New York Times: Is Angela Merkel Still In Charge?

The postwar liberal consensus is decadent and exhausted. No one on the world stage better symbolizes the dead weight of the 20th century than Angela Merkel.

New York Times:

“HAMBURG, Germany — Two things make Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany look like an exemplary head of government: Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. Measured against the poorest of benchmarks, Ms. Merkel’s chancellorship, even after 14 years in office, appears stable, wise and exemplary. Measured against the leadership Germany and Europe need, it lacks all of the above.

To describe Ms. Merkel’s current term, which began in 2017, as strategic fatigue would be a friendly understatement. The chancellor appears to not only have lost interest in decision-making. She also shows little resolve to steer the country through a new era of staggering change. …

In her place is Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, known as A.K.K., the defense minister and Ms. Merkel’s replacement as the head of the Christian Democrats. With an increasing air of desperation, Ms. Kramp-Karrenbauer has been trying to strengthen the party’s centrist profile. Yet instead of attracting new ranks, she deters them. She clearly has no talent for appealing to voters where they increasingly are, online. Instead, she has repeatedly demonstrated that timeless skill of putting her foot in her mouth, mocking intersex people and making lewd comments about a young Youtuber and freedom of speech.. Her popularity has plummeted. …”

Is this the future?

Historically speaking, where are we at now? Not quite at the end of the old world. Not yet at the beginning of the new one. The impending crisis is increasingly hard to conceal though.

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  1. “Historically speaking, where are we at now? Not quite at the end of the old world. Not yet at the beginning of the new one.”

    WWI ended the old world. WWII created the new one.

  2. Why do the Germans keep reelecting this NWO apparatchik graccite birch? How could it be possible that she was the ‘lesser of two evil?’

  3. Merkel has made Germany dominate Europe economically and politically. The Kaiser and Hitler failed to achieve that.

    • Germany’s economic and political standing in Europe are worth a wooden nickel to native Germans who would prefer a nation comprised of ethnic Germanics. They want THEIR nation back from international bankers, globalists, and other jewish cosmopolitans.

      Today’s Germany is a Frankenstein monster constructed by the New World Order elites to castrate heritage Germans of their culture, society, history, and everything else that makes Germanics unique.

  4. Merkel was always part of the EU globalist crowd. She was never really in charge; she’s just a flunky of Juncker, who was a toy that Soros and other “open society” Eurotrash elites used to implement the policies set up to destroy the cultures and peoples they hate most of all: Their own. Merkel and the rest of those EU traitors should be forced to live in those no-go zones they inflicted on their native populations. Let them reap the consequences of importing those savages, up close and personal.

  5. Is (((Angela Merkel))) still in charge? This tubby fat stasi bitch is a Freemasonic Zionist shill she was just a puppet for zog someone will eventually take her place

  6. If you’re in the right circles here in Germany, then since about this time last year, you started hearing the gossip that there’s something not quite medically right about Merkel, mainly because of her very weird choice of words. Then came this year, and her shaking spells.

    AKK might be the new party leader from a day-to-day administration standpoint, but if she’s been running things, she’s been running them into the ground, and she may not make it past the end of the year in that capacity.

  7. Merkel never really was ‘in charge’. She was nothing more than just another useful idiot for ‘Anti-German powers’ to deceive and to leech from the German people. After WWII Germany lost its souvereignity as a nation. All the political leaders since then were merely puppets which first of all served the interests of the occupiers. The main goal was and still is to keep the Germans down by all means. And this was eagerly supported by the German politicians. The ostensibly conservative CDU party always played a prominent role in this game. For example, the CDU was responsible for the flooding of West-Germany with millions of savage Turks from Anatolia already in the 1960s. This was never in the interest of the German people! …
    Merkel has always been totally overrated. Her strange career was an accident in history and would never have happened under normal circumstances. She once came to power coincidentally when all the other leading retards of the CDU were involved in another corruption affair and she was the only one with a clean slate. Merkels entire politics were a disaster. She has no political substance, no vision, no goals. She just followed the current political trends and made a lot of insane decisions, e.g. the hasty exit out of nuclear energy. But she always managed to get away even with the weirdest failures. Because she was always backed and supported by the leftist mainstream media. It went quite well for her until 2015, when she and her aides pushed the desecration of Germany to extreme by letting in millions of savage creatures from the shitholes of this world. Of course eagerly promoted by the leftist mainstream media again. But this time they went too far, as it was against all german and international laws. And the consequences of this policy for Germany and entire Europe are disastrous. Even the Brexit votum surely would never have happened without Merkels insane politics. The motivation of Merkel is not clear at first sight. Many people have a certain theory that she eventually is an embittered communist who never got over the end of the DDR (GDR), and that she now takes revenge for it by destroying the reunited Germany. But that’s bullshit. It’s not that complicated. I guess her only goal is to stay in power, to stay relevant, being cuddled by all those creepy bumsuckers around her, being praised by the international mainstrem media. Once she was titled ‘the most powerful woman in the world’, or ‘the new leader of the western free world’, and she was nominated for the Nobel peace price. Of course she likes that and feels vindicated and superior, though she is only an average old hag. Her mental health was always questionable and her speeches had always been shit. It just became more obvious since last year. This woman is definitely finished. It can be noticed how she is loosing support, and how the rats of her shitty CDU party and her claquers in the mainstream media party are literally leaving the sinking ship.
    Those shakings in the video prove that she knows her time is over and the day of the rope is near…

  8. “New York Times: Is Angela Merkel Still In Charge?”

    What a joke! Angela Merkel was never in charge. She takes orders just like the rest of them. But, she’s suffered an obvious and unrecoverable short circuit, as evidenced by recent bouts of bizarre behavior, and is scheduled for the junkyard. Which hybrid will take her place is the gazillion dollar question.

    Any bets at this point?

    • Since her designed successor Miss AKK (picture above) has proven her incompetence multiple times, i’m pretty sure that Friedrich Merz will take Merkel’s place. Of course he is just another turd, but the least shitty one the CDU has to offer currently. He is much more conservative, is very popular in Germany and has good relations to the USA.

  9. Could it be she has what Hitler was accused of having? (Parkinson’s disease) They fail to realize Hitler trembled on his left side and that was the side than was impacted after a bomb blew him across the room in the July 20, 1944 assassination attempt. It was not all over his body like hers is. Note the video of him decorating Hitler Youth about ten days before he died with his hands behind his back and only one side is shaking.

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