Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Democratic Primary

Crazy Bernie wins.

Wall Street Pete has conceded. Yang, Bennet and Deval Patrick have dropped out. Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden finished fourth and fifth.

Joe Biden has already pulled out and retreated to his “firewall” in South Carolina. He will make his last stand there like Jeb Bush in Florida in 2016.

Nevada actually votes next on February 22. Biden is ahead in the polls but Bernie Sanders is widely expected to win there. Nevada Democrats are basically Las Vegas which is dominated by the Culinary Workers Union. I don’t think anyone has ever come in fourth in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire and rebounded to win a major party nomination.

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    • So, what’s your point? Afraid to vote in the overtly Jewish Bolshevik? WHY SHOULD WE BE AFRAID TO CALL A KIKE A KIKE!? If not, then why did we vote in Drumpf and his shiksa whore daughter, who is the wife to a Chabad snake son-in-law? As if this was going to be ‘better’??? WAS HE BETTER? Clearly, no.

      THE USA DESERVES TO FALL. WE ARE CURSED BY THE ALMIGHTY. At least we won’t have Hitlery Clinton to deal with- the Jezebel is past her prime. Nevertheless….. you wanted feminism, you wanted gays, you wanted transgenders….That’s why voting for the Jewish Communist is our ONLY WAY FORWARD. The mindset that says the USA can still be ‘saved,’ (i.e., avoid divine judgment) are ONLY DELUDING THEMSELVES.

      Just as ancient Biblical Israel refused to listen to the Jeremiads of the prophets God had sent them, they DESERVED their 70-year captivity. So did Czarist Russia. Now, it’s OUR TURN.

      • and you worship and prostrate yourself berfore a dead one of them as your GOD!!! How ridiculous!!! NO MAN CREATED THE UNIVERSE. The universe was never “created”, it just is… see the first law of thermodynamics… the CONSERVATION (hmm a true conservative!!) of or The law of Conservation of Mass-Energy….

        • I agree with you, the Universe has, for all intents and purposes, always been around in one form or another and always shall be. The mythical Jesus was originally presented as a mortal man with supernatural or “divine” powers, not a god in human form.

          • Not only that, but the universe could never have just appeared out of nowhere. This idea is stupid beyond belief. People are in fact stupid beyond belief. Get used to it.

          • his mother was a Hasmonean Levite jew!! how does a jew define his nation! … liars abound …

          • more moronic BS, Israel never existed, and judah not even in the bable itself till redacted in babylon by liars …

            Im not a jew nor an israelite so i am not a christian stooge for global messianic monarchy of, for, and by the usury oligarchy of the temples of Solomon and Herod.. idiots!! make note of the true temple of consciousness in your own bable which does contain a hint of truth::
            1 Cor 3:16….

        • at Morris, it didn’t “just appear out of nowhere”, your fist false assumption,.. it has always existed … fools for the fleecing …

      • If Bernie gets a respectable number of votes in South Carolina, the big Jew & Catholic money will flow his way.

        • @Krafty Wurker Still have a hard one for Catholics I see.. How about all those white evangelicals who are whores for the kikes? I’m a traditionalist Catholic and I agree there are legitimate criticisms to be made of the modern Catholic church but the level of cock sucking that protestants particularly baptists and evangelicucks engage in for the kikes is other worldly. I live in the Southeastern US and these are the same people who will talk about how bad muslims and blacks are(yes they are bad) but then when you bring up the kikes those very same people call you Anti-semitic and a Nazi or you’ll get the classic we ain’t intrested in that Nazi stuff my granddaddy fought those evil bastards. Yeah Anglo protestants can fuck off until they get their own in line.

  1. Imagine an 80 year old geezer talking to a 21 year old girl like that. I think it was a reference to some line in a John Wayne movie? At any rate Biden is through, he’s not even worth talking about anymore. Actually this whole verkakte campaign isn’t worth talking about anymore, ‘cept for teh lulz.

    • Joe may be a dirty old bastard but he is a very entertaining dirty old bastard. I would like to see him in the White House. Every day would be a circus, much more so than Trump. He never knows what he is going to say, he is demented, his memory is failing, he doesn’t know about anything except corruption, he is easily provoked and he has no filter; a perfect combination. With Joe there would be laughter from coast to coast every day as President Joe blew a fuse over everything and constantly made an ass of himself.

      Unfortunately, Joe would be so bad that after about 18 months he would be made to resign by his owners because of the damage he would do but it would be comedy gold every day he was in the public eye.

  2. Identity Dixie has an excellent article deconstructing Mayor Pete’s persona,

    Love their writing styles, never a boring read.

