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  1. Let me see if I have this correct. A somali who gets to mooch off of Finland is somehow elected to a representative meaning citizenship and then lies and he is the aggrieved party? I continue to be amazed. Will he go to jail for a false police report?

    I learn alot on this website. In a sane world he should be punished. White people are crazy.

    • “White people are crazy.”

      Not really, we’re just so stupid we appear crazy.

      When it comes to being suckers, Whites win the prize in every field.

      • Arian,

        My comment did not mean you were literally crazy just so unwise it is amazing. Surely, this is not inherent. I mean the Romans, Vikings, Crusaders, etc. were very manly. This is what happens when your minds are conquered.

  2. This nothing more then following the anti-white script that this african and his handlers are pushing.

    Think of it this way.
    He like so many other INVADERS that make it to European nations, are supported and held up as something special by the left and all the anti-white establishment, now have to PAY BACK that cashed check he received from them.

    Just like it is happening with the blacks in America.

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