Daily Wire Editor: Anti-Semitism Is Inherent In European DNA

I remember Josh Hammer.

During the 2016 election, I used to read Erick Erickson’s website The Resurgent and Josh Hammer was one of the biggest and loudest Jewish Never Trumpers there. He ended up endorsing, campaigning and voting for Evan McMullin.

Big League Politics:

“An influential voice at Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire blog made a bigoted anti-European remark on his social media account on Tuesday night. …

Editor-at-large Josh Hammer said in a since-deleted Twitter post: “Jew-Hatred is Inherent in the European DNA.”

The Resurgent:

“Metaphorically speaking, the moment is now for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to unleash their inner William Tecumseh Shermans on Donald Trump. We are rapidly approaching the point of no return in the insane phenomenon that is the bloviating non-conservative narcissist Trump’s hostile takeover of the Republican Party apparatus. The undermining of said structural apparatus would be simply devastating for the conservative movement, and quite possibly usher in the end of the two-party system as we know it.”

It looks like Josh Hammer has been deleting some of his embarrassing old tweets and articles. He was a huge cheerleader for Evan McMullin and the strategy of running a spoiler candidate who ended up costing Trump a victory in Minnesota.

Since the 2016 election, it is people like Josh Hammer who have prospered and flourished under the Trump administration. Donald Trump sold out to the donor class and it was people like Hammer who staffed his administration and who obstructed his agenda in Congress. The people who supported Trump from beginning were marginalized the day after the election.

Note: I won’t be lifting a finger to reelect Donald Trump in 2020.

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  1. Let me guess, Josh Hammer is an over- privileged, ungrateful, arrogant, demanding, rat-faced, gentile-hating JOO. It’s almost as if those loathsome creatures are provoking us into attacking them. Don’t worry jewboy, it will happen eventually.

  2. I don’t believe that “Antisemitism” per-se is inherent in European DNA. However, mistrust and even hatred of the Jews has long been a part of the European experience and not without reason. It’s not an irrational hatred, but one based on the experience of Jewish behavior.

    • It’s too bad Jew hatred ISN’T embedded in European DNA. THAT is one of the fundamental problems. No worries though – Zhids are working doubletime to make that happen.

  3. Trump will probably win Minnesota in 2020 for all the wrong reasons and lose Michigan and Wisconsin for the right reasons (economic populism and immigration)

    Minnesota will drive you insane. Everyone is anti-white. Minnesota dems have are eagerly anti-white, mayocide posting and the Republicans have a raceless formless modern protsententism that think by ignoring racial problems they’re rising above it.

    If trump is rewarded for cucking in any state it’ll be Minnesota. I think there was like 3-5 fake & gay tru-con sploier party’s on the ticket. There was McMullin, a smaller “conservative” party and a “constitutionalists” party, and Gary Johnson. Excluding Gary’s totals those three mucmullin and the local cuck party’s eat up 4-7%. I forget exactly off the top of my head but it was a more than enough to win

    • I don’t follow MN politics anymore. If you’re not a leftist or right-liberal of the multicultural variety in the Mpls.-St. Paul Metro area, your views don’t matter in statewide elections. They’ve got the numbers these days. The DFL has mastered vote fraud anyway, so if it’s close in any contest, ballots for the lefty will magically appear and get rubber-stamped as valid by the courts. The Recucks will talk about not making it close next time, instead of fighting the corruption. But that’s par for their pathetic, limpwristed course, because the MN recucks voted for Rubio in the presidential caucus, an establishment milquetoast if ever there was one.

    • Minnesota is a shithole state. I feel bad saying that as I have a good friend in our circle who was born and raised in Jackson MN but even he has said since the early-mid 90’s to present day it has gone to shit. It’s always been a liberal state but now it’s anti-white, filled with Somalis, and has a Jew mayor of the largest city in the state.

  4. “Jew-Hatred is Inherent in the European DNA.”

    The media isn’t grilling him over projection right now? They aren’t sitting him down for 2 hour struggle session interviews where they ask you the same question over and over again until they can find a few minutes to make him look bad.

    Being a Jew in America must be tough, I mean they’re only 2% of the country. What’s the chance of him getting someone in the media who’ll understand and sympathize with him.

  5. Stop calling it the daily wire. It should be referred to as the daily liar which is more appropriate and accurate.

  6. Why doesn’t the daily liar print some of the things the jews have written about the goyim in their sacred talmud? Not that’s unadulterated hate towards all those not in the synagogue of satan.

    They will get what they fucking deserve!

  7. Regarding the EU directive Mr. Hammer is referring to this applies to labeling products manufactured in the West Bank. I would refer Mr. Hammer to the labels on most household products sold in the U.S. which have a Kosher label of one sort or another. This applies to not only most food products but also packaging such as aluminium foil and plastic wrap.

    This Kosher labeling takes various forms such as a capital “U” in a circle, a capital “K” or a couple of other styles. A fee is paid by the manufacturer to place the Kosher approved label on their products. The fee paid to Rabbinical organizations is paid by all purchasers of such products. It’s a Kosher tax levied upon the vast, non-Jewish majority most of whom are unaware of this tax.

  8. Considering the mug on that greasy bipedal pustule of infection – Anti Jewism is an innate reaction from a healthy person, to something grotesque, unnatural, and DISEASED.

  9. Projection if I ever seen it before, too many boomer faggots and brainwashed zoomers love Israel and jews no matter what the subversive rats do! The reverse is way more true the European hatred is inherent in the Jewish DNA

  10. Notice that the root of his nose is flush even with the forehead. You can run your finger from the tip of his nose, right onto his forehead, without hitting a brow ridge, or “dip.”

    I’ve noticed that a great many Jews have this feature. In fact, nearly 99% of the ones I’ve seen do.

    This is why I look at the nose root whenever the surname isn’t obviously Jewish.

  11. The Jews have a major issue with three ethnic/race groups. They choose out of Free will to live amongst, Europe ethnicity whites, main land, new world colonialism, Arabs, and Central Asia Persians. Why? Those cultures have more desirability than being Jewish bye it’s self!

    What’s left Jews? China, Zimbabwe, and Antarctica!

    Please go their no DNA Hate!

  12. ” Anti-Semitism Is Inherent In European DNA “

    Quite the totalitarian statements to make there my little Yid…..

    But let’s assume that your statement is factually correct, mr bow tie Yid.
    Well, can you blame us for being suspicious and distrusting towards your filthy ilk ??

    I think NOT !

  13. Jews like this should be forced to wear a little bell around their neck with lettering that says *unclean.

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