  3. Some choice aye? You got a Bolshevik Jew and a flaming faggot and most likely both like eating and drinking the flesh and blood of children. Then you have the Jew mafia Don talking all kinds of hypocrisy and giving the life force of America or what’s left to Israel while eating and drinking the blood and flesh of children. Q says trust the plan and the fools follow / clown world

    God is going to burn this country like Sodom and Gomorah.

    Fart cushion……………………………………..

  4. I do believe we are going to get an 80 year old Commie Jew POTUS. As opposed to a 72 year old Orange Mischling. Fun times ahead! Faux News actually sounds excited!

  5. The normies looking to do whatever the elites tell them to are voting for Buttplug. “Centrists” (however that’s defined) among the Dims are supposedly coalescing around the fudgepacker. The clumsy and obvious vote-fixing by the Dim establishment in Iowa hasn’t hurt Buttplug’s prospects in NH, even though the little queer is a “do-nothing mayor of the fourth-largest town in Indiana,” as the host of a show on the “The Hill” network recently (and accurately) labeled him. Bernie being sabotaged by the elites doesn’t seem to matter to some people. Buttplug is the candidate of the professional finance class that now runs the Dims. The party has abandoned the working class for woke capital and race hustlers.

  6. Genghis Yang out– no money for you.

    Re: Biden video.
    If that was a quote from a John Wayne movie it’s not quite as bad as it sounded at first. But it is stupid to rebuke someone in a supposedly humorous way when >95% won’t get the joke.

    How did Gabbard do?

  7. Bernie is a billion years old. When he starts tripping on himself like Hill did, the end will be near for his campaign.

    • I don’t think Boinie is as insane as Hillary. He’s had a heart attack. A serous one. I think he and his handlers are going to be a great deal more careful about managing his health, and public appearances, than the evil lesbian.

  8. Is Buttigieg a gay American Macron? Macron also came out of nowhere.

    His ultra-Zio billionaire donors and CIA connections also bother me.

  9. Wow! As the image at top says it all, a Commie vs a homo fighting for 1st place to run against the man who was once almost a guarantee to conquer the Swamp, immigration, wars abroad, political correctness, Antifa, etc. I am not sure what I dread the most coming to the USA — this political battle for the worst man/”man” to destroy this nation or the Coronavirus. Maybe the Coronavirus will beat them/us all. May Christ return soon.

    • “May Christ return soon.”

      Banned- He already did. AD 70. The fallacy that Christ is going to return ‘on the clouds of judgment’ happened, 2000 years ago. Christ gave His divine judgment, and sat down at the right hand of God, two THOUSAND years AGO. It’s called Preterism.

      “This aspect of preterism can easily lead to a belief in replacement theology.” DAMN RIGHT.
      EVERY SINGLE JEW IS A BLASPHEMY WAITING TO HAPPEN. The Jews are FOREVER removed from the Covenant, grace, mercy, and salvation, UNTIL THEY RENOUNCE THEIR FAKE JEWISHNESS. And because they don’t, the Romans utterly wiped them from the Holy Land.
      Our continued subservience to the satanic race of the Imposter, is a mark of our DISOBEDIENCE to Christ’s commands.

      WE ARE MERELY TO TAKE KINGSHIP FOR LORD JESUS, today. We’ve already won, and all the cowards since then, keep returning to the Philistines/Edomites/Pagans, seeking to ‘share’ governance, when in actuality, we already are ‘more than conquerors,’ and should have made the streets run ankle deep in our enemies’ blood, as YHWH proclaimed in the Book of Revelation.

      It’s the great heresies that continually thwart this vision- Marcionism, Montanism, Nestorianism, and Pelagianism. When will we ever learn? Christ is King; Glorify Ye Him! Now. Today.


      • I thought that the “End Times” meant one’s own lifetime. You have the opportunity to ally oneself with God with one’s free will, or distance yourself from Him. Some theologians interpret Hell as not being in the presence of God in the afterlife. Rejecting Him is banishing oneself from Heaven, by one’s own choice.

        • There is that, too…. But no. Hell is real, it is separate from alienation from God, and even Christ said that the ‘worm dieth not’ and that ‘fire prepared for the devil and his angels’ is also a part of it. Everything you remember from your childhood….

          • Riddle me this Fr. John +,

            Kerry Kinsey of TruNews just had a serious cerebral vascular accident aka a stroke and sideswiped two car while having it.

            Mr. Kinsey is a devout Christian, so why does your “creator” treat his most loyal followers like shit?

            While you’re at please explain children who have terminal cancer?

