Live Thread: Fifth 2020 Democratic Debate

We will be watching the Fifth 2020 Democratic Debate tonight on MSNBC. This debate is set to be all about Butt-mentum. Mayor Pete has recently surged ahead of Warren in Iowa and New Hampshire with upper middle class wine track voters in lily White states.

Let’s dork out for a minute because this is more interesting. Mayor Pete is ultimately going nowhere due to his homosexuality because he has no black support:

I’m going to say it.

I have found the perfect candidate for the 2020s.

The Right Wing Civil War illustrated:

The ideal rightwing candidate would combine social conservatism with economic populism and authoritarianism. He would appeal to the working class center left, nationalists and conservatives on social issues. He would be the opposite of a libertarian.

No one currently on deck in 2020 seems to fit that description.

We need a candidate who can run on anti-wokeness, anti-political correctness and anti-cultural degeneracy and who demonizes the Eastern elite as his foil while also running on a strong platform of social benefits for the working class like the Polish nationalists.

Note: This all makes too much sense of Conservatism, Inc. and the GOP donor class.

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  1. The ideal rightwing candidate would combine social conservatism with economic populism and authoritarianism. He would appeal to the working class center left, nationalists and conservatives on social issues. He would be the opposite of a libertarian.

    I would be happy with just social conservatism– the rest can be whatever the hell it wants to be. I am not sure what actual economic populism could look like in Murikwa today, as there have been so many privatizing laws put in place to prevent someone like the Kingfish from ever happening again.

    At this point I just want Conservative Inc to go down in flames, whatever the cost, and we will work with what we’ve got left over later.

  2. Gotta love some of the details that gets left out about if the US had more than 2 major parties. Like how most of the voters would still be in the most populous states like now. Or that regional parties and single issue parties will show up too.

  3. 28% Labor (working class center-left)
    21% Conservative (traditional-right, pre-Trump)
    19% Nationalist (basically Trump)
    12% “Acela Party” (socially liberal, globalist, fiscally centrist)
    10% Green (basically AOC)

    This reminds me Western European tourist in the Eastern European town.

    Is this town safe ?
    Yes, we have only 0.75 % murders per 100 000 population.
    Wow, your professional hit men can kill so that after the murder you are still 25 % alive.

    In the morgue, most folk is very much OK. Somebody s heart does not work, somebody got his head shot off but most per cent of their organism is still OK.

    Some things are 100 % or 0%. Is your society alive or not ?

    German generals were smart. German soldiers were brave.German engineers were wise. The only problem is, that they lost the war .

  4. It really is just a one party system. The Democrats take care of the Jewish domestic agenda and the Republicans carry out the Jewish foreign policy agenda. Neither party will thwart the other in their specialist role.

  5. Belz hasid Ji?í Langer argued that “brotherly love,” i.e. love of a man for a man, is in fact the deepest basic urge in Judaism, at the basis of the commandment of “love thy fellow man as thyself.” In his view, in early Judaism the erotic stream of love between men prevailed, but over the generations “love of woman” prevailed.. He also argued that an erotic relationship, which not actualized in the form of intercourse, is what connects yeshiva students to one another and to their rabbi.

    • And that is why they are not Judeans, but Talmudics. This is a competing demonic faith enshrined in the Talmud.

  6. More and more as time goes by, people are going to want that candidate, but you know who will NEVER let us have him. I hate this country with such a passion now. Seeing an American flag disgusts me to the core. Every 4 fucking years, we get two choices, jew puppet 1 or jew puppet 2. and we have intense debate over which one. The worst of it all is when we got someone that ran on not being a jew puppet, it gave millions of Americans hope, and he turned out to be the biggest jew puppet of them all. As it stands I’m not voting in a presidential election ever again. I think we all forget that not voting IS an option and it’s the true form of protest.

    • “we got someone that ran on not being a jew puppet”

      Who was that? Surely not the Jew York Billionaire who proudly flaunted his Jewish connections from the beginning? Whose son said that David Duke deserved a bullet for criticising Jews? For all his faults, Blumpf never pretended not to be completely in Jewish control.

      • The narrative was that he spent a lot of time around them so he secretly hated them. I know that is a total cope-post, but when looking at his campaign promises it seemed plausible. Whatever, there is no point in talking about it anymore.

    • It really doesn’t matter. We’ll get the Israel first foreign policy and the jew domestic policy no matter who wins and what they say in the election campaign. All decisions are made by Israel, jew donors, lobbyists, the secret police (CIA, FBI), federal judges and the “interagency consensus” of bureaucrats. What you want counts for nothing at all.

  7. The Dems couldn’t be MIORE blatant about wanting to exterminate Whites. And Yellow Fever victims – your darling little Gook Gash on the panel is feeding these FREAKS the White Genocide questions.

    • It doesn’t do her any good with the other scumbag candidates. All because she resists war for Israel.

      The NYT suggests her white clothing last night might be a hint of extremism. And the Joy Reid, Brian Williams, Michael Moore MSNBC panel pronounced her a Russian stooge.

      All about Israel.

      This is a deeply sick country. Collapse might be imminent.

  8. The idea that Trump has demonized Mexicans and splits up families would be a fair talking point. The idea that he’s “created the crisis on the border” is not. Sanders sounds like he’s overreaching on this.

  9. I didn’t watch this spectacle but I have read a few tidbits about it.

    What do those who once flirted with supporting Yang think of his plan to label white nationalists “domestic terrorists?” How about Gabbard’s glaring omission of Obama in her list of regime change administrations (“Bush-Clinton-Trump”)? Obama expanded Bush’s two wars to 8 and dropped 26,000 bombs just in his last year.

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