Voice of Europe: London Billboards Urge White Britons To Get Sterilized

Nothing surprises me about Cuck Island anymore:

If I tried to visit the United Kingdom to see the land of my ancestors as an White Anglo-Saxon Southerner who identifies with the English people who are my cousins, I fully expect I would be stopped at the border and turned around as a “rightwing extremist.”

Voice of Europe:

Images of a London billboard that appear to urge white Britons to get sterilized have started to circulate throughout social media. 

Interestingly enough, the billboard lacks the ‘diversity standard’ that’s normally applied to every form of marketing or propaganda that can be seen in the UK, and especially in London, where, according to the last census, ‘white English’ composed just 41 percent of the population. 

Apparently, for whoever is behind this billboard, that number of white Brits is simply not low enough. 

The message, which has been spotted on North London’s Holloway Road, reads: “Imagine a city less crowded… do your part–get sterilised! Yay!”

What the hell is wrong with Cuck Island?

Is the definition of “rightwing extremism” not having a death wish? Is this the best that the Anglo-Saxons can do after going through the trouble to win WW1 and WW2?

Note: I’ve been writing a lot more about the UK lately because 1.) I sympathize and 2.) I am in a better legal position to speak out. I don’t have to worry about being arrested by the thought police in Alabama.

Note: Tell them what matters, Tywin.

We must restore the patriarchy to secure the existence of our people and a future for our descendants.

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  1. England seems to have found an alt right meme folder parodying wokeness from 2015 and thought these are all great ideas.

  2. There is s certain point wherein the English – and that means WHIRE – are going to have to BAND TOGETHER and TAKE THIER OWN SIDE. In any way that works.

  3. I think that billboard is more an expression of sardonic humor than an actual public service message, HW. Notice how it doesn’t mention the name of the organization responsible for posting the message.

  4. The best thing that could happen to places like G. Britain, Germany, Scandinavia is a Slavization.
    In Germany the largest group of immigrants are Turks, but followed closely by Poles, then Russians, Romanians, Ukrainians, and other Slavs
    Germany is being Slavicized.

    The irony is that a random Ukrainian, Pole, Russian, etc is much more “Aryan” (R1A Haplogroup) than any German, thus what we are seeing is an Aryanization of Germany.

    The ones that really could claim a legitimate Indo-European aka Aryan
    ancestry in Europe, the Slavs, don’t give a damn about it, wich shows who are the adults in Europe.
    So adults replacing kids is not that bad. Only then the death of liberalism, human rights, infantile awe about the Jews, worship of blacks, dumb Christian sects, self-hate, one-world idiocy, etc. will be a reality.

    • Well, European populations have never been totally static. Iberia, for example, used to be Celtic. In fact, Celts once spread out as far as Western China. Germany was completely Nordic, whereas they are mostly Alpines now. And Russia was inhabited by Vikings. “Russia” is from a Viking word that means The Rowers. German – Scots and German – Polish are good ethnic combinations, as is Italian – Irish and Scots- Irish.

      • @Spahn
        Spain, for example, is around 70% R1b. “Only” 70%. R1b is Celtic
        Iberia has a lot of sun though…In cold, higher latitudes people develop a much lighter skin tone in order to accommodate for faster Vitamin D absorption.
        Things didn’t change much, genetically speaking, since the Iron Age til the 1950s in Europe
        The last decades and the future is the problem.

  5. The Brits chased out BNP and have allowed a jewish loving (Ezra Levant – rebel media) tommy robinson, or, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, to act as the so called “far right” spokesman.

    The Great Isle of Albion has turned in to a great CUCK island.

  6. Every other advert in the West is full of colored faces with a mix or minimum of white ones. But of course the one pushing for sterilization has nothing but white faces. No such thing as a deliberate plan for white genocide though, right jews?

    • i don’t watch the talmudvision much but what i have noticed about especially the adverts , is how the white man is always the idiot buffoon who cant tie his shoes until his tech savvy negro neighbor or coworker shows him how to work his cellphone or properly do his taxes.

      Black males are also often portrayed as great dads and family leaders…because thats so very common.
      Everything is an inversion of actual reality.

  7. England was taken over by the Jews centuries ago and this is the end result. E Michael Jones did a video about the history of the famine in Ireland and how the Brits were basically starving the Irish by forcing them to export all their crops to pay their Jewish creditors. The landowning class in England went into debt to the Jews to pay for their luxurious estates.

      • This old Italian guy i work with the other day was listening to me and my father in law talk about clown world for a few minutes and then when we paused he says- ‘and just think, we all gave up the King and the Queen for this’..
        Hard to argue with the fact we’d be better off under monarch rule.

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