Richard Spencer on The Trump-Iran Escalation

Editor’s Note: While Trump has backed off a war with Iran for now (this is an election year), there is no reason to believe he won’t eventually blunder into one in a second term or even before.

Richard Spencer addresses the Iran Crisis and the Cat Boy question.

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  1. Read this:

    This is the correct tone. This is the argument against war, or any more belligerence towards Iran (the hitler thing is cringe but whatevs)

    She very clearly conveys my same contempt for the brown people in the middle east as oil rich primitives. Similarly she pulls no punches conveying her contempt for latino browns, and the damage they are doing mostly to Whitey, and why that should be our priority.

    Nowhere in here does she engage in the abject faggotry that I am seeing at places like Russia Insider, which is actively celebrating brown hero general.

    No navel gazing like I am seeing here about how it was a mistake to support orange man for Potatus.

    Her message is one I can get behind because at least it still recognizes OUR PEOPLE as worth fighting to protect.

    Instead of peddling despair and degrading behavior like celebrating our enemies just because they too hate Jews and are in striking distance of that nest of rats that is our greatest ally.

    Spite. Thats all the spirit thats left in this sad husk of a movement. The will for spite. No love of our own people. Just hatred of Jews and a desire to see them hurt at any cost.

    I won’t pay homage to brown hero.

    The only one who can take away your dignity is you.

      • Bullshit. I can’t be dismissed that easily.

        My position stands and I dont aplogize for it.

        Is that all you have?

        Could go ahead and call me a Jew shill, a Fed or imply I’m secretly a Jew, and all the other throw away slurs you people have been using for the last 4 years to step on anybody who says something you don’t want to hear.

        This isn’t the first time I have differed widely with people in this thing. Won’t be the last.

        I have my own worldview, and my own compass. I don’t need your approval.

        Brown hero man can rot in hell. I won’t bend the knee to a dune coon, or give up my dignity by supporting Iran just because they also don’t like Jews and want Israel to stop screwing up everyones domestic stuff.

        White Europeans have never needed Persians to help them.

        We don’t need them now.

        Alliances of convenience can take place without us embracing their brown cultural heros like a bunch of whipped fags.

        • lol nick go to bed

          If you didn’t want peoples approval you wouldn’t of responded to someone calling you a boomer, or even posted your first comment with qualifiers.

          Hey check it out guys- we got a free thinker over here! He doesn’t listen anybody- EVER! Go ahead call him a shill, a jew, a fed, you little brown hero cucks can’t handle these truths!

          We’re saving the white race by morally signaling outrage at them for whatever convenient reason is handed to us by our elites. Today its Iran, tomorrow it might be the Chinese. Wherever I’m given a racism pass, I’m there, the most racist! Can you handle that!?!

          jews and the plutocrats have handed us a 5 minute Sand N-Word Pass™ have fun fed posting on Iran but remember you can’t use breitbarts Sand N-Word Pass™ on or about total based American Muslims.

          I made meme blowing up ancient ruins haha brown man mad!

          But, OK Boomer.

          We wouldn’t want you to face any indignities.

        • Persia has been around for a long time and will be around long after the US has committed suicide by stupidity.

        • Yeah, we’ll just love the jews to death.

          Have you been living under a rock! They hate us! They’re behind just about everything that ails our people.

          Those “brown people” (Arabs, Hindus, and mestizos ) are here because of jewish political, financial, and media meddling in the West.

          Unlike yourself, I’ve actually made and found common ground with a select group of Muslims in the past. They understood it was a
          Mutually beneficial relationship against a common foe.

    • I agree about the points you made in regards to A.Coulter.

      She would be great in a new Nationalist minded US Administration.

      And you’re right about the toxic cynicism that haw crept in to the so called nationalists/Alt-right. That is worrisome.

      • Yeah she would, but then again I wouldn’t want her to be tied to an administration if it meant she couldn’t speak up loudly when they weren’t doing the right thing.

        She has been loud and against Trump for a while now. I value that.

        Same goes for Tucker.

        • same with me.

          I value A. Coulter’s voice of dissent and opposition to this US administration.

          She should have her own portfolio running her department the way she sees fit.

          Women like A Coulter are rare these days and are priceless, for our cause !

  2. I don’t care what spencer has to say about anything anymore. I do care about what the good ol’ boys at “Rebel Yell” have to say. You might want to put it up here, HW. Verrrry interesting!

    • Hear ye Brian. Spencer is a smart guy who’s wasting his talent on meaningless intellectual babble that accomplishes nothing. He’s not Christian therefore and empty soul therefore empty babble. Instead of Attacking Trump, he should HAVE presented a plan for an all white south WHILE promoting Trump TO HOLD THINGS TOGETHER WHILE transitioning to an ethno state. No mention of Iran distracting from the 3rd world invasion ?

    • Brian Douglas Frakes,

      That’s a shitty take on Spencer. He’s made mistakes, but who hasn’t? I listen to his videos because he can hit the nail in the head sometimes, and he has some excellent guests.

      I enjoy Identity Dixie’s take on events, but that doesn’t mean I will only seek out one source for commentary and punditry.