          • November, this might answer your question. It is from a site called Pravmir: “If suffering and death exist it seems to suggest one of two things: (1) either God is love, but He is not all-powerful and cannot stop suffering and death, or (2) God is all-powerful, but He does not care for us.
            The argument takes as its presupposition that good and evil are real; that there is an ultimate standard of good and evil that supersedes mere fanciful ‘ideas’ about what is good and evil at a given time in our ethical evolution, as it were. If there is not a real existence—an ontological reality—of good and evil, then the charge that God is evil because of this or that is really to say nothing more than, “I personally don’t like what I see in the world and therefore a good God cannot exist.” I like what C.S. Lewis said on a similar matter: “There is no sense in talking of ‘becoming better’ if better means simply ‘what we are becoming’—it is like congratulating yourself on reaching your destination and defining destination as ‘the place you have reached.’”
            What is tricky for the atheist in these sorts of debates is to steer clear of words loaded with religious overtones. It’s weird for someone who does not believe in ultimate good and evil to condemn God as evil because He did not achieve their personal vision of good. So, the initial criticism is sound, but it is subversive to the atheist’s staging ground. If one is going to accept good and evil as realities, he is not in a position to fully reject God. Instead, he is more in a position to wrestle with the idea that God is good.”

            The question of evil is really the only sensible one I ever get from atheists or reductivists. So it’s an important one to answer. Others, like “prove God exists,” already have materialist assumptions that are self-negating, so it’s difficult to take them seriously. At least for me.

      • The Bible says that Jesus is the “god” of this age, i.e., the Age of Pisces. When the Age of Aquarius begins there will be some other Deity in charge, perhaps Lord Vishnu.

        • I must’ve missed the part in the Bible about Jesus merely being one of many gods, let alone our time being the Age of Pisces. Is it in the Book of Jeane Dixon, or the Letter to Uri Geller?


        Well said!

        But the real Christ is coming back. Don’t follow the false religions of men but read the Scriptures instead.

        Acts 1:
        6 When they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying, Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?
        7 And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.

        Ezekiel 37:
        21 And say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land:
        22 And I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king to them all: and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all…
        24 And David my servant shall be king over them; and they all shall have one shepherd: they shall also walk in my judgments, and observe my statutes, and do them.

        Matthew 19:
        28 And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall SIT UPON TWELVE THRONES, JUDGING THE TWELVE TRIBES OF ISRAEL.

        Luke 22:
        14 And when the hour was come, he sat down, and the twelve apostles with him…
        28 Ye are they which have continued with me in my temptations.
        29 And I appoint unto you a kingdom, as my Father hath appointed unto me;
        30 That ye may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom, and SIT ON THRONES JUDGING THE TWELVE TRIBES OF ISRAEL.

  10. Haha, Bernie my man, getting it done.

    The only pro-white thing to look forward to in this election is deepening the racial divide, and for that Bernie’s our man. As long as Bernie is nominated, whoever wins the election a deepening divide is assured.

  11. I crack up when they refer to any of the Democrats as centrists. Really? All are running explicitly anti white campaigns with never ending whitey payouts to blacks and slobbering to brown invaders and their ” caged” kids.

    Hmmm. We have Methuselah Sanders where there is a fair chance he would die in office while doing his communism. Then little Butt plug Pete who for some reason blacks don’t like despite his constant sucking up to them. Maybe it’s his back door play. You know blacks. They bitch about a moral issue and then go and vote for the party promoting the moral issue blacks were bitching about. That’s known as being full blown retarded. Utterly hopeless.

    The Democrats are so desperate I am reading more and more pushing Mini Mike the great fascist stealer of elections and the second amendment. A guy who is terrified of debating so he just buys commercials instead. Biden? As the deep thinking rappers say: Nigga please.

  12. One of the critiques of Bernie in 2016 was that he supposedly lacked appeal to non-whites. (Bernie Bros were “too white” blah blah.) Well, so far in 2020, non-white support for Bernie has exceeded white support. 42% of non-whites in Iowa voted for Bernie compared to 21% of whites, and 32% to 26% in NH.

    • If Bernie wins it his best move would be picking Tulsi as his VP. Then, you’d have two candidates the Jews hate.

  13. Whether it’s jew yorkers sanders or bloomberg as the demoncratic presidential candidate, for the second consecutive presidential election, it will be another contest between two jew yorkers (i.e., Blompf vs sanders or bloomberg). Eight fu*king years straight a jew yorker will sit in the Oval Office. Tell me how could it get any worse?

    Perhaps jew york governor andrew coumo will be the 2024 demoncratic presidential nominee.

    • Yes. I am entertained. I am completely emotionally removed from this Lox and Bagel Show. I just regard this is a demented kosher circus. I wonder how many Normies will ever see Der ewige Jude – or not. It seems are though most Murkins are fully on board with being Noahide slaves.

  14. On the bright side if Bernie’s Bros get power, Trump and the US oligarchy Romanov-ed in a bunker under Washing D.C. That would be worth 70 years of Gulag Archipelago.

