Woke Supremacy: The Washington Post Is Guilty of White Privilege

What will the Far Right say about this?

The Washington Post:

“Washington Post employees work hard every day to ensure that our company is a leader in the journalism industry. Members of our company’s union, The Washington Post Newspaper Guild, believe The Post should also lead the way in how it treats its staff.


Women as a group are paid less than men.

Collectively, employees of color are paid less than white men, even when controlling for age and job description. White women are paid about the median for their age.

Women of color in the newsroom receive $30,000 less than white men — a gap of 35 percent when comparing median salaries.

In general, we found the same pattern of disparities throughout the newsroom, but also discovered that desks with some of the highest median salaries — such as National, Financial and Investigative — also had higher percentages of white men. This suggests that The Post must do more to cultivate women and people of color for those desks that demand the highest levels of skill and experience and therefore command the highest salaries. …”

Y’all have fun with that.

Why don’t you spend the next 20 years accusing yourselves of racism? Obviously, you are all just as guilty of practicing racism, sexism and white privilege as the SPLC.

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  1. You are supposed to treat everybody the way you would like to be treated. But that doesn’t apply to Jews, remember they rejected Christ along with fair treatment of others and all the other teachings of Christ, remember?

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