Sen. Tom Cotton Accuses The Quincy Institute of Anti-Semitism

We’re declaring war on the Republican puppets of the trio of Jewish neocon billionaires like Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AIPAC) who nearly plunged us into a catastrophic war with Iran.

Jewish Insider:

“On Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) will criticize the Quincy Institute and the BDS movement for driving an increase in antisemitism across the country.

In a draft speech obtained by Jewish Insider, Cotton cites the recent attacks against Jews in Brooklyn and Monsey, N.Y., in addition to FBI and New York Police Department statistics that show a rapid rise in antisemitic crime. …

The Quincy Institute — founded in 2019 and funded by the unlikely pairing of George Soros and Charles Koch — calls for an end to American military intervention and a refocus on diplomatic strategy. Neorealist scholars John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, who in 2007 jointly published the controversial book The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, are both non-resident scholars at the institute. A Cotton aide told JI, “No think tank with this level of funding has engaged in such a tight embrace of outright anti-Semites and their ideas.”

Listen to the speech below:

“[Anti-Semitism] festers on Internet message boards and social media. It festers in Washington think tanks like the Quincy Institute, an isolationist blame America first money pit for so-called ‘scholars’ who’ve written that American foreign policy could be fixed if only it were rid of the malign influence of Jewish money.”

Where is the lie?

Tom Cotton throws down the gauntlet against “isolationists” who complain about Jewish billionaires being able to buy our foreign policy. It was the three Jewish billionaires who fund their puppet Tom Cotton who bought and ruined the Trump presidency.

Foreign Policy In Focus:

“Employees of Singer’s firm, Elliott Management, were the second largest source of funds supporting the 2014 candidacy of the Senate’s most outspoken Iran hawk, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Singer contributed $1.9 million to the CLF and $6 million to the SLF. He was a holdout in supporting Trump’s candidacy and financed the initial research by Fusion GPS that turned into the Steele Dossier detailing alleged ties between Trump’s campaign and businesses with Moscow. But he came around before Trump’s inauguration and contributed $1 million to the festivities.

Between them, the three billionaires account for over $40 million in pro-Trump political money. In the 2016 cycle, the three were also the source of 44% of individual contributions to the CLF and 47% of those received by the SLF, the biggest spending campaign finance vehicles for House and Senate Republicans.

Trump and the GOP are deeply indebted to anti-Iran deal billionaires who aren’t afraid to advocate for policies that push the country closer to another war in the Middle East. …”

Modern Diplomacy:

“In recent months, news sources in the United States have reported the possibility of the appointment of the young Arkansas senator, Tom Cotton, as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or the US National Security Advisor. 40-year-old Cotton is considered the youngest American senator, and, of course, many of the active Israeli lobbies in the United States count on his role-making in American political-security equations. In April 2015, the New York Times admitted that the Zionist lobbies’ financial support for Tom Cotton was much higher than that for other Republican senators. The New York Times has announced that the amount of this financial assistance was around $ 2 million.This is while some informed sources in the US say the AIPAC lobby has spent $ 4.5 million for Tom Cotton to insure his winning against “Mark Pryor” in the 2014 Senate elections.

In August 2013, Tom Cotton, with AIPAC’s green light and support, entered the political scene against former Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor. In the meanwhile, some prominent personalities and politicians in the Republican Party of America, such as “Marco Rubio” and “Mitt Romney”, by the order of AIPAC leaders, had also fully supported Tom Cotton. …”


“Rep. Tom Cotton, the Arkansas Republican and potential Senate hopeful, was feted at a fundraiser this week by a group of GOP foreign policy hawks alarmed by members of the party who are “drifting into dangerous waters” on global issues.

The event for Cotton, which raised more than $100,000 from a group of donors that included casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam, was held at the home of Dan Senor, a former foreign policy adviser to Mitt Romney and spokesman for the Bush administration on the Iraq war. …”

We can’t coexist in the same party with these people.

It is better to lose elections to the Democrats than to “win” at the cost of being “represented” by these neocon warmongers. Tom Cotton in Arkansas, Marco Rubio in Florida and Lindsey Graham in South Carolina are a symptom of everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.

Note: Cotton is running in Arkansas and Graham is running for reelection in South Carolina in 2020 and we need to start organizing against both of them.

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  1. The Republican Party needs to go the way of the Whigs. If Trump starts a war with Iran it will be the end of the Republicans and a hard turn to the Left in politics followed by a hard turn to the Right as the Left wages cultural war against White people. Gullible, optimistic, high trust Whites; FOX TV watching, MAGA hat, “Dems are the real racists”, “Sean Hannity is a brilliant scholar” types will quickly find out that you skin color is your uniform, like it or not. The Republicans’ wretched neo-con foreign policy combined with its big business “get away with murder” policies will not survive such a political re-alignment, nor should they.

    The damage the Republicans and Democrats do will be profound, survival will be the order of the day but it least it will focus people’s minds on the things that matter. Global warming, globo-homo, equality, racism, free trade, libertarianism and all the other horseshit that consumes people now on the right and left will fade like snow on a warm, Spring day. People like Trump, Sen. Cotton, Little Marco and the rest of the scumbags will have to look for new rackets to plunder, the country will be bankrupt without the means of supporting those grifters.

  2. Christ was the biggest anti-Shem there ever was. When is this whore going to call the son of man an anti-Shem? When?

    • He has been reading the Scofield Reference Bible for inspiration which states that war against Iran is justified according to the Gospel of St. Kushner. He should stick to the KJV or Doauy-Rheims Bible.

  3. There may still be photos of this jerk in camo fatigues in Afghanistan or somewhere, lounging on a Humvee, looking for all the world like what you’d expect some gay model modeling camo pajamas to look like. As I recall, his fatigues look new. These photos would sink any chance of his billionaire pimps fronting him for VP at some point.

  4. He wants to be president in 2024 after Trump. Remember his speech where he talked about how glad he was the Confederacy lost otherwise Hitler would have won WWII?

  5. A long list of repugnant republicans are lining up to succeed Trump. Nikki Haley is worse than Tom Cotton in grovelling to the Israel lobby.

  6. A folksy Democrat might be able to defeat Tom Cotton (R-Israel). Who is running?

    I have had it with the Repug scumbags. The senators represent Israel, not their states, and the governors beg for 3rd world refugees.

  7. The fact that McCain and Graham both survived primary challenges by credible, non-problematic opponents, TWICE, after coming out as open borders fanatics, is possibly the most shocking and demoralizing thing that happened in politics since 2000. It showed a total lack of serious interest by GOP voters on the immigration issue. We have to face that reality.

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