TAC: The Outrage Industry’s Latest Child Soldier

I read Matt Purple’s attack on Nick Fuentes in TAC.

While I agree that Nick is an immature and inexperienced brat (my nickname for him is Boss Baby), he is only 21-years-old and nothing else should be expected of him. I also think it is hilarious that Nick is being criticized as being part of a rightwing “outrage industry.”

Hello? Does that make Nick Fuentes any different than Don Jr. and his book Triggered? Do you read The Daily Wire or Breitbart or The Blaze? Do you read Rod Dreher’s blog on TAC? Generally speaking, there is zero difference between what Nick is reacting to as a Catholic social conservative on any given day or what I am reacting to on this blog as a Lutheran social conservative and what is being discussed pretty much everywhere else on the Right.


“Yets’ so-called conservatism is little more than warmed-over racism. Fuentes has said of segregation that “it was better for them, it’s better for us.” He’s questioned the Holocaust using a crowbar-fingered analogy involving Cookie Monster. He’s denied being a white nationalist but only because the left uses it as a defamatory term. He seems generally unpleasant. He sits in front of a half-assed backdrop of New York City and whines about his mom, looking like a fetal Guy Smiley about to start waving his learner’s permit around. …

The correct answer, then, is that America is both its people and its ideas, that the latter grew out of the former as a kind of philosophical encapsulation of the way we live. The problem comes when you go to the opposite extreme, when you try to jettison the classically liberal ideas entirely. This may be the exact moment that a conservative becomes a reactionary. Because if you look at American history, you find an awful lot of people animated by those ideas, working to extend liberty and the franchise to the disempowered. Without that national narrative—one might even call it an identity—you have to find an alternative story, one that usually ends up being fundamentally false. You might claim, for example, that the United States is actually a Catholic nation and that our real founding is wrapped up in the miracle at Guadalupe. You might also assert, far more perniciously, that America is a country meant for whites …

In a way, then, this is our fault, my fellow conservatives. Too many of us prized willpower over consideration, purity over dialectic, and before us now stands a total caricature of our philosophy, a white nationalist child soldier who’s gaining followers because he promises to fight. Then again, who knows? Maybe the standards will change again and another True Conservative will arise …”

The fundamental difference between us is that we are independent content creators. We are not on the Conservatism, Inc. plantation. We’re not part of the club. There is no boss looking over our shoulders to tell us what we can and cannot talk about.

In order to be a part of the synagogue of “respectable” conservatism, there are certain rules that you have to follow to have a “mainstream” career. There is no room for disagreement on the subject that ISRAEL IS OUR GREATEST ALLY. It is absolutely verboten to notice the extreme concentration of Jews in the American elite and what they are doing to our country no matter how outrageous. It is against the rules to criticize Jews because that is “anti-Semitism.” You can’t commit an act of lèse-majesté against the Jewish donors who fund and control mainstream conservatism by expressing the opinion that the Holocaust really isn’t that interesting and shouldn’t be uniquely put up on a historical pedestal above all other subjects.

There is no room in mainstream conservatism for talking about race in a frank and honest way either. Blacks have to be talked about in the most obsequious manner possible by White people because to do otherwise is “racism” and “hatred” and “white supremacy.” It is against the rules to question the merits of integration and the narrative of the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an American icon and our entire society must be transformed to conform to the vague outlines of his dream no matter what the cost. White identity is also uniquely against the rules. There is “no place in the conservative movement” for anyone who disagrees.

It sure seems like there are a growing number of young people who are increasingly fine with that. We know exactly what the conservative movement intends to conserve. It is conserving the Civil Rights Movement, feminism, gay rights, political correctness, multiculturalism, the LGBTQ revolution and every leftwing social revolution of the postwar era. It is conserving low tax rates for the wealthy. It is conserving a deregulated economy for multinational corporations. It is conserving the power and influence of our Jewish elites and Israel. It also exist to conserve liberalism which produces any number of hilarious contradictions.

