Radix: Groyper Nation Takes On the Culture War

Editor’s Note: I will have some thoughts on this later tonight after taking our son trick-or-treating for Halloween. We have him dressed up as a traditional German boy in memory of his grandfather.

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  1. Hello brothers! It is great to see the Zoomers rising up. I have been fighting the culture war since high school being a real life troll.

    What I am basically saying is I have been punishing degenerates since high school, mostly by bullying them. I was already red pilled about race, trannies, roasties and the JQ so I knew the right way to bully them. I told this one trans freak that he had a 40% likelihood of committing suicide, and he should probably get to it because Trump is going to win the election and it’s about to get a whole lot worse for those freaks. Unfortunately it didn’t but it was a good scare tactic.

    My favorite degenerate to treat like crap though, was this white trash girl. She was raised by a single mom and her dad was in prison and she was always crying about not being able to see him. Needless to say she was a gold mine. I would taunt her by saying that when the backlash inevitably happens and strong right-wing leadership comes to power, it would be the end for degenerate criminals and their worthless offspring like her. That leftist insanity won’t last forever and eventually trash like her will be ground into paste. It was delicious watching her cry and claim that she never did anything to me to deserve being treated like this, and I responded by pointing out that as a degenerate she offended us by her very existence.

    I am proud to say that my bullying probably played a role in the fact that she eventually dropped out of high school and ended up on the same hopeless path as her parents. She always whined that she wanted to get somewhere in life but people like me made her give up hope. Hopefully she got knocked up by a nigger afterwards and removed herself from the white gene pool.

    Since then, I have spent my time linking up with fellow nationalists, and true conservatives, against the neverending wave of degeneracy in our society. Seeing this uprising against the normalization of degeneracy among “conservatives” is the best thing I have seen in years. Much love to all Groypers!

    • And it’s people like this, that God says are ‘without grace,’ having ‘given themselves up to a reprobate mind, being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, maliciousness, full of envy, murder, malignity, without understanding, without natural affections….” [ Rom. 128ff.]

      In short, either a Jew or a Pagan. Or, in other words, the real detritus of the world.

  2. OT: You’re dressing up your little sweetie as a “Traditional German Boy”? What does that mean, lederhosen and the goofy hat with a feather in it? You’ll scar the poor lad for life. I would’ve dressed him up as a cowboy, and had him pull a red wagon full of “smallpox-infected” blankets to hand out to feather Indians. History and fun, rolled into one. The other kiddies could get the blankets to keep out the cold, and after those are gone, the wagon has space for a ton of candy. So, a win-win for everyone.

  3. “Is paleoconservatism making a comeback?”

    I sure hope not.

    Pat Buchanan’s brand of paleoconservatism had it become mainstream GOP ideology in the early 90s would have slowed the demographic change and perhaps even overturned the Hart-Cellar Act, but conservative inc (Bush Sr. and Dole/Kemp) and Zog wouldn’t allow that to occur. The zio-heebs had it it for Buchanan and his supporters ever since Pat rightfully exposed that the only ones in favor of going to war with Iraq over Kuwait were Israelis and “their amen corner in congress.”

    Unfortunately, hard right paleoconservatism never had its day in the sun, but we’ve moved well past that political solution. What we need now is Social Nationalist Identitarianism led by Spahn’s neo-Stalin.

    • Paleocons had their place in the 60s, 70s and 80s but we definitely need more revolutionaries and fewer reactionaries!

  4. For me it is disappointing listening to R Spencer analyse the young American nationalist who are attacking TPUSA.

    What are Richard’s ideas in defeating the TPUSA liberal loving leftists???

    Has R. Spencer being promised some GOP position???

    • Blumpf and tpusa are two sides of the same coin.

      Have you read Eric Striker’s latest essay on tpusa, blumpf and their common ideology and (((donors)))?

      Groypers still support blumpf and are being fooled into believing that if they destroy tpusa, then the blumpf of 2016 will be resurrected. It’s a big con.


      • Will read it now since I don;t visit as much as I should, “National-Justice”.

        Have been a fan on most of E. Striker’s version of Nationalism.

  5. I’m interested in hearing Spencer-n-crew’s take on this, with the exception of Mark B, who, as we know, will offer a few sophomoric jabs against Christians, armed with talking-points of the average high-school atheist, then swagger around like he’s accomplished something.

    I hope the one thing Spencer (and the “Dissident Right” more broadly) takes away from this is how motivating this was. Someone is doing *something* at least, and it has been, thus far, a sort of victory. Spencer is off thinking about political runs or building another DC think tank (or who knows what all), instead of engaging in little “stunts”. But in today’s world of social media, these little stunts have big effect, if done properly and if successful. (This is what captures the imaginations of fence-sitters and potential big-money donors).

    It’s kind of cringe-worthy seeing would-be “leaders” in the Alt-Right milieu jump on the heckler-stunt bandwagon now, tweeting out long lists of questions to fire at Kirk. I’d like to reply: “Sir, if you were relevant, you’d have been there asking questions yourself”.

    In MMA, when your game-plan isn’t working on your opponent, you swap up. Stay fluid. Engage in clumsy, failed, attempts at leg-sweeps or take-downs, until you stumble into the way to win. Staying locked in one position, with one game-plan, is a path to failure.

  6. But is the Earl of Spencer still relevant? Nicker Nation says NO.

    BTW, what’s up with the sepia-toned images of the McSpencer Group?

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