FBI Arrests Four More Atomwaffen Members For Intimidating Journos

I’m not joking.

This just happened.

So, I was reading a discussion forum in which several chumps were bashing wignats and me personally for being blackpilled on the Trump administration. They were arguing that Donald Trump has to be reelected in 2020 because Bernie Sanders was going to throw all White Nationalists in the gulag.

I found the argument highly ironic since ‘Rape’ of Atomwaffen was arrested just this morning by the FBI for nothing more than making crank calls to journos. I decided to go for a walk outside and about five minutes later a friend texted me the link to this story about Atomwaffen.


“Seattle – Four racially motivated violent extremists from across the U.S. were arrested and charged today in U.S District Court in Seattle with a conspiracy to threaten and intimidate journalists and activists, announced U.S. Attorney Brian T. Moran.  Today’s arrests and searches by the FBI and local law enforcement are being coordinated by the Department of Justice’s National Security Division and the U.S. Attorney’s Offices in Seattle, Tampa, Houston, and Phoenix.

“These defendants sought to spread fear and terror with threats delivered to the doorstep of those who are critical of their activities,” said U.S. Attorney Brian T. Moran for the Western District of Washington.  “As Attorney General William Barr has made clear, rooting out anti-Semitic hate and threats of violence and vigorously prosecuting those responsible are top priorities for the Department of Justice.” …”

Read the complaint.

Now, it is true that Atomwaffen have a well deserved reputation for being accelerationist retards. They have been widely criticized even within White Nationalism. That’s not what is significant though about these arrests. The real story is that the FBI investigated them and couldn’t find any evidence that these blowhards were up to any ISIS-style Neo-Nazi terrorist plot but went ahead and arrested them anyway on bullshit charges over things like fliers and crank calls. This comes in addition to all the arrests of Atomwaffen members over things like guns and marijuana or invoking red flag laws.

Just a few days ago, Andrew Anglin warned his readers that the feds were arresting people and charging them with bullshit crimes. The goal here is plainly just to arrest as many White Nationalists as possible and make up reasons to do so. Attorney General William Barr had Atomwaffen arrested for the ADL because fighting anti-Semitism is the top priority of the Trump Justice Department. They aren’t concerned at all about the ADL or “journalists” intimidating private citizens. The line is only crossed when White Nationalists get angry about it and respond to Jewish harassment.

Don’t fool yourself into believing that Donald Trump and the GOP are protecting you from the Deep State. Ask Julian Assange. Ask the Rise Above Movement. Ask Atomwaffen.

Note: I find it hard to believe that I am defending Atomwaffen here, but I see no evidence that they were actually up to any of the things we suspected of them and owning guns, smoking marijuana, making crank calls and sending fliers to journos doesn’t justify this federal roundup. If you haven’t already done so, listen to the latest Strike and Mike about where this is going.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I have no plans on voting for Zlimp or anyone for that matter.

    The FBI is a criminal organization and should be disbanded. It’s a militia arm of the ADL.

    Don’t feed it breadcrumbs……

  2. So the orange zionist in chief who rails against the “fake news media,” has his DOJ prosecute some low impulse control accelerationists for the equivalent of ‘ding dong ditch’ on some shitlib pressitutes and jewish NGO spy agencies?

    Yep. Trump was correct when he said back in 2016 that we will “get sick so so much winning.” KAG!

  3. Proof that the FBI are the secret police of the ADL. Perhaps someone should inform the FBI that the ADL defended a convicted pedophile by the name of Leo Frank. Leo Frank murdered Mary Phagan and tried fo pin the blame on a innocent black man. Also, the ADL was raided back in the 90’s for being in possession of stolen police files. They have no moral high ground to talk about white nationalism.

  4. Notice the FBI has the entire conversation. Obviously encryption services do not work. Plus Atomic Waffen is a stupid name right out of Hollywood Stereotype Casting 101! Never say anything on line or in person that you would not like to have read out in court. Posing with guns, wearing camo, having swastikas on literature, or using German terminology, confirms in the public’s mind every stereotype that Hollywood has created. I do not see these guys getting off.

  5. Blompf is a self-serving megalomaniac. His heeb controllers know this, and feed his never-satiated ego with lies about him being the Moshiach. (Only the second-class one for the gentiles, but that’s still not bad, right?) Throwing a few more sacrificial goyim on the fire on behalf of his goal of becoming an actual God-Emperor is a mere trifle. If it makes his favorite courtiers happy, what of it?

  6. How perverse is the government in going after these morons? Well, consider this. Let’s say you live in the city of Baltimore, a city that last year, in 2019 had 348 homicides, 90% of which were committed by young, teenage black males. In essence, living in a city like Baltimore is like living in a state of terror: like living in a war zone. Any rational person, who looks at a couple of “Nazis” sending out flyers, vs an army of young black murderers, armed to the teeth, who are violent gang-members with extensive felony records, knows at a glance where law enforcement efforts should be directed.

