A Void of Cultural Diversity: Trump’s Refugee Cuts Slow Race Replacement Campaign

A tiny number of Congolese refugees might be prevented from settling in Montana where their place will be taken by illegal aliens. Some of the refugees who are already here might even go back. Can you believe the darkness that has descended over America?

New York Times:

“As the White House prepares to finalize the fiscal year’s refugee cap at 18,000, the lowest number since the program was created four decades ago, many of the nearly 200 Congolese who settled in Missoula have answered desperate calls from relatives who have waited years in camps in Uganda or Tanzania for refuge in the United States. One woman has been pleading with community leaders to help her son, who recently emerged from a coma and is now alone in a camp. A local preacher prepared his three children to go to the airport last month to welcome their uncle, only to find out the morning of the arrival that the flight had been canceled.

In fact, the flights canceled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were the third batch to be scrubbed as refugee officials await final word on this year’s refugee cap, said a government official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal conversations. The next possible departures would be Nov. 5, if President Trump signs off on the annual cap before then. …

To supporters like Mr. Engen, the Congolese are filling a void of cultural diversity in a town that is nearly 90 percent white. In the 1980s, Hmong refugees from Laos settled in Missoula. The children of immigrant families are usually the few students of color in city classrooms, while their parents work long hours at businesses eager for the help. …

Parts of the Flathead Valley north of here have had a reputation for being a haven for white nationalists. A dispute between a local real estate agent and the mother of the white nationalist Richard Spencer in nearby Whitefish prompted a white supremacist website to rally attacks on the area’s Jewish residents and call for an armed neo-Nazi march through the streets of the town. …”

Missoula, Montana is 90 percent White.

Richard Spencer lives in the Flathead Valley. Tanya Gersh was trolled. That’s a huge problem. Something has to be done about this sea of whiteness. Why not replace the population there with an endless wave of cultural enrichment from the Democratic Republic of Congo?

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  1. Never has it been explained how racial diversity is an intrinsic good. None of diversity’s prominent proponents in media and politics live in diverse areas. They parrot talking points of empty virtue, mindlessly destroying their own culture and people. Let them bring white diversity to Africa, and see how they like it there.

    • The proponents of diversity know it’s destructive, that’s why they are in favor of it. When they say it’s wonderful and intrinsically good they are simply lying, lying, lying. Their actions contradict their words.

      There are some idiotic cat lady and religious types who have been drinking the kool aid but their numbers are insignificant. Those pushing diversity want us dead, six feet under and reduced to poverty on the way out. They hate us because we exist. Period.

  2. So I assume “Mr. Engen” is a fucking Boomer. The insanity of the white liberal is at a level that should not be humanly possible.

  3. as usual, Drumpf’s so-called “cuts” will amount to less than nothing.

    the shitskins will keep on arriving, the Whites

    will keep on dying out, until

    the Jew power is conclusively


  4. The only way things will change is if Whites become openly hostile to these mud colored savages and their (((puppet master))).

  5. As a white guy I would not be the least bit interested in living in a dull, boring, remote area like Montana or Idaho. And apparently most other whites agree with me. So if the majority of whites don’t want to live there what makes anyone believe that blue-gum savages would want to live there either? Such places are just the initial dumping grounds for those Skinnies, who soon find their way to urban areas and turn ’em into new Addis Ababas and Mogadishus.

  6. The racial suicide that whites are so bent on creating boggles the mind. Nothing but a bunch of self hating sell out liberals. Disgusting!

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