There are two things currently going on in the news which illustrate the truth of what I am saying. True Conservatives have united and joined hands in bashing Nick Fuentes as a White Nationalist. Meanwhile, Mike Pompeo has given Israel the blessing of the Trump administration to allow Israel to annex the Jordan Valley in the West Bank. This comes after the Trump administration recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Israel also declared itself a Jewish ethnostate last summer. Israel continues to attack its neighbors and gobble up their territory to expand its blood and soil ethnostate and none of these conservatives bat an eye. Nick Fuentes makes one cookie joke and it is a national crisis.

Mainstream conservatism is conserving postwar America:

This one is probably my favorite:

Notice how the Holocaust was invented in the 1960s and 1970s. Observe the total lack of interest in the Holocaust in the 1950s in President Dwight Eisenhower’s America.

The mainstream conservative movement goes back to the 1950s. National Review was founded by William F. Buckley in 1955. Everything that is currently under dispute by the Dissident Right has its origins in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s and doesn’t go back any further.

  • Before World War II, White identity was uncontroversial and it was taken for granted that America is a European Christian country and should remain that way. It was only after World War II that America was redefined along cosmopolitan lines as a “Nation of Immigrants” that had no inherent racial, ethnic, cultural or religious foundation. This country was not a miniature version of the United Nations before the JFK presidency.
  • Before World War II, there was no stigma on “racism” and the vast majority of White Americans believed that race was real and that racial differences were rooted in biology. This was the “mainstream” view. The very term “mainstream” was new.
  • Before World War II, there was no taboo on anti-Semitism and America wasn’t a “Judeo-Christian” country. This is solely the product of the growth in power of Jewish organizations in the postwar era. See also the creation of Israel in 1948.
  • Before World War II, morality was derived from traditional sources like Christianity and was not conflated with the -isms and -phobias. The -isms and -phobias (it seems like new made up bullshit sins like “transphobia” are being invented all the time) have been pushed as our new morality by the mass media and our universities in the postwar era.
  • Even the lineage of “classical liberalism” and “liberal democracy” is itself an invention of the 20th century. The Founding Fathers thought of themselves as republicans, not as liberals, and certainly have more in common with us than mainstream conservatives.
  • Black citizenship traces back to the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Birthright citizenship also traces back to the 14th Amendment. The very idea of “equality before the law” is a product of the Reconstruction era.
  • The only type of “equality” that was originally in the U.S. Constitution was the equality between the states in the Senate. Equality was not one of our original values. Especially social equality which was considered radical. Natural rights (life, liberty, property) were not thought of by the Founders as the same thing as political rights, civil rights or social rights.
  • Actually, the United States was based on whiteness and that only changed through a long process that stretches from Reconstruction through the Cold War. Before the War Between the States, only New England minus Connecticut had black citizenship. It wasn’t until the McCarren-Walter Act of 1952 that our naturalization laws were finally decoupled from whiteness. The America of the 1960s that was overwhelmingly European was that way by the conscious and calculated design of the Founders and subsequent generations.
  • “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman said it best in 1906: “Give them justice; give them equal rights before the law; enable them to get property and keep it, and be protected in its enjoyment; give them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, provided their happiness does not destroy mine.” That’s how we should reconcile America’s ideals with preserving the American people.

In sum, the postwar era is coming to a close and the Dissident Right has sloughed off all its norms, values and its overarching narrative. We don’t give a shit about the -isms and -phobias. We don’t want to preserve the postwar liberal order. We don’t believe this country is a “Nation of Immigrants.” We don’t believe that Jews should be put up on a pedestal. We believe in relaxing norms to open up the discourse so that everyone can speak freely again.

We don’t believe in political correctness or multiculturalism. We don’t believe that other races should be immune to criticism. We believe that race exists as a biological fact and that our society should deal with it rather than deny it. We believe that White identity ought to be reasserted. Finally, we don’t care about all the disciplinary organizations like the SPLC or the ADL or the mainstream media, which have no legitimacy whatsoever, and we certainly don’t care what people on television or people who write for print magazines are saying about us.