    This is the sickness of our time. Our major urban areas have become unlivable and unsuited to raise a family in due to “war-like” conditions that exist in those cities, and yet knuckle-heads mailing out flyers to people are the priority to hunt down and imprison. Sick and perverse.

    • “yet knuckle-heads mailing out flyers to people are the priority to hunt down and imprison. Sick and perverse.”

      They go after the low hanging fruit because they know that Negrosapiens are vicious killers, vast in number, and they more than likely wouldn’t make it out of Niggertown alive, in a major confrontation with the coonmunity.

      White, suburban towns and neighbourhoods, on the other hand, are relatively safe. “Nazis” and other toy soldiers won’t put up much resistance. Even if they do, the whole community won’t side with them and put up major resistance to the authorities. They are, after all, ostensibly White, European Occidentals, not Africans in America ®.

      In short, the government and their policing agencies are afraid of niggers en masse, not skinny, white, drug addled political nerds.

      • You have said what I have been saying for years. Whites for the most part are passive and will not fight back because of “bad” optics. The Negros on the other hand don’t care about optics and they get what they want because they are feared by the jews, govt and feds. White could learn a lot from the negro on how to win.

  7. Years ago now, someone mentioned that during the civil rights movement (60’s) some men ended up in jail for simply discussing some possible “reactions” they might consider doing. Typical blowhard talk, which would have ended up in zero action. Unfortunately, they all ended up being charged for “conspiracy” and spent as much time locked up as if they had done the actual crime. This is all nothing new. There are some lessons to be learned from that though.

  8. It is only a matter of time before they start coming for the Christians. Christ was the biggest anti-Shemite there ever was, don’t you know.

  9. Atomwaffen was just a bunch of dropouts who spent all day playing minecraft when I first became aware of them. The one case of “terror” that involved this group was a member converted to radical Sunni Islam by Bosnians and then killing two of the other members for being racists. The Bosnians were most likely feds, since there never seemed to be any follow-up on them, despite the fact that they were attempting to goad the atomwaffen members into converting to Islam and committing terrorism. Their leader then got railroaded by the FBI, after they claimed he was trying to build a nuclear weapon in his closet or some absurd story.

  10. I abandoned the Trump train when he chose Pence. I saw what the deal was right then, and you didn’t. You stayed on the Trump train much too long.

    Sorry to see you defending these Atomwaffen feds. They actually commited a lot of crimes. There were several murders. One guy has 134 confirmed swattings, which is attempted murder.

    They were planning terrorist attacks online. They are also satanists.

    Well, defend them if you have to, but it just shows you are compromised.

  11. Lawfare is a very powerful weapon. Meanwhile, anti-White hatred goes on unabated. Bernie or Trump or any of the other anti-White assholes, it makes practically no difference. Nothing will change until the paradigm changes and voting won’t change it.

  12. Check this article by Renagade and the short podcast by a jew named Goldberg who was found dead after releasing this information last year. The information in the podcast does not surprise me in the least from the Trump administration whose main priority is to fight antisemitism.

    ‘Classified documents and White House memos reveal extermination plans for millions of Americans through project Pogo and project Zyphr.


  13. Those who are able to see the long threads of logic that connect events realize that one of the reasons for the attacks on 9-11 and the initiation of the whole ‘global war on terror’ was to eventually get to this point where we are arresting whites for the most trivial and banal of transgressions. It was only a matter of time before ‘terrorism’ morphed from its ‘foreign stage’ to its ‘domestic stage’ and that jihadists, Al-Queda/ISIS would eventually become ‘white nationalists/supremacists.’

    Anglin is right on when he states that ‘we are not even close to peak absurdity.’ Precisely! This has just begun! And just imagine OD readers how many ‘dissidents,’ ‘domestic terrorists,’ and ‘white supremacists’ can be rounded up while a ‘global pandemic’ of historic proportions is taking place. Almost as if both were running along parallel tracks! To grasp just how rapidly a social nightmare can descend upon us and envelop us in darkness! Ponder Kafka’s Nightmare of Reason! Who among us will carry the torch as Dionysus did as he descended to the darkness of Hades?

    “In the age of the world’s night, the abyss of the world must be experienced and endured. But for this it is necessary that there be those who reach into the abyss. The turning of the age does not take place by some new god, or the old one renewed, bursting into the world from ambush at some time or other. Where would he turn on his return if men had not first prepared an abode for him? How could there ever be for the god an abode fit for a god, if a divine radiance did not first begin to shine in everything that is? The gods who ‘were once there,’ ‘return’ only at the ‘right time’- that is, when there has been a turn among men in the right place in the right way”- Heidegger

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