RT: Top 5 Reasons Why Corporate America Has Embraced Woke Supremacy

This is a good article.

The Left imagines itself as being opposed to Corporate America but you never see these people getting deplatformed by Mastercard or fired for their politics.


“Just why has corporate America gone woke (while not yet broke)? Below, I run-down some of the possible explanations for woke capitalism or corporate leftism – from five to one – with five being the least compelling and one being the most.

5. The bosses are woke themselves. CEOs and other corporate executives went to business schools that weren’t that far away from social science and humanities departments. Business professors became friends with humanities and social science professors, who are notoriously left-leaning. Their leftism rubbed off on the business professors, who then spread it to their students, who went on to run corporate America.

4. To pander to their clients. Corporate leftism pleases the corporate customers with the most disposable income, those between 25 and 54, who likely live on the east and west coasts. This demographic includes millennials, whose politics are notoriously left-leaning. Choosing these “coastal elites” over the deplorables in “flyover states” has been an easy decision. The deplorables have less money anyway and they can go to hell if they don’t like corporate wokeness.

3. Being woke is easier than actually paying workers.  Corporate wokeness acts as a placebo, a substitute for economic concessions by corporations. The statements of woke CEOs, the woke ads, the woke activism – these cost a lot less than higher wages and better benefits for workers, or lower prices for customers. Plus, the dummies seem to fall for it every time.

2. To keep the government wolf from the door. Woke capitalism appeases the political elite, putting corporations in the good favor of liberal lawmakers, in the hopes of favorable treatment from the latter. As liberals, these political operatives are more likely to impose burdensome regulations or to initiate anti-trust legislation that would pose big problems. Why not tell them what they want to hear?

1. Wokeness is itself part of globalist capitalism. Leftist politics are perfectly compatible with and supportive of the agendas of global corporate giants. Global corporations and leftist activists want the very same things:

Globalism – or, in Marxist terms, “internationalism” – has always been a goal of the left and it has become a goal of multinational corporations. The latter extend their markets far and wide while the former think it advances the Marxist objective of “workers of the world unite!”

Unrestricted immigration: Provides cheap labor for corporations and makes leftists feel politically edgy and morally superior for being anti-racists who welcome everyone – whatever their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation – including Mexican gang members running drugs and children? –  into the country, but not to camp out in their living rooms.

Transgenderism or polygenderism, the leading edge of leftist identity politics, is also good for business. It creates new niche markets for corporate products, keeps the workforce divided, and distracts leftists with daily arcana and absurdities.

Getting rid of nations, stable gender, the family, Western culture and (why not?) Christianity – the hallmarks of leftist “progress” and avant garde politicking – also advances global corporatist objectives, removing any remaining obstacles to global corporate dominance.

Corporate America pushes transgenderism, comprehensive immigration reform and diversity training, not “white supremacy” or any such imaginary nonsense.

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  1. Top 5 Reasons Why Corporate America Has Embraced Woke Supremacy?
    No!…There’s one reason…and 1 reason only! When the juden created the Federal Reserve on Jeckyl Island in 1913, the fractional reserve swindle netted them billions and maybe trillions of dollars…the money they stole from Americans, they used to buy up and create “corporate America”, so now, there’s a subversive, emaciated, Bolshevik, jewish homosexual pedophile slinking around every head office of ” Corporate America” masquerading as a a “love and tolerance” director, imposing this crap on the underlings.
    There isn’t 5 reasons…there’s 1!

  2. A good part of the European left, whatever its dissatisfaction with EU performance, is impregnated with its free movement ideology, and has interiorized “open borders” as a European “value” that must be defended at all costs. It is forgotten that EU “freedom of movement” was not intended to apply to migrants from outside the Union. It meant freedom to move from one EU state to another. As an internationally recognized human right, freedom of movement refers solely to the right of a citizen to leave and return to her own country.


    …according to Hardt and Negri’s Empire, the rise of Empire is the end of national conflict, the “enemy” now, whoever he is, can no longer be ideological or national. The enemy now must be understood as a kind of criminal, as someone who represents a threat not to a political system or a nation but to the law. This is the enemy as a terrorist….In the “new order that envelops the entire space of… civilization”, where conflict between nations has been made irrelevant, the “enemy” is simultaneously “banalized” (reduced to an object of routine police repression) and absolutized (as the Enemy, an absolute threat to the ethical order.


    Earlier permutations the wikipedia article for Hardt and Negri’s book “Empire” praised it as “the Communist Manifesto of the 21st Century” but in the last few years the open borders and cheap labor policy it promoted has been censored.

    This is the exact same phenomenon as Bernie Sanders, who once railed against open borders as a “Koch brothers policy,” going all-in on mass non-white immigration once the Democratic party elites told him to shut up.

    Now, Bernie Sanders dropped all pretenses of being against Kosher Globalism as documented here:


    Everyone is afraid to discuss the Jew Cartel, hence we have all this nonsense about “liberalism.”

    At least we still have Kevin MacDonald who explains quite clearly it isn’t “liberalism” – liberalism being the White European culture – it’s the Jews, stupid:


  3. Cannot emphasize enough how being pro-fa66ot, pro-nagger, pro-mentally ill pedophile, and on and on and on, is enabling the ultra-rich traitor class to further suck blood from white workers and their disintegrating families. I have seen blue-collar factories – union factories – suffer massive lay-offs (yes, even under this piece of shit POTUS traitor’s economy), degenerating conditions especially safety and maintenance, while the “woke” capital that runs the place receives ever increasing bonuses and salaries. Yet NOTHING not a peep from the “socialists” or other f*cking hypocritical jidan-blowing traitors while the ultra-rich and (((ultra-rich))) purchase caviar with company money and get paid for the week-long trip to a “meeting” in Paris, Sydney, the Virgin Islands. For some, perhaps many, this fa66otry is the perfect means for complete subjugation of the working class, and those annoying “low class” whites who organize, strike, and – theoretically – just might do more sometimes. The modern American left is a traitorous pile of globo-homo excrement. Just like the corporate “right.”

    • Take for example a “woke-union” corporate workplace: Briggs & Stratton. Close to 1/2 workforce are “temps” working for $11-$12 per hour alongside union members earning $18-$21 per hour. Globo-homo rules, 70% POC’s…it’s largely an assembly plant. Most parts/components, including power plants for tractors/mowers and power washers are made in China…economy so STRONG…MAGA (bullshit)

  4. The people controlling Corporate America were trained by the same anti-White Mommy Professors that trained future Antifas and everyone else with a college “education”. As Bob Whitaker said getting past your college “education” is one of the hardest things to do.

  5. Soon…coming to a walmart near you…tranny-toilets! I know for a fact that their corporate leaders are “woke”. Not that they’ll let that get in the way of rakin’ in dem’ shekels. Take their recent “ban” on sales of certain types of firearms and ammunition…not that they sold or carried a lot of “black rifles” anyway. As to handgun ammo, it’s still available for sale, some of it for those “low prices-every day!” I can’t imagine a more pozzed corporate entity…

  6. Woke Capitalism is no different to Woke Christianity in this sense. Both of them always had the capacity to go ‘woke’ on non-essentials and both of them have decided their interests are better served by accommodating themselves to woke trends rather than battling them.

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