Andrew Sullivan: The Hard Questions About Young People and Gender Transition

I wrote about this phenomenon last month.

RT produced a documentary about it last year. Sky News also ran a story on it. Impressionable young women who are autistic and skew toward being lesbians are disproportionately buying into transgenderism. They encountered the ideology on Tumblr in the 2010s.

New York Magazine:

“Earlier this week, I met a group of women in their early 20s who are not supposed to exist.

They’re women who, in their teens, realized that they were actually men, socially transitioned to the other sex, and then underwent hormone therapy to change their bodies, faces, and voices to become transgender men. After varying amounts of time, however, they all realized they had made a big mistake, stopped testosterone therapy, and “detransitioned” back to being who they were before. They are now embarrassed, they say, but not ashamed. “I don’t identify as anything,” one of them told me. “I just have two X chromosomes in the bag.”

These women are not anti-trans, or religious nuts, or members of the far right. They expressed not a smidgen of transphobia, just a pressing concern that many teenage women, particularly lesbians, struggling with gender dysphoria, have been convinced too quickly that the only solution is to change their sex. They worry that any kind of therapy apart from affirmation of transgender identity is now seen as transphobic, and that teens are able to get hormones far too easily. …

By their own accounts, they had been adamantly trans in their teens. “I was the student trying to get a professor fired because he wouldn’t allow they and them to be used for a singular person in my papers … I threatened my parents and friends with suicide. It became part of my identity to be suicidal. I screamed at my parents about this, even though I knew I wasn’t going to kill myself.” One went by the pronouns xe and xer and flew into a rage if she was misgendered. Once they had transitioned, and felt miserable nonetheless, they felt that this too was just part of being transgender. One talked of “the hunger to suffer.” Another spoke of “using your pain to validate your own destruction.” …

Why should the female share of transgender patients suddenly shift from 44 percent to 74 percent girls in a decade?

The women I spoke to said the internet, particularly Tumblr, was the key change. “

Unlike the Alt-Right, this ideology is relentlessly promoted by the mainstream media. It is a “phobia” to recognize it as an ideology and an obvious social contagion.

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  1. Women would be a lot more attractive to marry as a young White male if they just didn’t slavishly obey every dumb promotion by the MSM or a group of influencers. I hope these ex-trannies enjoy shaving their face for the rest of their life.

    Don’t worry, some beta will put a ring on it.

    • I used to read a lot of stories about women with all kinds of strange physical deformities who somehow always managed to find a guy willing to marry ’em. And those guys invariably looked the same – goofy beta-cucks!

  2. Women are not capable of rational decisions, depending on the time of month.

    Every married man knows this, and every son of a mother suspects this, as he enters puberty.

    Why do we avoid the inevitable necessity of Patriarchalism, thinking that we sinful humans are ‘…as God, determining good and evil’?

    Because we would rather ‘rule in Hell, than serve in Heaven.’
    End of Story.

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