  15. The mass chaos that’s been visited upon our ‘Economic Zone’ since even before Zlimpf was elected is largely the fault of the Democrats, their Lugenpresse, and the Left in all it’s manifestations.

    They could of just accepted that they fairly lost the election in Nov. 2016. Instead, they immediately launched faux-recounts, insane 24/7 Fake News, the Russia Witch Hunt, Deep State sabotage, talks of impeachment/removal, tearing down Confederate memorials, and unleashing Antifa on Trump supporters nationwide.

    That’s their fault and they shouldn’t be rewarded. We in the AR/DR have made a mistake by supporting people like Tulsi/Yang/Bernie.

    If Antifa hadn’t been unleashed on the Right pre-Nov. 2016 then Charlottesville likely would have never happened. If the Democrats/Left hadn’t gone TDS insane because they simply lost an election then the Unite the Right 2 probably wouldn’t have ever happened.

    Hate Zlimpf and the GOP all you want and justifiably so but transitioning to supporting Democrats and the Left after all the chaos and damage that they’ve perpetrated is…….


    (Yes, I’m guilty of this also.)

  16. I’m confused. Judeo-Baptists tell me that God will bless the United States because we have blessed Israel but it seems since 1948(Israel’s birthday) everything has gone down hill. We have a Communist running for president and an open homosexual right behind his heels and abortion numbers far exceeding those killed in the Holocaust. A crumbling infrastructure, transgendered bathrooms, political corruption, non-whites flooding our borders and our cities interracial hellholes and a rapidly declining white birthrates When is the blessing coming? Its almost seems as if we are cursed instead! Indeed I even see in the South Churches flying the Israeli flag and houses with signs in front saying “This House Stands With Israel!” In some cases I even see the Israeli flag above the America flag or if a Christian flag is flying it is below the American flag. Where is the blessing?

    • “Holocaust”? Everything you are bemoaning boils down to the fact that we fought against the men who would not have tolerated all this madness.

    • Exactly, heartland. Where is the blessing? I ask this all the time. Also it just makes sense Israel will only be blessed if they stayed within the Covenant. Deviating off and following the wacky Talmud that says Jews are superior, they can lie to non Jews and steal from them is highly disturbing. Even worse is they say the LORD JESUS CHRIST is boiling in excrement. So for any CHRIST follower how can literally putting Israel basically on the same level as CHRIST remotely make sense?

      ;The only truly blessed Jews I see are the ones that follow JESUS. Estimates are about 250 thousand Jews follow HIM and I am sure many others are in the ” not sure” camp. But overall judaism is based off rejecting CHRIST and kind of creating a self worship system. They view non jews as cattle the more ” religious” they become.

      I remember a long time ago when I had no concept of judaism and I asked a ” religious” Jewish girl on a date as a freshman in college. She looked at me and treated me like I was Charles Manson. Lol. That was my first true step dealing with “religious” jews since in high school most jews I knew were not religious and were far less discriminating.

      It’s obvious modern day Christianity does a bizarre dance with judaism.

  17. Do we all have to ride around in cars like the famous Wendy’s commercial where an old women screams “Where’s the beef!) In ouu case we would have to scream: Where’s the blessing!!!!!! Meme creaters get to work!

    • Lol.Heartland. Yup. It flies in the face of common sense. Tel Aviv, Israel is the homosexual capital of the middle east. Israel is a major nation behind bank fraud and human trafficking. Obviously being told you are superior and allowed to screw over non jews is heavily behind it.

      I knew a Jewish guy who became orthodox and all that. He was craving a temporary orgy experience. So he goes down to central America to mess around with various chicks which according to him is allowed in Judaism as long as the women are not Jewish. Smell the Jewish racism and supremacy, eh? Things like this makes the typical Evangelical Christian’s head explode.

  18. I know you don’t like Trump nor do it, but there is a case to be made. Picking and democrat is simply going to harden the stance of those who believe salvation lies in the hands of a so-called conservative republican. Re-elect Trump and allow him to continue to fail to deliver and that should open some eyes to our political reality. If he can’t deliver and they already know establishment republicans won’t that should allow them to see they isn;t anyone on the side of the white conservative.

      • What are you? A rational reader of this site would see that you dominate the comments, which one can only do by reading and commenting all the time, which leads one to believe that you have no job or, at least, commenting here IS your job. Your handle, what does that mean? Many of us know about the Manson family. So what? Sonic Youth at least made a song about it. You write you’re in NYC. Are you implying that you’re Thurston Moore?

    • Douglas,

      Afraid not son. Let this who judaic and africanized abomination of a country collapse under the weight of its own degeneracy (mass) and “woke” activism (inertia). If the shit for brains normies get buried in the rubble, so be it.

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