Sheldon Adelson Plans To Spend $100 Million To Buy The GOP In 2020

What are Trump’s Chumps saying about this? Are they even acknowledging that their GOD EMPEROR has sold out to his Jewish donors?

Times of Israel:

“WASHINGTON (JTA) — Sheldon and Miriam Adelson plan to spend $100 million on electing Republicans and re-electing US President Donald Trump.

The Guardian on Monday quoted three Republican fundraisers that it did not name as saying that the couple, known for their generosity to Republicans, pro-Israel causes and medical research, was ready to spend nearly the same amount, $124 million, as they did in the 2016 cycle. One of the Guardian’s sources said it could reach $200 million. …

As president, however, Trump has delivered on Israel-related issues favored by the Adelsons to a greater degree than any of his White House predecessors. He has moved the embassy to Jerusalem, cut virtually all funding to the Palestinians, recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal and advanced a peace plan that would allow Israel to annex nearly a third of the West Bank. …”

Now that Donald Trump and the GOP have done all that for Sheldon Adelson (Jerusalem, Golan Heights, West Bank, cutting aid to the Palestnians, ending the Iran Deal, military buildup in the Middle East), what is he purchasing in Trump’s second term?


“This past week AIPAC found a way to alienate just about everyone in the American political world.

After the group’s decision to run Facebook ads calling out some Democrats as “radicals” and “anti-Semitic” only to apologize for doing so, both liberals and conservatives were disgusted with the pro-Israel lobby, accusing it of political bias as well as incompetence. But while there was much to criticize about its choices, maybe it’s time to acknowledge that in the 2020 election year, AIPAC has been given an impossible task with no possible path to success. …

The first obstacle to AIPAC’s ability to maintain at least a façade of bipartisanship rests on the fact that the Trump administration has given both Israel and its American friends more or less everything it has been demanding of every White House for the last 40 years. Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal put him in sync with the lobby’s desperate battle to defeat President Barack Obama’s signature foreign policy accomplishment.

But with Trump’srecognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, support for its sovereignty on the Golan Heights, demands for the Palestinian Authority to halt its subsidies for terrorists and their families and now a peace plan that is heavily tilted toward the Jewish state, he’s left no room for the Democrats to compete with him for the title of Israel’s friend. …”

Jonathan Tobin is saying in Haaretz that AIPAC must stop Bernie Sanders at all costs. It can’t afford to be non-partisan. Blompf has given Israel “more or less everything it has been demanding of every White House for the last 40 years.” The only thing it hasn’t gotten yet is a regime change war with Iran. Sanders is opposed to a war with Iran. Trump is cocked and loaded.

Note: The MAGA agenda that Trump ran for president on in 2016 was all smoke and mirrors to attract populist swing voters. As always, the real agenda was tax cuts, deregulation, military spending and Zionism. It wasn’t “paranoia” to believe that. It is history now.

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  1. The brainwashed idiots who still support Trump are all a bunch of morons. Might as well be called Jew lovers, Fag lovers, and Social Liberals. Lets not forget how Trump supported the removal of the Confederate Flag in South Carolina. The Republican Party literally now sales Make America Great Again merchandise in Rainbow Colors. Being a Trump supporter is nothing but Cucking. Bunch of morons! Deo Vindice!

    • Why hasn’t adelson been extradited ? He’s wanted in Macau for bribery and corruption charges, he could face life in prison.

      Why is he so special ?

  2. Strange enough, it had been awhile since we heard from Adelson. That’s something I noticed several weeks ago, for other reasons.

    I figured out why, which in turn helped me answer a long standing question I had about him.

    I’ve never liked the theory that the purpose of Adelson’s donorism has to do with Israel — Why should he buy a cow when he’s already getting the milk for free? I came up with the theory that it somehow has to do with open borders. While that makes more sense than Israel, it’s still not compelling enough.

    But then I figured out when he went silent.

    Round about May 2018, when the Supreme Court found PASPA unconstitutional.

    Which means that, before then, the real purpose of Adelson’s donorism was to save his casino and gambling interests. To make sure Congressional and Senate Republicans didn’t change PASPA to create more competition for Adelson. (Then I remembered that the more money a given Republican got from Adelson, the more he or she went out of their way to make sure you knew how opposed they were to gambling expansion, online gambling etc). Once SCOTUS borked PASPA, it became pointless for Adelson to keep on writing checks.

    Until now — I think he thinks that there’s a chance that he could by the Republican Party into passing a lighter version of PASPA that does not engage in the kind of unconstitutional commandeering which got the original PASPA struck down.

  3. Zion Don wins by default this November. Not by much, but just enough to make sure this country is finished. Hopefully the Blue States will then secede and the Red States will use force to try and stop them. Death to the USA.

  4. Nothing screams term limits and gov’t funded elections due to what Adelson and Bloomberg are doing. It’s truly tragic two people can have this much affect on elections and policy. Remember, Bloomy stole a third term despite a two term limit right after he met with fellow billionaire gefelte fish Ron Lauder.

  5. Bernie gets in and we’ll see he’s just as corrupt and venal as everyone else…and he’ll start a war with Iran.

  6. Hunter, you asked:

    ” . . . Now that Donald Trump and the GOP have done all that for Sheldon Adelson (Jerusalem, Golan Heights, West Bank, cutting aid to the Palestinians, ending the Iran Deal, military buildup in the Middle East), what is he purchasing in Trump’s second term?”

    The one and only thing other politicians would not deliver, not even GWB II; war with Iran. If Trump loses, he will start a war after the election. If he wins, he will start a war after the election. War with Iran, it’s what’s for dinner.

    Trump would probably start a war with Iran even without $heldon’s money but by his logic, why not get paid for starting a war?

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