who ordered the burning down of the South Bronx effectively destroying the Italian neighborhoods that once existed in the South Bronx I would like to know
    ((( his name))) or (((their names))).

    • The reason those guinea neighborhoods had such low crime is because they were ruled by the Mafia. And you NEVER saw a moulinyan in one of them.

      • You got that right.

        Little old ladies could walk streets alone at night and never fear for their safety.

        The Coumo men from daddy Mario to Chris must have hit every branch on the ugly tree. Their physiognomy is as hideous as their political ideology.

  4. There were hardly any Italians in the United States at the time of The War Between The States so nobody can blame the Italians for The War, for what the Yankees did to The South, and nobody can blame Italians for the carpet baggers and Reconstruction. In the 1880’s American corporations put ads in Italian newspapers in ITALY in the Italian language advertising for Italians to immigrate to the United States. The advertising for Italian immigrants went on for something like 20 years. The Italians did NOT invade the United States. The Italians were actually invited to immigrate to the United States.

    But yes, Giuseppe Mazzini was Italian, he was a good friend to the disgusting JEW Albert Pike, EXCEPT Mazzini was a JEW , a JEW FREEMASON. He was NOT an Italian Catholic, he was yet another disgusting JEW. The Catholic Church, by the way, supported THE CONFEDERACY and it was The Vatican that gave recognition to THE CONFEDERACY before any country in the world did. The Pope at the time was an Italian Pope [ Pope Pius IX, Giovanni Feretti ]. The Italian Pope also sent the Zouaves to The South to assist the Southern War Effort against the Yankees in The War of Northern Aggression.

    No Italian engineers were involved in designing/building the H.L. Hunley, so nobody can blame Italians for what happened to the H.L. Hunley. 🙂

  5. Just imagine if instead of Southern Italians it were Northern Italics going to US a century ago.
    A sophisticated people full of history meeting a wealthy sophisticated brand new nation.
    The art, architecture, technological advancements, that it would have resulted
    What went to US, unfortunately, was the scum of the scum present at that time in Italy.
    It resulted oviously in Mafia, parasitism, whining, and nothing more. Just like in Italy
    Southern Italians are Greeks, from the migration of 2 500 years ago, plus Mafia.

    • Nemo,

      Why would Northern Italians leave the beauty of their homeland to emigrate to the jewnited states? They would have been treated like you and your family in anglo saxon America (I.e., something to be scraped off their gilded era shoes).

      You’re obliviously oblivious to DNA haplogroups and their spread because all Mediterraneans aren’t Greek-even Southern Italians. Over two and a half millennia, of course, there are going to be plenty of interbreeding between the conquerors and the conquered.

      I’ve heard the Greeks referred to as “rape babies ” on this site. That’s real classy. To this day, no one hates the Turks more than the Greeks.

      Believe me, I could lay into just about every European ethnicity for some reason or another, but that would be behaving like zog protocol number four (I.e., have the different White ethnicities fight among themselves).

      The justice that I’d like the coumos to face would be considered medieval.

      • @November
        I’m from Belluno, Northeast Italy, I’m Veneti, part of my family emigrated to South America at the end of the 19th century.

        I’m grew up in South America. What Venetians built in backwater South America is amazing, imagine what would have been in US.

        “You’re obliviously oblivious to DNA haplogroups and their spread because all Mediterraneans aren’t Greek-even Southern Italians. Over two and a half millennia, of course, there are going to be plenty of interbreeding between the conquerors and the conquered.”

        Genetics didn’t change much in Italy since the Iron Age, the last significant change was the Greek immigration to Southern Italy circa 2.500 years ago.
        Negligible amount of German blood on the North, even less Moor blood in the South.
        Greece also didn’t change significantly
        Only Finland in Europe changed less in Europe in the gene pool than Italy.

        • Nemo,

          That is good news on the gene pool. I am a little bit familiar with the German and Italian settlements in Brazil.

          • Miss Cristina Romana Alva. H.

            I spent some teenager years in Northwest Argentina, then Southern Brazil, I also know a little of Uruguay and Paraguay.

            Americans think that Italy is totally different from Roman times, that Romans mixed with black slaves, that the North is full of German blood and the South there’s plenty of “Arab” blood. It’s bullshit
            There are genetic tests now to debunk nazi lies.

            If you travel around Italy, you can trace the inhabitants of local regions with somatic traits and sometimes even behaviors and traditions that are reminiscent of the different peoples that settled in the peninsula before Roman times.
            In Emilia Romagna you have ample evidence of the presence of Celts, Tuscany of Etruscans, Abruzzi of Sabines, Umbria of Osco-Umbrians, Campania of Samnites, Veneto of the Veneti, Sardinia of Phoenicians, Rome of Romans.etc.
            The only “significant” change in the gene pool after the Iron Age took place in Lombardia with the Longobard immigrants coming straight from Sweden

        • Christina,

          My favorite Italian and German imports to Basil are the Bündschen and Ambrosia families. As in Giselle Bündschen Alessandra Ambrosia.

          I’m not sure where Adriana Lima’s family originated from, but she’s quite exquisite too.

          • November,

            Thank you for information on your favorite imports. I have heard of Giselle. She is famous. I am glad you find your interest exquisite as well.

            Naturally, I knew of the Spanish settlement in Florida but it is good to refresh myself on such matters.

        • Nemo,

          Grazie for the detailed information on Italy I have heard of the Lombards. Fierce warriors.

          The Romans ruled southern Italy until well into the middle ages. I am classifying Byzantines as Romans since the term Byzantine was made up in modern terms.

          My favorite subject is History. Since history is primarily influenced by war I have studied war. Next to the possible exception of the Mongols, I think the Medieval Roman army (the Byzantine) was the best army in the world until the sack of Constantinople in 1204.

          I know the Italian city states were extremely advanced in the middle ages. The Venetian Navy was one of the main forces keeping the Moslems at bay for many centuries.

      • November,

        Thank you for the link on the German Army being the best mass army in history. I almost missed your comment. I sometimes forget where I put a comment or if someone might reply to me.

        Sometimes a thread seems dead so if you reply and it warrants a response and I do not respond it is just that I did not return to the article.
        Therefore just find a current thread where I have commented and bring it to my attention.

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