  3. There’s hope for Spencer IF HE FOCUSES ON THE ETHNO STATE. No Utopia … no Switzerland he says ? 🙂 Of course we all know we don’t live in “that America” and “that America” never existed, ( except from 1900 to 1950 sort of / almost. ) But DUDE … that’s why God created the Richard Spencers. Get saved. Pray for guidance. CREATE A MANIFESTO to restructure America into 4 or 5 new Republics, one or more for each side / group, and watch 90 % of everyone even the deep state, jump on the band wagon !!! Shave the stash, go back to the Spencer cut and to your roots. Save the south and the rest of America or go off to the wayside trying to be ok and even popular with CNN and The View and … the world.

    “Create” Utopia. Dump the wishy washy ass kissing and MAKE history. I can see the grade school curriculum now : The first father of America was George Washington. The next one was Richard Spencer.

    Or … I see a B movie spaghetti western – For A Few Shekels More, wherein you sell out for a spot on Oprah and Fox.

    What’ll it be ? Tens of millions of white patriots await …….

  4. I really have a hard time listening to that French liberal poodle……

    An obnoxious little frenchy……

  5. In regards to Richard and JF.

    Firstly, Richard you need a haircut yo. If you cant keep your hair back with pomade, wear a hat.

    In my line of work I interact mostly and daily with farmers in litteral bib overalls and trucker hats. Their general appearance is more collected than yours in that gay sweater and the unkempt fledgling moustache.

    That said, I didnt hear anything from him I disagreed with. He is correct that to be a dissident you have to be hollistcally critical of all aspects of the order, not just a single issue dissident.

    The JQ is one aspect of the order I am opposed to. Its not the only aspect. Jews aren’t the center of my worldview, they aren’t our nemesis. Israel is a dingleberry on the ass of a once great civilization. Jews are sepf interested malefactors. They should be ridiculed and spurned. But they shouldn’t dictate our efforts to establish some self determination.

    Something I didn’t hear from Richard, since he at least has some self respect (despite the rapestache), was any faggotry regarding brown hero general, or the poor Iranians. JF rightly refers to them as Persians, keeping in perspective who these people are, which is a historical adversary of the West, whatever you think of the West.

    Good interview overall.

    Also, Nick Fuentes is a fag, Spencer all but said it. His followers and fanboys should be mercilessly ridiculed for a while, and the groyper thing can finally be put down like the rest of the gay forcememes.

    Andrew Anglin btfo’d, as he bet on the wrong horse again.

    • “Jews aren’t the center of my worldview, they aren’t our nemesis.”

      Oh really? I suppose every Western white nation would still be committing suicide today if jews didn’t exist? We’d still have massive promotion of replacement migration, miscegenation, homosexuality, and white guilt?

      • You want me to prove a negative?

        What I do know is that our larger problem is the social decay of our own society, and degradation of culture due to our own corrupt elites, and intellectuals.

        Are the Jews a problem? I said so.

        They aren’t the main one.

        Trump is a great example of the problem. Stupid corrupt and weak. Easily manipulated by the Jews against our interests.

        He’s White. He single handedly could have fixed all of this. He didn’t need the Jews. He chose them.

        Blaming Jews for everything is lazy and avoids addressing the real adversary. There is a larger picture that underlies the mundane, which is all that this obsessive level of antisemitism is, mundane and tiresome.

        The real adversary is, for lack of a better description, the Demiurge. We are in the middle of an era of intense spiritual oppression, with all of our own tools of spiritual warfare being stripped from us by the secular liberal order’s intensive subterfuge of the church, as well as the willing subterfuge of our own fedora tipping faggots, who gleefully set about to seed doubt in peoples minds regarding the spritual nature of the struggle, because their worldview lacks a cosmology or understanding of the infinite, if even an imperfect Christian one. They seed doubt, to intentionally undermine faith, because there is no more insidious way to destroy our religion than attacking it at its lynchpin.

        Jews are an agent of the demiurge, not the genesis of it. The myopic faggotry of the dissident right, in attributing everything to Jews and Jewish perfidy, is why no one takes us seriously, because it is self evidently not the case.

        None of this relieves them of responsibility for what they have done. Its simply a recognition of the truth that a bigger enemy lurks just beneath the surface of this, and thanks to our own people, we dont even have a common language to describe what that is, and zero tools to fight it.

        We are Neo in the Matrix fighting the Agents before he learns the truth. The truth is far bigger.

        I can see it just a little. Not yet clearly though.

        The last red pill we all need to take, is the one that shows us that spritual warfare is the true battlefield, and we are losing that fight too.

        • I consider these, to be a milestone in point making……

          ” Jews are an agent of the demiurge, not the genesis of it. The myopic faggotry of the dissident right, in attributing everything to Jews and Jewish perfidy, is why no one takes us seriously, because it is self evidently not the case.
          The last red pill we all need to take, is the one that shows us that spiritual warfare is the true battlefield, and we are losing that fight too.

    • Who the fuck cares, if one of our guys looks like Quasimodo, but is based and charismatic?

