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  1. A decent primer in cosmology. Definitely enough to whet the curiosity of astronomy novices.

    Let us see, if chapter 2 introduces the “Fermi Paradox” and the “Drake Equation.”

  2. No, we are not but it’s too late. This planet is set to be demolished in order to build subsidized mini planets to relieve impovished conditions among the Feiryon. Please relocate to another inhabitable world as soon as possible.

  3. It really annoys me when NASA claims they find new planets orbiting around other stars and make all kinds of extraordinary statements about those planets. The reality is they haven’t found jack-squat, they’re just making shit up to justify their continued pointless existence at taxpayers’ expense. Of course there are countless other solar systems, some of which have class M stars like our own and maybe even a few earth-like planets. But they cannot be directly discovered using present technology.

    One thing is certain, however: None of those worlds will ever be known to us if the white race gets raped and murdered out of existence by shitskin savages.

    • True. It’s based on the theoretical gravitational pull that these hypothetical planets would have on their stars orbital positions which can be measured telescopically. Similar to black holes which can’t be viewed directly but inferred by measuring the accelerated movement of stars around the supermassive dark object at the center of our galaxy, for example.

      There are still vast mysteries of reality we haven’t even begun to understand such as how did nucleic acids and polypeptides begin working together to store, process, and replicate biological information inside a lipid membrane where Gibbs free energy requirements are satisfied. It’s beyond miraculous when you understand the biochemistry underlying it all.

      The mini-movie should help transcend anthropomorphic notions of the Divine and ludicrous and delusions notions of this hypothetical grand Divine entity/reality choosing some parasitic rodent like hominids as his ‘chosen’ people. Yes, Life is amazing and miraculous but I prefer not going to a Popeye’s in an urban environment as a White man and wish to be free of these parasitic rodents subverting my ecological environment.

      • Not in this dimension. According to the The Bhagavad Gita, there are 800k Humanoid races scattered throughout existence. They all exist in different dimensions and in different time lines. There’s only one intelligent race per dimension.

        That’s why alien invasion stories are nonsense. Each race has an entire universe to themselves, with unlimited possibilities and potentials.

        We need to cross dimensions to find other intelligent races, and we need ships that can cross both the distances between stars and between dimensions, to do it.
        The only aliens we’ll ever encounter in this reality, will be plants and animals.

        UFOs are inter-dimensional craft. In some instances, our aircraft are other people’s UFOs, given occasional inter-dimensional bleed over.

  4. They always play that ethereal synthesizer music in the background on these outer space documentaries. So predictable.

    • And so utterly annoying. I used to like to be scared by ‘things in the dark,’ and ‘what’s under the bed,’ but the constant bombardment of these sorts of programs eventually led me to wonder about geocentrism and the Flat Earth/Biblical model. Which have been proven just as well as the Copernican Lie.

      I am content to believe God’s word; and, if wrong, (big ‘ig’) at least know I was an obedient Subject to the King of Kings, and not a god-damned revolutionary democrazy advocate.

  5. Question Heliocentrism and look into The Flat Earth Geocentric Truth. Empirical Science proves the Earth is Flat and the Universe is Geocentric. Heliocentrism has never been proven scientifically, Heliocentrism comes to us from Babylon via the Jews’ Jew kabbalah. It remains a Babylonian/ Jew kabbalah religious theory, as Heliocentrism has never been proven scientifically.

    Heliocentrism is a lie and a hoax. It is the biggest lie and hoax in history.

    “Malcolm Bowden + Heliocentric Academic Science Mafia”

    Lots of information out there. Start questioning Heliocentrism and start looking into The Flat Earth Geocentric Truth.

    • Careful, Joe. Spawn and Denise will castigate you for not being a ‘true believer’ and November and Silver will just spew four letter words at you…. lol.

      Ever read Sungenis?

  6. Fr. John :

    Yes, I do read Dr. Robert A. Sungenis. I like him. Thanks for the heads-up about the 4 die-hard Helios. I won’t repeat their names. Helios get angry when anyone starts questioning Heliocentrism. Helios don’t want anyone questioning Heliocentrism — though they never come around to saying why they don’t want anyone questioning Heliocentrism. Helios get angry when anyone questions Heliocentrism. A lot of the Helios are “Jew-Wise and Anti-Jew” [ according to them ].

    The funny thing is, the Jews consider it Anti-Jewish to question Heliocentrism. The Jews don’t want anyone questioning Heliocentrism because the Jews think questioning Heliocentrism is “Anti-Jewish”. The Jews get angry when anyone questions Heliocentrism.

    Funny thing : The Helios who are “very Jew-Wise” and “very Anti-Jewish” get angry like Jews, get scared like Jews, turn censorious like Jews, cry and complain like Jews, when anyone questions Heliocentrism.

    I have no idea what the point is in being Jew Wise and Anti-Jewish if one doesn’t want to question something the Jews don’t want questioned. I’m “Jew-Wise and Anti-Jewish” so I won’t question Heliocentrism because the Jews don’t want anyone to question Heliocentrism. That doesn’t make sense but that’s the way the “Jew-Wise/Anti-Jewish” Helios think.

    The Jews don’t want anyone questioning Heliocentrism and the Jews will tell you it’s because they consider questioning Heliocentrism to be Anti-Jewish. The Jews told that to Dr. Sungenis. But the “Jew-Wise/Anti-Jewish” Helios will never say why they don ‘t want anyone to question Heliocentrism. When it comes to Heliocentrism the Helios might as well be Jews. The Helios react the same way the Jews react whenever anyone starts questioning Heliocentrism. They get scared, angry, turn censorious , cry and complain — just like the Jews.

    Also, the Helios never tell anyone that the Jews consider it to be Anti-Jewish to question Heliocentrism. I find it very suspicious that the Helios don’t want anyone to know that the Jews consider it Anti-Jewish to question Heliocentrism. Why don’t the “Jew-Wise/Anti-Jewish” Helios want anyone to know that the Jews think it’s Anti-Jewish to question Heliocentrism? Why are the “Jew-Wise/Anti-Jewish” Helios just like complaining censorious Jews when anyone starts questioning Heliocentrism?

    I’m replying to Fr. John but my questions are directed at all the readers. My questions are for everyone and are meant to get everyone thinking about this matter. That the Jews don’t want anyone to question Heliocentrism — because the Jews think questioning Heliocentrism is Anti-Jewish — is very telling, it says A LOT. For that reason alone we all should start questioning Heliocentrism — though there’s many other reasons why we all should start questioning Heliocentrism. But that the Jews don’t want anyone questioning Heliocentrism — we should all be asking why and we all should be getting to the bottom of that. And in order to get to the bottom of that we have to start questioning Heliocentrism.

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