UK: Asian Grooming Gang Goes To Jail After Raping 12-Year-Olds

Nothing about these crimes surprises me.

This has been going on for decades in the proudly multicultural UK. I’m surprised that these monsters are even going to jail. Shouldn’t the police be hunting down the parents of these girls, disarming them and throwing them in prison for racism and xenophobia?


“Five more members of a grooming gang that sexually abused girls in Huddersfield have been jailed for their “vile and wicked” crimes.

Leeds Crown Court heard that one of the defendants attacked a 12-year-old girl in a park as part of a “campaign of rape”, and threatened a teenage victim with a knife.

Other girls were plied with alcohol and drugs at “parties” where they were groomed for what a judge called “gross sexual abuse for the defendants’ own perverted gratification” …

Judge Marson said those charged have been “principally Asian men” who sexually abused a “large number of children”, who were not all white. …

Judge Marson said girls were also “rendered senseless” at so-called house parties where older Asian men would abuse them one by one, in front of each other. …

The same man raped another victim, then aged 12, “and left her bleeding on the floor in the park” after taking her virginity. …”

A campaign of rape?

This sort of thing just happens in broad daylight in public parks?

What does it say about the UK under liberal democracy that it is so prostrate and inert and incapable of defending and asserting itself that the whole country is just being abandoned to foreigners by its liberal elite who come in and groom and prey on little girls?

At least we’re not speaking German! At least we’re not authoritarian!

Note: This whole mindset is a product of the Open Society.

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    • They will probably be released soon for good behavior I’ve read similar cases its unbelievably disheartening but it happens alot the British judicial system is a joke

  1. All the bold, adventurous Brits left for South Africa, America and Australia long ago, leaving the more timid, submissive types behind.

    • Well, some of the better ones also committed suicide while enthusiastically trying to kill their German cousins.

      • That came out wrong. “Better” meaning men of basically good stock, just stupid for killing their racial brothers for no good reason.

        • As a youth the future Kaiser Wilhelm II used to spend his summers in England with his cousin, the future George V and his grandmother Queen Victoria. How could two such great Anglo-Saxon powers go to war twice against each other? The jews are part of the explanation but not all of it.

    • The Soviets use to call it “The .15 rubles solution.” A 9mm to the back of the head. No more subhuman.

  2. London keeps building new glitzy skyscraper’s. The streets below are never as glitzy as a skyline light up at night. All Major British cities will be worse in crime this up coming decade than the 70/80s in NYC.

    • London will have over 2,000 murders a year? Let’s get real, these European countries will never have American 80’s level crime rates. The immigrants they have suck, but they are not as violent as American blacks and Central Americans. Neither in the UK, nor in their home countries do these groups have crime rates anywhere approaching American blacks. Not even close.

  3. These trials are just for show, so the Government can say they are ‘doing something’ and to diffuse white anger. The Government is not serious, else the wogs would have been deported years ago.

  4. ‘grooming gangs ‘ what a nice SJW euphemism, so polite, so delicate.

    Imagine the terms they would use if the gangs were White ?

  5. Our basic racial instincts told us this would be inevitable. Our instincts are eons old and proven for centuries.

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