War With Iran: Downfall of the American Empire

This is an excellent analysis of the Iran War.

It covers all the issues involved from Iran’s defensive capabilities to its proxy forces and allies in the region to its interests and ambitions to its strategy for defeating an American military invasion to the likely support it would receive from Russia, China and North Korea.

The bottom line is that there is no reason for there to be any conflict between Iran and the United States. Iran aspires to be a regional power and the protector of Shi’a Muslims in the Middle East. It has rational interests like any other nation-state which are self defense, dignity and economic growth. We could easily normalize our relationship with Iran. Iran should be our natural ally in the Middle East against Sunni Wahabi terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Why is Washington so hostile to Iran? The answer is because of its alliance with Israel and Saudi Arabia. Iran is a regional rival of Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Israel Lobby has a chokehold on our foreign policy. We also have to deal with Saudi Arabia because of the petrodollar. We don’t need the oil from the Middle East but we do need the U.S. dollar to be propped up by oil.

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  1. Iran has shown far too much restraint in dealing with the Great Satan. They must know that ZOG is never going to give up on its evil plans to rape and enslave their country.

  2. This isn’t a war with Iran, it’s a war with the rest of BRICS, specifically Russia and China.

    At that point, it’s not a war, it is THE war. It is Globohomo versus all takers. Anybody who stands against the Globalist/Futurist/Multi-cultural vision of a “True Communist” utopia. These are the battle lines that have been drawn for the past millennia.

  3. The Iranians are pretty media savvy. They produce slick propaganda. Unlike FUSA’s, it’s leavened with a good measure of truth, tho…Truth is FUSA has a small overreach problem. They are out of touch with reality. This thing isn’t over. It’s been ongoing since 1979. This latest episode is an uptick, but with a significant difference. Remembering the little speech from this morning, how odd and disjointed it was. FUSA’s in too deep to back out,
    and fresh out of allies.

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