Lady MAGA vs. Antifa

This is a cursed election cycle.

The best course of action is neutrality or isolation. We don’t have a dog in this fight.

What is Titan like this time of year?

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  1. I’ve been monitoring the Nazbol on situation on twitter and they are starting to sound like Anti-Fa goons. “Gotta stop the racist, haters! Gotta stop the race and IQ stats people! Gotta stop the right wingers and libertardians! Its great to see the KKK-FBI agents convert to anti-racism!”

    These left wing brainiacs seriously believe there will be socialism when America turns majority brown. But there is no socialism in brown countries, because ALL brown countries are POOR.

    Brown countries are recipients of White socialism, they can’t afford to give it to their own people. They can’t afford much of anything without outside help.

    So velly solly Yang Gangers, there will be no UBI in America. If you wanted real socialism, you should have let those evil White racists you despise run the place.

  2. You mean Trumpenbergstain ISN’T going to rush off to SF and defend one of his greatest supporters in his quest to make GloboHomo great again?

    I don’t believe it!

  3. Culture is more important than politics. Tides turn in politics; one side grows more powerful, then the other. But the pervs run the culture: movies, television, sports, popular music, education, etc. We can slowly starve the twisted beast by not giving our time and money to it, but alternatives need to be developed. There are already newer platforms like Unauthorized, Bitchute, Minds, and so on. There’s no reason to not start other outlets at the grassroots level. They don’t have to be high tech, of course. Keep your options open. Keep TPTB unaware and/or guessing.

    • Politics is downstream from culture, culture is downstream from race. That’s why the Renaissance, the voyages of exploration, the Scientific Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, the Enlightenment etc. occured in Europe and Europe’s dominions overseas, not Africa, Asia or anywhere else. The reason American culture is so debauched now but wasn’t in the past is because a well known race immigrated to the U.S. in the late 19th century and repeated a familiar historical pattern of exploitation, particularly of finance then dominated culture.

      The only other explanation (which the Left embraces out of necessity) is that Europe and its dominions overseas have Magic Dirt while the wogs in the Third World have Tragic Dirt. The Magic Dirt explanation justifies wogs flooding white countries because the Magic Dirt will transform them from wogs into decent people. They also argue that white people didn’t create their wealth, it was just dumb luck that they landed on Magic Dirt and bad luck that the wogs landed on Tragic Dirt.

      • As long as success or happiness is presented to people in mainly economic terms, we’ll stay under the thumb of international finance capitalism. Once nationalism becomes more accepted, the idea of nation as family can more easily take hold. From the idea of family, it’s easy to extrapolate notions of higher purpose, taking care of each other, looking out for one’s tribe, preserving our mutual history (including nature areas), and so forth.

        Initially, Whites here will fight going beyond the civic nationalist paradigm. As identity politics continues to be weaponized against us, I hope enough of us will stop pretending Europeans don’t have a separate identity from the other racial groups that vote one way and mainly live by each other.

    • “”…alternatives need to be developed…””

      They will be taken over like all the rest you had. Alternatives for alternate alternatives will be taken over also. You can run but you can,t hide.

      Counter attack is needed. But without powerful MAGA movement single activists will be crushed. Force is only thing what counts in the war.

      • You’re already wrong, Juri. Unauthorized, taking one example I mentioned, was put together by Vox Day, an arrogant egomaniac and control freak. He won’t give up control of anything, and doesn’t stop going after his goals. Sci-fi and comics got converged by the woke? He started his own now-successful publishing company. YT goes overboard on censoring? He starts Unauthorized. He won’t even allow interference from SJWs on his blog. Do you get it now? Some people won’t give in. You might, some never will. Who’s running? Alternatives, by their nature, are fighting back against the mainstream. They’re building resistance incrementally, the only way possible against the modern Cthulhu. Your odd and pointless defeatism is already disproven.

        I gave a short list, but there are many others. Those are just alternative social media platforms. Most are small, but so what? They’re out there trying, while (for a sad comparison) you moan and insist we’ve already lost, so why try? If total online censorship occurs, what’s stopping anyone from going back to dead tree media and starting ‘zines again? Please stop your impotent whining that insists we’re defeated before we start.

  4. The more I hear about Antifa the more I like them. Unfortunately they are still working for ZOG, whether they realize it or not.

    • In several confrontation videos I’ve seen there are much older Jewish men and women conspicuously milling immediately behind the front rows of activists who I’d guess are the real organizers.

  5. We didn’t have a dog in 2016 if we’re going to be totally honest. There were plenty of homosexuals, cross-dressers and cam whores getting behind Trump at that time but the alt-right chose to look the other way.

    • I just wanted the wall, mayors of sanctuary cities prosecuted, and illegal immigrants deported. All the other MAGA crap were peripheral concerns at best.

      We all know now that trump won’t keep any of his campaign promises, except for defending “our greatest ally.”

      No thanks. Let the chips fall where they may.

  6. I’m confused. The guy in the glasses doesn’t look that much different without his make-up. Is he dating Scott? I’ll admit I’m not that in to day to day politics, but I missed something big regarding the abandonment of conservative social values within the “conservative” movement. Is this whole thing in the gop platform now? We know it’s been re-written by Israel, what’s been added to it by these types of characters?

  7. RAM terrorists
    Alt right terrorists
    White Trump supporters fascists

    Antifa, Trannies, drag queens, Jews who support Trump the goodguys welcome to our cursed timeline everybody

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