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  1. Slightly OT: I forget who recommended Ted Sallis in an earlier post. Thanks, whoever you are. Sallis is focused on following the model of Codreanu’s Legionary movement as the way forward for Whites, with a Pan-European focus. “Pan-European” is something a few commenters here need to get on board with. Stop worrying about if someone is Italian or Irish, English or German. I don’t get why that would matter, especially to Americans. Focus on the common enemies, ignore the other nonsense. Much of Western civilization is being lost, of course, as our elites import our destruction. This is a time for networking, preparation for rebuilding, and so on.

    • Ironically, there is a difference between ethnic peoples within the European community.

      I myself am Anglo-Celtic, and almost all my friends are Anglo-Celtic mixed with Polish or Ukrainian. I don’t get along with Germans on a person to person basis. There are differences for sure, but I agree that such differences are not as big as between a European and non-European and are waste of energy.

      • Every white group seems to have flaws. I wish all of them can be saved, with all their differences. That’s true diversity.

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