Return of the Strong Gods

I’m enjoying Rusty Reno’s new book.

I will have a lot more to say about this in the review. I have reached a similar conclusion about our present historical moment and the impending crisis.

The following excerpts come from Rusty Reno’s new book Return of the Strong Gods: Nationalism, Populism and the Future of the West.

“We seem to be reaching another turning point. The violence that traumatized the West between 1914 and 1945 evoked a powerful, American-led response that was anti-fascist, anti-totalitarian, anti-colonialist, anti-imperialist, and anti-racist. These anti imperatives define the postwar era. Their aim is to dissolve the strong beliefs and powerful loyalties thought to have fueled the conflicts that convulsed the twentieth century.

In those years, fierce gods trampled the benign managerial habits of commerce and the liberal norms of free consent and democratic deliberation. Strong and dark gods stormed through Europe, eventually setting aflame most of the world and bringing death to millions

We continue to define ourselves culturally, even spiritually, as anti-totalitarian, anti-fascist, anti-racist, and anti-nationalist. I call the atmosphere of opinion that sustains these anti imperatives the “postwar consensus …

By “strong gods,” I do not mean Thor and the other residents of the Old Norse Valhalla. The strong gods are the objects of men’s love and devotion, the sources of the passions and loyalties that unite societies. They can be timeless. Truth is a strong god that beckons us to the matrimony of assent. King and country, insofar as they still arouse men’s patriotic ardor, are strong gods. The strong gods can take the form of modern ideologies and charismatic leaders. The strong gods can be beneficent. Our constitutional piety treats the American Founding as a strong god worthy of our devotion …

We live in a time of weak gods.

The “weak gods” which Rusty is referring to like profit, pleasure seeking and individual self expression have been deliberately cultivated since World War II in order to ward off the “strong gods” which dominated the early 20th century. We have gone from one extreme to the other in the 20th century and a reaction is brewing to restore the proper balance. None of us want to plunge back into that disaster but we do want our nations to continue.

This is the face of Christianity in a time of the “weak gods”:

This is one of the faces of Christianity in a time of the “strong gods”:

To study Christianity as it existed and was practiced and was fought over in the Europe of the 16th and 17th centuries is to be transported into a different universe.

This isn’t only true of religion though. It is true of everything. It was religious conflict that set Europe on fire in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was nationalism that set Europe on fire in the 20th century. The strong gods can be religious fervor or patriotism or whatever arouses passion in men and are always in tension with other tendencies in man like dissolution. The background of the rise of liberalism was 150 years of the Wars of Religion. Similarly, the background to our present age was World War I and World War II, which created the present day liberal world order.

Mars is coming back in the 21st century. The era of Pluto is coming to a close.

When the Baby Boomer generation exits the stage of history, they are going to leave behind a mess for their descendants. We’re poised to enter the age of the 70-year-old and 80-year-old Boomer in their nursing homes and retirement communities teaming with embittered non-Whites. As the Boomers die off, racial demographics will radically shift in Europe and North America.

For almost 20 years, I have been looking ahead to this future. It is not something that I desired. I just wanted my descendants to have a future in this country which for reasons beyond my control and due to decisions that were made by the previous two generations have set us on course to this unprecedented disaster. This is the moment of history we have been born in though and our lot is to suck it up and deal with the consequences of those poor decisions.

If anything resembling Western civilization makes it to the second half of the 21st century, it will be because we rose up and took back our birthright for posterity which was squandered in an age of liberal decadence. That’s a good legacy to leave behind after any life.

Note: Sometimes the weight of the responsibility can feel like being Flavius Aetius in the age of Attila the Hun.

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  1. Once ZOG USA collapses the rest of the world will resume its normal course, as if America had never existed at all.

  2. Mr. Griffin, When are you going to stop worshipping and leave the global criminal Sodality of the weak (((man-god))) Avatar of the foreigner? … a beta cuck indeed!!

  3. PS Mr. Griffin, that Sodality of the weak Avatar (((man-god))) is COMMUNISM!! i.e. they seek to own all property globally and U will be their slave as U will no longer have property, i.e. an identity (self-ownership) but slave borg non-identity!! … just keep listen and having “faith” in the Avatar of their transvestite priests and the apron wearing stoner priests of (((communism))) …

  4. @Spahnranch … I don’t worship a man, dead, or “second coming” or otherwise…

    They pull their drawers up in the morning same as I do everyday, but with some they pull down their dress in the morning …

  5. @ Spahnranch… ask Denise… she’ll explain You that your all beta cucks!! She is waiting for y’all to be MEN!!

  6. there will be no “revival” of Western Civ or Christianity.

    the Jews have already destroyed both.

    What will replace them

    remains to be seen. Before


    Haxo was guardedly optimistic. But the ease with which Jew-stooge Drumpf

    has flummoxed the Whites

    leaves Haxo feeling neither fear

    nor hope.

    • What replaces the deracinated culture will depend who preserves the remnants of Western Civ. Christianity is closely paired with its ascendance, and the rejecting of it by most of the civilization it helped to build has guaranteed its downfall, imho. After all, it was men of faith, medieval monks, who saved Europe. They preserved and expanded knowledge in areas like agriculture, medicine, engineering, philosophy, etc., based on what was left of Rome after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. History rhymes, not repeats, so it’s logical to assume the same type of process can and likely will happen again. People looking beyond themselves will recognize the essential role a moral center plays in the healthy development and expansion of a culture and civilization.

      Haxo, you refer to yourself in the third person? Why? I hope it’s not because of delusions of grandeur.

  7. Hey Hunter,
    When I saw the title of this piece, I wondered if OD was going to have a neo-pagan piece up. But it was not. I agree we are in a time of great crisis as a people. The balance between liberty and order that I wrote of in the 12th chapter of *Rethinking The Propositions* swung way to the liberty side of the scale post-WWII. Oh, and I appreciate the Calvin pic.

  8. Ponder this for just a moment, a dead Jewish man is your personal god?

    Come on now, As I said, Denise is waiting patiently for y’all to be men!!

    • As I understand your username, you consider yourself “a big dog,”eh? Do ya lift your leg or squat to go tinkle?

  9. “Good times create weak men” meme is a half truth and ultimately not reality, but merely a mechanism of control for an elite that no longer exists. And should be discarded with.

    Traumatized people are weak. Whatever doesn’t kill you won’t make you stronger. Strength comes from hardwork, dedication, clarity of purpose, self confidence and winning.

    People who are famished often resort to subsistence living and not a raging passion. How you know this saying is bullshit is that the leaders of civilization in hard times do not give up their land or food so they could sharpen themselves. A chieftain or a king who’s nation was going through a period of loss NEVER gave up their food or shelter because it was making them weak, and in Rome they experienced ups and downs. Never was the bad times cured by leaders self purging necessity’s.

    This is a morality of control. It’s a rationalization to accepting the short end of your nation’s stick, and to keep peasents compliant during the bad days of a nation.

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