Nick Fuentes is one manifestation of this broader consensus and our differences with him are only personal. I doubt anyone would disagree with this characterization of our beliefs. If mainstream conservatives want to take their toys and go home, so much the better! It’s not like they have spent the last 70 years conserving anything of value anyway!

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  1. I think inordinate Jewish power in this country predates WWII. Wilson’s administration included many Jewish power players working behind the scenes. Even if you go back to the “civil war” you will see that Lincoln put the squeeze on General Grant when he tried to stop Jewish war profiteering in the black market cotton trade because Lincoln recognized the North’s dependency on Jewish financing.

    • Jewish power in the US before it was completely established with the federal reserve and hollywood is an interesting topic. Do you have any recommended reading for the jewish involvement in the black market cotton trade?

    • I think the fatal flaw of America was a lack of distrust of Jews. That’s the one area where the Founders were terrible on. Jews gained massive power under Woodrow Wilson, who was a liberal progressive Anglo-Saxon white supremacist who supported the KKK. Hunter needs to do some research into the history of Anglo philo-semitism. The American elites in the early 20th Century had a toxic mix of Anglo-superiority, white supremacist imperialism, philo-semitism and liberalism.

      The Anglo stuff was problematic for a number of reasons. The culture of Anglo-Saxon white supremacism was very similar to modern SJW liberalism, only they hadn’t turned on themselves yet, only on non-Anglo whites like Germans, Irish, Russians etc. Anglo-supremacists like Woodrow Wilson, Cecil Rhodes and Elihu Root theorized that Anglos were superior to other whites precisely because Anglos were more liberal. That thinking was used to constantly attack non-Anglo whites who were in conflict with non-whites. Any other white group that was fighting with Jews, Muslims, blacks, Asians etc. would be portrayed by Anglo-Saxon supremacists as the bad guys. The exact same narrative of bad white racists and blameless minorities we see now in the media was applied to Russians in the 19th and early 20th century by British and American authors, and against Spain from the 1500’s to the Spanish American war. These countries were portrayed as bigoted and backwards and Anglo authors cheered Muslims and Jews who were fighting them.

      The modern white nationalist movement traces back directly to right wing dissent from WWI. It was intellectuals who objected to the liberal rhetoric from the Confederate sympathizer and white supremacist Woodrow Wilson and his cronies and the breaking of white racial unity by all sides during the war who wrote the first texts that really capture the essence of white nationalism as we know it now. Men like Madison Grant and Lodthrop Stoddard objected to the way men like Wilson made enemies of other whites in a quest for an Anglo World Empire with Jewish backing. They advocated whites withdrawing from colonies immediately before the migration that everyone at the time knew was coming soon started. In between the wars, the progressive Anglo supremacists simply changed their beliefs on race and kept the liberalism and internationalism/imperialism.

      The roots of philo-semitic, anti-white unity, Anglo liberalism go back at least to the religious dissenters of the 1400’s. That’s as far as I could trace. There is a direct line between those heretics in the 1400’s and the modern anti-white left. The English dissenters portrayed Jews as good guys and the Catholic church as bad for not being nice enough to Jews. That template became the model for how all conflict between whites and non-whites would eventually be seen in Anglo-Saxon culture. Over time, the circle of good non-whites to expanded from Jews to all non-whites and the circle of bad whites to be expanded to include Anglos themselves. The dissenters would later be known as the Puritans.

      The most racially loyal and JQ aware whites have been anti-imperialists and anti-colonialists and the worst whites have been imperialists and war mongers. That comes out very strongly when you read primary source material from before WWII.

      • ATBOTL,

        That is one of the most interesting comments that I’ve read on OD. Perhaps because it is inline with my own confirmation bias in regard to Anglo Saxon arrogance and lack of introspection toward their history and actions towards fellow Europeans. Because they’ve been a world power since Gutenberg invented the printing press in the mid-1400s, Anglo Saxons have been able to write historical events through those of the victors without the need for historical context revisionism.

