Senate Acquits Donald Trump

The final vote was 48-52.

Mitt Romney voted to convict Trump.

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  1. I appreciate Romney’s honesty, but I oppose removing Trump this way. It’s the most divisive thing since the civil war. I think Republicans should vote for the Democrat in then in four years they can return home to their party. They don’t have to vote straight ticket Democrat, just vote out Trump.

    • There is nothing honest about Romney. He flip flops on many things. He only ran for Senator so he could vote to convict Trump and be a boring backstabber. If Hillary would have won the election you can be sure he would have never ran for any office again

      He is a senior citizen man baby jealous of Trump. He is a classic rino do nothing with a massively hurt ego.

      Romney will probably leave when Trump does, anyway. Not guilty! Next up is destroying the white hating Democrat presidential candidate and getting guys like Democrat Doug Jones out of his Alabama Senate seat. That’s flipping red especially after he stupidly voted to convict Trump!

    • It would take a lot more for Hamburger Americans to get off the couch and start a civil war than removing Trump. Nixon was removed and there was no civil war. If they got rid of Trump, they’d just replace him with a cuckservative and the world would keep turning.

      Divisive? Are you kidding? You are implying the country was ever united. What does a Southerner have in common with a Yankee liberal, or the weirdos on the Left Coast? The US Empire is held together not by common bonds, but by threat of violence.

  2. Ten seconds into Romney’s speech and he says he hopes that senators respect each other’s good faith—and over two thousand five hundred years of human advancement in the discernment of truth goes right out the window. America is factually the Empire of Lies.

  3. Wow, it was a close vote! Too bad Trump was acquitted. For once Shitt Romney did something I wholeheartedly support.

  4. Ukraine was not grounds for impeachment. Killing Soleimani is – but illegal war and assassination are part of our sacrosanct national values.

  5. Magic Underwear Man’s vanity and entitlement was on full display. Nothing new about that. I hope Corona-chan pays a visit to the Congress and Senate chambers, and then swings by the White House on its way to the EU and BIS headquarters. Let the elites party like it’s 1340!

    • And there lies the rub. The old Democratic Party actually stood for things like being anti war. Now, they could give a crap less that a foreign general was murdered by their own government.

      They are just as neocon on US aggression abroad as the GOP.

      No, this impeachment thing wasn’t about what was right but what was personal. Even though Trump really isn’t pro white, he is the proxy for millions of white Americans that are fed up with being demonized and pushed back in 2016.

      The crazy liberals really hate us, not Trump.

      More whites need to wake up to this fact while we still can do something about it.

      I’m not very optimistic that this will actually happen though.

  6. Just when you think Trump stinks you get a whiff of Ol’ Mitt and you realize Trump ain’t half bad.

    PS Romney also worked hard to torpedo Roy Moore – recall when Bannon gave that rousing anti-Romney speech, now Romney is in the Senate and we are out in the cold.

    My question is how does lily white Utah, a state that is used as a genetic stand in for the pure white race in science, elect trash like Romney? I’m guessing it is their insane religion. See how that is a recurrent theme?

    • The Mormons are hooked in with the CIA. Remember Egg McMuffin?I sparred on Twitter with all kinds of people during the 2016 Election race – but the Mormons were the meanest, most VICIOUS operatives I encountered.

      • Leave out the ‘m’ in their religion, and you have it all.

        Spawn, I don’t think DT deserved impeachment- losing his second term, yes, but impeach? Not that far. And especially not for the charges that were ‘trumped up’ about him (sorry, had to go there). That was just the bitch Pelosi acting like the whining woman she is, who NEVER should have been given even a second term. I only wish she suffer for all the evil she has countenanced/managed/engaged in, in her misbegotten political ‘career.’
        Of course, Chuck Schumer is going to hell, being a godless snake Jew. But Pelosi deserves far worse… and I only wish I could live to see it happen, if only to witness to justice being avenged.

        I’m so wearied with all the evil that is in the world today.

      • I’m starting to wonder i the Mormons are sneaky Machiavellians, and the political correctness and dumb niceness they put on in public is just an act. They turned out to be right about Trump and were right to oppose him.

        I am hesitant to admit that Jeb! Bush was also right about Trump, when he called him a liar on the campaign trail. He said, “He can’t deliver any of what he is promising.”

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