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  1. They won’t even let us have Remembrance Day. They cannot handle one day where the dogma of the Progressive Cult is not front and center.

    It is clear: they want us, our traditions, our heroes, and our faith extinguished. And they expect us to applaud and cheer while it happens.

  2. HOT TAKE!

    Tucker Carlson was either knowingly or unknowingly apart of the optics war. During the optics war Tucker was at his most based, and regular argument we heard from jazzhands, Douglas Mackey and Andrew was look at how based Tucker is, we’re winning and you’re going to ruin it.

    Tucker went from brining on Ann Coulter and rallying against the GOP and capitalism to spending the majority of his show crying about AOC and socialism.

    That could all be coincidentally, he was sent on vacation a couple of times and one of the times it’s rumored they asked him to resign and he told fox he’s staying until his contract expires… Seems really based right?

    Well if that rumor is true what’s the point of standing strong on the length of your contract if you scrafice all creative control to fox news. Tucker will have maybe one good segment every two shows. During the peak of the optics war tucked would do a show with Almost all based segments, and his weak segment would be basically a promo for another fox show where he’d being someone from the five on for a couple of minutes. Which was just cross show promotion, and not the actual news coverage.

    Strawman there’s some over lapping of the timing but that’s really speculative. Sure ok, then why is he paling around with the national conservative crowd? The national conservative crowd was directly attacking Enoch and Striker. They even went on a stream with striker. Jews don’t go on nazi podcasts for intellectual curiousity, he thought he could own striker with some basic bitch reactionary takes and it totally backfired.

    Right around the time Tucker started hanging out with the national conservatives he gets softer??? Why would you get softer when you supposedly have this burgening based political ‘party’ on your side??? Why did he get so much more cucked after all the attacks on TRS that were coordinated by both DS (ADL) and National Conservative (ZOA). He stopped bringing Coulter on his show, which is the reverse order you would expect. Although I was off the trump train by the end of 17 I can understand someone thinking “I’ll give him to the midterms”

    So he brought on Coulter dozens if not scores of times during the optics war and let her shit on trump but not now… The con has only gotten more obvious. His broder audience would be more sympathetic to Coulter now and he doesn’t bring her on, not once in 2019. But he wasn’t bring her on his show in 17 & 18 for his border normie con audience. She was being brought on to give an illusion that hard right wing politics is mainstream, and you can get borderline dissident takes here in the mainstream, you don’t need to risk anything with those wignats. We have it all right here and it’s nice and safe.

    I’ve only watched maybe 10 full episodes in 2019 and they were sooooo bad. And the based clips I’ve seen are few and in between and when you do get a based Tucker clip it’s so much more watered down than 17/18 Tucker and even i watched during big news stories that would’ve given him an opportunity to say something based but he doesn’t. When the cartel killed the Mormons he made no mention of Trump’s tweets pretend threatening war, and he barely covered it. Very sad, blah blah blah our system is broken blah blah blah next story. No demands. Nothing. Go back to sleep goyim. However I have heard him say “the Democrats will turn us into Cuba” 5-7 times this year which is…. ????

    At first I figure its election season and all of the news gets retarded but his relationship with the Jewish NC’s while they were waging an all out war on TRS got my old gears turning, then I remember Nick bragging about having contacts with both Tucker and another one of his staffers.

    Nick has taken several trips to DC this year and spent a lot of time with people on the perphery of NC and hanging with Milo. Both have been Central to this optics war part duex… Only it wasn’t really a war. It was just the establishment stomping down on Spencer and TRS.

    Tucker is worth 10’s of millions of dollars. Why would he let all of his editorial power get taken away and basically erase all the good reporting he did over 17 & 18, if he really believed in this stuff. He has the money to start a killer YouTube channel, people make a really bad argument that YouTube controls you like cable news. Which is a half truth, Tucker probably doesn’t have the desire to use gamer words. That’s not even the most important censorship happening at fox news. It’s story selection. Instead of doing 4 mins on Amazon, he could do 30 minutes. Yes I know YouTube censor for narrative as well but Tucker is such a big fish it’d be great to see him dare them. Or he could start a paywall not racialist but right wing populist paywall streaming site like Gavins but serious and non-trolly

    If you were just a passive fox news guy all the things tucker talked about in 17 & 18 you think those problems are solved, that’s why I’m not hearing about it from anyone else, not even Tucker. The problem must be solved. Tucker is helping fox to reset the narrative and rewrite over all his old talking points, like how Google and Amazon are bigger threats to our liberty than the gov or how food stamps are subsidizing the wealthest companies. To him now omg! the socialists want to take our 3rd SUV we leave at our lake house!!!!

    *Yes the green new deal has crazy and very harmful things in it besides taxing excessive luxury… but that’s precisely why. The green new deal was never going to get passed not just because R’s were against it but Nancy and Chuck did not want to ever be close to having to actually maybe almost pass it. So AOC provided cover for D leadership by making it as crazy as possible so the D’s and she can still get street cred for fighting for it but never having to put the D leadership of having to really make a stand for it. It was designed to fail and be DOA. Yet Tucker “took the bait” anyone who followed politics knew the green new deal wasn’t going A N Y W H E R E

    **If people have seen my other recent comments you might think, I don’t like TRS. I have very mixed feeling about those guys. Striker got me blackballed by anyone in trs’s orbit for calling out weev in 2018. Striker was still covering for him and calling me a paranoid kook for even suspecting our sweet Andrew of being a provacator. Mike pisses me off when he shows no compassion to animals and talks about the environment like mitt Romney. I also think trs did Spencer dirty during the optics war when Spencer stood tall for Enoch during hailgate. Mike never really publicly took responsibility for it and to this day Spencer still gets blamed for hailgate. Mike always says it’s not a big deal,,, well big guy, if it’s not a big deal why didnt you just own it. If it wasn’t a big deal why did you throw it in Spencer lap and run away.

    With all that being said that isn’t enough to “cancel” trs. Those are coward moves and I would never trust mike on a personal level, but guess what I don’t know mike on a personal level and neither do you. Yes he says stupid things and ran out the backdoor like a coward when shit was getting hot, but as a net total trs is a positive, during the optics war they were doing more damage than good. I think trs has gotten a lot better over the summer as well, and I definitely take their side over NC.

  3. “They’re fascists…” – Tucker Carlson
    “We’re all immigrants…” – Don Cherry
    Laaaaeeem. Is this the kind of tip toeing people are expected to do just to prevent getting kicked off the air?
    Do better, bois.

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