        On a personal note, my surname is British in origin, but according to 23andme and ancestry dna I don’t have any ancestral dna from Great Britain.

        When I was younger I inquired how could this be. My maternal great grandmother told me a story about how Germanic surnames were changed to British surnames during the First World War in the USA. Weber was changed to Webb, Müller to Miller and so on. Why did American citizens with Germanic surnames change their family’s historical last name? Because the Anglo Saxons in America treated them as enemy aliens, especially if they spoke German as a first or second language.

        My great grandmother shared two stories of Anglo Saxon hostilities against Germans in America she knew of firsthand. One was on a next door neighbor whom she would speak with in his native German (great grandma spoke three languages fluently English, German, and French). Well, some nosey Anglo must’ve overhead this conversation went down to the local pub and instigated the drunks there that a German spy lived nearby. A drunken mob burst into my grandmother’s neighbor’s home (unlocked doors in those days), dragged him out of bed with his wife and children watching with horror, beat him to a pulp and attempted to lynch him from a tree, luckily the booze soaked “real” Americans chose a weak branch that snapped, and dropped their quarry to the dirt road in a heap of broken bones.

        The other story was of her brother (who died before I was born) who was a GP/general practitioner M.D. Though he was over the age of conscription, the U.S. military and government made waivers for people who could be “useful ” to their aims.

        Like my great grandmother, her brother could speak German and being a physician could act as a army doctor and translator for captured German soldiers. Anyway, my great uncle (?) refused to serve in a war he didn’t support. He was arrested and sent to Fort Smith Arkansas for trail under the Alien Sedition Act. He wasn’t found guilty of sedition (because he wasn’t a spy or saboteur), but the Anglo Saxon judge ordered him held for the duration of the war in a decrepit facility for the mentally unfit. After the armistice, he was released, but his reputation was so sullied by then that he lost his clientele and only practiced medicine out of his home covertly.

        We are all aware of the Anglo Saxons and their obedience to international jewry in being responsible for World War Two and its aftermath.

        Zumindest sprechen wir kein Deutsch (At least, we aren’t speaking German).

  2. HW;

    Conservatism, Inc. has preserved two things since its founding after WWII, bow ties and people sitting around talking in front of TV cameras. Oh, yeah, their grift, they have preserved their grifting ways successfully. Give credit where credit is due.

  3. You can’t commit an act of lèse-majesté against the Jewish donors who fund and control mainstream conservatism by expressing the opinion that the Holocaust really isn’t that interesting and shouldn’t be uniquely put up on a historical pedestal above all other subjects.

    Nor even the less controversial and more practical opinion that “the Holocaust” is wielded as a weapon to shut down criticism of organized Jewry and to prevent any assertion of white racial interests (including even basic racial self-defense).

    • You mean like this??

      ” Former Israeli politician says anti-Semitism accusation a “trick” to deflect criticism of Israel “

  4. fuentes is a civic nationalist, so that is a major difference between the 2 of us. they invented the term “wignat” to demonize working class White Nationalists. they will throw any of us under the bus in an instant.

    a groyper said at NC that IE are “wignat shit” and that he supports the RAISE act. how the hell are we the same group? we are not. civnat alt-light scum are cancer. they will move farther left if it gets them legitimacy, you watch.

    not to mention those naive kids would do well to actually study the history of the USA and the federal government which they are all laughingly ignorant of. their hatred of elders also cuts them off from those with wisdom about such important topics.

    ultimately, their goal is to get people to vote for Trump, and that is no solution.

  5. A HACK of a tour de Force !

    I reckon this article can be used as a bucket list, a Table Of Contents, for making any point on all that is going wrong what is really happening.

    Laying down reality, around us what we witness and feel !

