Putin Honors Scientists Killed During Test Of “Unparalleled Weapon”

In 2016, we voted for Donald Trump who campaigned on improving relations with Russia, but instead the Deep State got its way and has pointlessly escalated tensions with Russia to the point of withdrawing from the I.N.F. treaty earlier this year.


“International experts believed the explosion involved the Burevestnik nuclear-powered intercontinental cruise missile, which NATO calls the SSC-X-9 Skyfall.

In a ceremony at the Kremlin on Thursday for the families of the dead, Putin paid tribute to the efforts of the dead scientists by awarding them the Order of Courage.

He said that the scientists were working on “the most advanced and unparalleled technical ideas and solutions, about weapons designed to ensure Russia’s sovereignty and security for decades to come,” in the speech which was broadcast on news channel Russia 24 and picked up by The Moscow Times.

“The very fact of possessing these unique technologies is the most important reliable guarantee of peace on the planet today,” he said.

Without specifying what kind it was, Putin added, “we will certainly be perfecting this weapon regardless of anything,” he said. …”

Isn’t it great that Russia is developing all these new advanced weapons systems which about the only thing in the world that could wipe out an American city? That makes a lot more sense than putting the Cold War to rest which ended nearly 30 years ago, right?

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  1. The USA worked on these in the 1950s, and supposedly only stopped because they were too deadly.


    After they drop their warheads, these things could be programmed to fly a pattern over your enemy’s territory, raining toxic radiation from their nuclear scramjets for 20, 30, even 50 years. What Rome did to Carthage was nothing by comparison.

  2. Just a simple question:

    When ever we from the west are shown video clips from Russia that have to do with Foreign Affairs and matters from the Defence Ministry, we are shown of course either Putin or other political figures and of course their military subordinates, i.e a few high ranking officers from the Russian Defence Dpt.

    Now, here is my simple rhetorical question:
    What type of facial physiognomy and general body characteristics do these military high ranking officers from the Russian Defence Dpt, have in common??

    First, they are ALL men !!

    Secondly, NONE of them are anything but of the Slavic/Rus Race !!

    Did you get the point I just made??

    What is the facial physiognomy of most Foreign Ministers in the Nordic countries, as some in the Southern/Western European countries as well as in Germany??
    What is their Race??

    (dedicated to all those MORONS that have a problem with Patriarchy)

  3. I hope Putin isn’t bullshitting us about the existence of this new wonder-weapon, because ZOG USA is a dangerously aggressive power that needs to be stopped DEAD in its tracks.

    • Putin never bullshits and never will. The thing is professional cretinism and in the intelligence work they teach you from day one not to bluff.

      I remember my first intelligence lesson in the Suvorov school back in the 1991. Instructor put the package of cigarettes on the table and asked what we see. We answered that package of cigarettes of course.

      Well, you see something what looks like package of cigarettes. This may be optical illusion, this may be bomb, this may be shooting device, this may be electronic surveillance equipment, method to transport drugs gift or whatever.

      This is not cigarette package before our technical team have made proper check.

      Later training went harder and we used not to say things about what we were not absolutely sure. We had also jokes. I never had sex with my girlfriend, I had sex with somebody who looked like my girlfriend.

      Putin never say something about he is sure. When Putin claims that he has something, this something is tested many times. There are lot of stuff around the world what is 99% ready and almost operational. Tesla for example or those German super weapons back in the WW II.

      So when Putin say liberal democracy is dead, you ma sure that it is.

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