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  1. The dual loyalty meme never made any sense. The USA is being used to build Greater Israel, and it will be discarded like a spent husk after that process is complete. Let’s be clear, these people have One Loyalty, and it is not to the people of the USA.

  2. Mad respect for this crazy wop, he’ll probably lose his shiny blue checkmark tho I’d be surprised if he didn’t

    • Angelo has truth and passion behind his words. Those two elements were part of what made Hitler such a charismatic speaker to the normally stoic Germanic populace.

      I’ve often said that some of our more staid ethnicities could use an infusion of Celtic, Spanish , or Italian ‘fire in the belly.’

      BTW, I grew up around “mad wops ” like Angelo. They’re like German Shepherds: No better friend. No worse an enemy.

      • Yeah he seems like a solid guy, I didn’t know much about him before but yeah most Italians that i have met through family or friends are pretty fierce characters .

        That checkmark probably is gonna come off tho, I haven’t seen many twitter blue verifeds keep there marks after saying something true about gods chosen.

  3. When more and more people feel the way Mr.Gage does we, America will be attacked to weaken us sufficiently so we are unable to take revenge. Nuclear false flag terrorism is not out of the question.

  4. “If you want to know who rules over you simply find out who you aren’t allowed to criticize.” Voltaire

  5. Angelo is about as good an AmNat as there is to be expected. He has a large following, so his anti-Zionist tweet and video will redpill a lot of normies.

    The Awakened Roman began to hate.

  6. That tweet should be etched into polished granite above the main entrance to the Museum of Zionist Atrocities in George Lincoln Rockwell City (the future capital of the North American Reich).

  7. I have repeated this many times, and will continue to do so. As the younger generations (X,Y, and Z) exit the megachurches, so does the support for Israel. Too many of the goyim now know.

  8. One should NEVER click on a ‘news’ link- I thought maybe Lupone had died.

    FYI, THIS is how SICK gays are- in the head, in the heart, in their idolatry of self and the Other.

    Even when they ARE the ‘Other.’

    As one commentor noted, it “reeked of geriatric gay urine”- one of the most apropos and vulgar descriptors I have read in a long time. Dear Lord, deliver us from the Pagan, the Turk, and the Jew- and all sodomites and lesbians.

  9. Not fond of the profane way he put it. Spouting profanity like some pre-teen trying to sound “all grown up” , or worse yet a negro, is harmful to one’s credibility.

    That being said, I fully agree with his message and I’m glad to see him say it.

    Sadly, he wil nowl be “un-personed” by the social media. As someone points out above, his blue checkmark is history. Now comes the shadow bans, etc.

  10. If Warren gets the nomination and starts even mildly challenging the Israel lobby, that will open the flood gates of repressed criticism of Israel. The Lobby will be in a tough place. Non-Jewish liberals will not turn on her. This will put Trump in a more and more ridiculous position of kissing up to Israel and using Israel a shield for himself. That makes Israel a meme and strips it’s “non-partisan” status that the Israel Lobby sees as their key strategy.

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