    The last two paragraphs are, words of archery in action:

    Nick Fuentes is one manifestation of this broader consensus and our differences with him are only personal. I doubt anyone would disagree with this characterization of our beliefs. If mainstream conservatives want to take their toys and go home, (and good RIDDANCE) so much the better! It’s not like they have spent the last 70 years conserving anything of value anyway!

    Note: The Boomer has spent his entire life ensconced in the postwar era and was raised on print magazines and the television and cannot fathom a world that exists outside of his time and place.

    • I would agree with Eksothen. Excellent article.

      One more point- the boomers (myself included) thought they were the only generation who were brilliant BEFORE they turned 30, and then proceeded to grant themselves continual ‘extensions’ as they approached 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, etc. as if they were never going to be superseded. In that, they were the first adolescent generation that NEVER grew up.

      And I always wondered why they were so weird, when I could see it at 14….

      • I was born at the end of the boomer birth era, but I really despise the outlook they STILL carry with them. Obviously not all from the ‘boomer’ generation.

        A form of entitlement, a sense of narcissist outlook which their world view contains.

        If they just could imagine being in the shoes of their children and grand children today.

        Where en mass, one and half generations throughout the West, TODAY, are starting their adult lives in DEBT, in social disharmony, in jobless markets, forced to COMPETE with non citizens illegals and third worlders to do this in the most UNFAIR and DISCRIMINATORY manner, i.e. “affirmative action” by using the Law to EXCLUDE White people from having a fair go so they can have a chance to achieve their dreams & goals !

        So if these NARCISSISTS, these FREE LOADERS, these SELF CENTRED ideologues that VOTED for EVERY SINGLE LIBERAL POSITION since 1965, ever had clarity of self worth and placed themselves in the position of their grand children they would run in horror to the nearest Shinto Temple to commit Seppuku!!

        As far as I’m concerned the majority of them CAN DIE YESTERDAY, and I’ll be really really HAPPY.

        I guess the songwriter was right.
        ” Some Say A Man Ain’t Happy, Until A Man Truly Dies “
        So let them DIE in horror for the destruction they have caused.

        Empathy ???

  6. By the way, the other shabbos goy, Michael Knowles, cancelled his OSU event.

    Will YAF go the way of TPUSA ???

    WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE N. Fuentes to take local, regional leading roles !!!

    Must have good to GREAT rhetorical skills, must be WELL READ, must by Ideologues OUR Ideologies and must be Proud Americans

  7. Our greatest allies are those who have likewise suffered at the hands of the Jews. Our greatest allies and those who have empathy and compassion for us and we should likewise empathize with them, the innocent Muslims, for way too long persecuted and tormented by the Goddamned Jews. And if the Irish don’t like it they can go straight to hell. It is where they belong anyways.

  8. On language:

    The left advances first through its control of the language.

    Their victory is evident every time one writes “woke”, or “cisgendered”, or some other nonsense without quotes, and even when one capitalizes “jews”.

    It’s cringe.

  9. Those “Holocaust” and “racism” charts are real eye-openers. What historical event only starts getting discussed 26 years after it allegedly happened? We really do have truth on our side.

  10. Castizo Nick is not the Fuhrer of some revolutionary new political movement, he’s a minor YouTube celebrity with 60k followers. Compare that to Pewediepie or Kylie Jenner, who have literally hundreds of millions of followers! And Toilet Paper USA probably gets more coverage here on OD than it does in the rest of the mass media combined. So everything must be kept in proper prospective.

  11. The word “racist” is a Trotskyism, it can be traced, even the Russian translation, to Marx, Bronstein(Trotsky), Yagoda, Kaganovich and Ehrenburg. It was used extensively during the “Bolshevik Revolution” where people who opposed judeo communist values were deemed “racist”…the jews committed the biggest genocide in human history between 1917 and 1953…where they raped, starved and murdered 65 to 100 million “racists

  12. “Trad” Roman Catholics are a fart in a wind storm, they think they can out Pope the Pope, and kiss Jew, Muslim, and other non-white ass better than the Pope. Rather than “Trad” it should be “Tard”.

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