      A lot of those confederate soldiers had worse hair than Richard did on JF’s show. What difference does it matter?

      I’m not an optics bitch, so I don’t pay attention to cosmetic issues.

      • Lol Confederate soldiers? Where did that come from?

        At any rate, all those soldiers also wore hats so… btfo’d guy.

        Most of my criticism of Spencer’s appearance was just bantz, i really dont give a fuck. He looks sloppy AF though. If you grow a moustache and then dont shave the rest of your face, you look like a fucking bum. A rapist bum.

        Lol. Get bent dude, don’t take everything I say so seriously.

    • You are correct about this…..
      ” Israel is a dingleberry on the ass of a once great civilization. Jews are sepf interested malefactors. They should be ridiculed and spurned. But they shouldn’t dictate our efforts to establish some self determination. “

      Nationalists, that is proper Nationalists – not pretend hitlerites that like to pass them selves as in-waiting storm troopers – do not live, sleep and eat, with jews on their mind.

      We ago about building and networking , ourselves in to a political, economic, social, and cultural force.

      Most Nationalist movements/organizations in Europe have Youth movements that run physical education classes/academies, history classes, trade classes and self defence/paramilitary style.

      NordFront is a classic example of how to do things !!

      By the way. Nordfront’s organizational scope/Aim was written by a nationalist Hellene….

      nationalists collaborate and network through out Europe.

  6. Richard Spencer is someone who should never be allowed near the levers of power. Never had a real job, never got his hands dirty, elitist with no empathy with the common man (e.g. working class whites). Just a preening poseur with a crush on Macron.

    • I whole heartedly agree.

      My main reason for him to stay out of any office of power has to do with something more dangerous, then his fondness of Micron.

  7. Richard does deserve significant recognition but saying he ‘wants to move beyond doing podcasts with guys’ while JF tries to hide the demoralization made me wince a bit. The Spencering is the great gift and the great weight. We all understand what he is saying though and agree that these ideas need to move beyond the ingrown discussions.

    Personally, I need to dial back some of my own rhetoric. Yes, I do support the Axis of Resistance as I long have before the Alt-Right ever existed and just as Master Dr. David Duke has. But, it is confusing for a lot of younger guys who were drawn towards dissident thought much more recently.

    Regardless of all that though…..

    **** Trump and I now have a picture of Hajj Qassem Soleimanei on my wall and gained great inspiration from Nasrallah’s speech.


  8. Spencer’s takes are on point. I had mostly the same reaction that spencer had.

    Syrian girl in Spencers other Iran stream asked how this benefits America? A war with Iran in isolation doesn’t but our role as Shlomo’s World Repo men does benefit us(or at least the well connected Shabbos amongst us). So while there’s not enough oil in the ground to make a war with Iran worth while in a quid pro quo. We benefit from being shlomos repo men and collecting debts around the globe.

    To all those saying hating on spencer i’ll leave you a clip from a spokeswoman for the Atlantic Council giving her analysis of trumps Iran moves. While she and spencer have opposite goals and desires their analysis is striking similar. Both are people who aren’t dealing with partisanship but rather a sober look at power.

    • The Atlantic council’s analysis did contain some propaganda when she spoke about protests growing in Iran. Iran wouldn’t of been over thrown by the 5% of the nation that’s against the regime, but by international capitalism and soul crushing consumerism. Her BS propaganda is that THE PEOPLE of Iran would simply overthrow the government when that is just cover for her longer game plan she had planned for iran.

      Her game plan was obviously up-ended and is not confident in trumps jignat plan at all, and when she refers to the “international community” she’s referring to heavy hitters. Finance capitalists that pull strings. The Atlantic Council, if I remember correctly was jointly set up primarily between Rockefeller’s and Rothschilds, I believe some other top European Jewish bankers as well. Needless to say its above partisan politics and is more so focused on border consensus amongst the ruling class and putting those plans into actionable forms.

      It’s interesting she would even want to give her opinion, generally Washington think tanks don’t care to talk to the press/public and are mostly focused on talking to power.

      The Ukrainian jet that was shot down with 60 “Canadians” were was probably full of CIA agitators. The “Canadians” were almost all Iranian Canadians and they traveled as one big group which tells me they could’ve easily of been there to astroturf protests.

      Spencer and hers analysis differ in the obvious sense that she wants Iran to be hobbled by soft power while spencer wants Iran to flourish. But her calling balls and strikes in how this we turn out was incredibly honest.

      War wasn’t adverted but is just getting started. Where she’s being disingenuous is that there still is an exit ramp we could take, which would be to lean back and let Iran grow. However she in her position as a think tank leader of the American banking empire would choose to crash the plane with trump then to ease back the American empire. Really she has no choice, and I took her interview here as a warning for all the first class passengers of ZOG America Airlines to buckle up and prepare for a rough, possible crash landing.

      (me personally I want Iran to have hegemony over the middle east/sw Asia. Japan to have hegemony over Asia, Germany to have hegemony over Europe and new Rome aka formerly the United States to have hegemony overall).

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