Liberals Win Canadian Elections

UPDATE: The Conservatives have lost.

We will continue to monitor the situation.

UPDATE: Watch the returns live.

UPDATE: Stefan Molyneux’s take on the Canadian elections.

Occidental Dissent is monitoring the 2019 Canadian federal elections.

The big question of the day is whether Justin Trudeau will lose to Andrew Scheer in Canada. I wish that I could tell you that the choice is clear but by all accounts this is another kosher sandwich election between progressive liberalism and conservative liberalism.

Admittedly, I don’t know much about Andrew Scheer.

This race has attracted very little attention down here in the United States. Scheer is a mainstream conservative who hasn’t generated any excitement in nationalist and populist circles. Everyone knows Justin Trudeau and it would be funny to see him lose and it would be a big blow to progressive liberalism but the stakes aren’t incredibly high here.

Trudeau was recently endorsed by Barack Obama who felt it was important to intervene to save a strong progressive leader on the global stage.

There is another guy running named Maxime Bernier who is stronger on immigration than Scheer. He could cost him votes.

The fourth choice is Jagmeet Singh where the same dynamic between Scheer and Bernier exists on the Left. He could cost Trudeau votes.

The race is currently tied.

The Times is fretting that Canada could go “populist.”

New York Times:

“TORONTO — It has become taboo in Canada’s established political circles to question what the world trading order has done to the country’s vaunted middle class. Vocally criticizing free trade deals, such as the recently negotiated United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, and denouncing them as harmful to middle-income workers, risks being ridiculed as “nativist” or “retrograde.” Problem is, trade liberalization has been at the root of decline for millions of Canadians over the past 30 years. …”

The Times is pulling for Trudeau in spite of the blackface scandal:

New York Times:

“MONTREAL — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada has crisscrossed his vast country from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts, and all the way up to the Arctic, shaking hands, cradling babies and posing for his signature selfies — sometimes doing all three at once.

Along the way, his campaign for re-election became an apology tour after it was revealed that as a young man he had dressed in blackface and brownface.

The racist caricatures were damaging enough, but for Mr. Trudeau they also seemed to validate a troubling critique of his character: His critics have long said his liberal image was merely a politically expedient veneer. …”

We’re not endorsing any of these candidates. If you are looking for a reason to get off the couch and vote for Scheer, I have been told that he is opposed to internet censorship, so at least he has that going for him. Feel free to correct me in the comments if I am wrong about this.

Do your thing, Canada. We will be watching.

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  1. Early voted last week for the Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada, essentially a further right offshoot of the conservatives. They have a harder line on immigration, are solid on free speech and have explicitly denied there is a ‘climate emergency’ and want to pull us out of the Paris accord.

    • EXACTLY what will happen here in 2020 when everyone “sits out the election to teach Trump a lesson.” You won’t teach crap. You’ll lose EVERYTHING !!! Form a plan a vision a manifesto, a new party. But until then, vote least worst or die. 2 + 2 = 4. It’s not complicated.

  2. The votes may all be in tonight, but the question of who rules might take a while. There could be a few weeks of scrambling while the parties form coalitions in order to have a majority in Parliament. And Justin Trudeau gets first crack at it as he remains Prime Minister for now.

  3. Somewhere Margaret Trudeau has a t-shirt that reads:

    “I fucked Castro, and all Canada got was this lousy PM.”

    P.S. Seriously, look at some side by side photo comparisons – Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s son. There is even a photo of Fidel Castro holding Trudeau as a baby, and numerous photos of him with Margaret & Pierre Trudeau.

  4. The fact that Canada now has an immigration restrictionist party is a victory in and of itself. It’s a milestone have such a party in what is probably the most liberal Western country. In Sweden, nationalists having been rising for decades and are polling second of all parties. Sweden. There aren’t any white cultures more cucky than Cucknada. Even the Great Cucked North is now a battle field for us. We are winning, the tide is flowing our way. Don’t lose sight of that that larger picture.

  5. I proudly voted for Maxime Bernier. I chose to do so because I would rather give him support as opposed to another cuckservative. Andrew scheer is a weak man but is a traditionalist Catholic at heart and is personally opposed to gay marriage and abortion but would never do anything about it. Max is the only one who speaks out against Marxism, multiculturalism and other plagues affecting our society. However, he lost the leadership of the conservative race by a razor thing margin as he made a big issue about undoing Canada’s protectionist agricultural policy.

  6. I wonder how much vote fraud happens in Canada. It’s commonplace here in the US, especially where computers are used for voting. Although even when paper ballots are used, a lot of extra ballots marked for the democrat candidate can be magically produced, like in (((Al Franken)))’s first Senate win. It was really close, so Al needed a little help. Okay, he needed a lot of help, but election workers and the MN Supreme Court were public-spirited enough to rig the results on behalf of the people.

  7. Off topic:


    Nick Fuentes had a superchat from a Southerner yesterday who called him a “Yankee.” Nick went on a short rant about the South and dropped your name in a light jest. Nothing terrible.

    The superchat was at the 1:50.25 mark of the show.

  8. I feel that Canada will out do the UK in the homo-globo “Olympics”……..Canada appears to be ‘F’ ed !!

  9. Things are going to get very ugly soon in North America.
    I know i am ready and hope everyone on this forum is too.
    Water purification, canned goods, ammunition and of course stuff like honey , peanut butter and other things that last forever as a must.
    It will only get worse from here and the blacks and others will not hunt and fish and use their brains to feed their families.
    Instead it will become kill whitey time and those closest to cities will get it the worst, of course.
    Give the nigs a fish and it will feed the beast for a day but give it a fishing pole and it’ll pawn it for crack and jenkum.

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