Donald Trump Holds Press Conference on Coronavirus


“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” – H.L. Mencken

Note: What is more embarrassing? The fact that Donald Trump is the president in this crisis or that we voted for him?

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  1. So when the triage of the huge number of victims begins, wonder how many 70 year old nogs will get triaged over 35 year old white males? Muh racism = you suffocate in quarantined gymnasium, whitey.

  2. Not stopping transportation of people or goods from China made a controllable situation infinitely more difficult to contain. Considering that Corona-chan is a bioweapon with “HIV-like mutations” in it, gov’ts have been extraordinarily slow to act to protect their citizens from it. Which says to me that some higher-ups behind the scenes (Chinese? EU? An international combination?) want the virus to spread, and possibly released it in the first place. The murderous evil of the elites is almost unbelievable.

    • “The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?” – Jer. 17:9

    • A “free and open society” is of the highest importance in the warped religion of the modern “West”. The safety and health of its citizens be damned. They are marked for extermination, anyway.

    • It’s now painfully obvious DJT does what he’s told to do. Adelson and other Jewish billionaires such as Lauder, Singer, and Marcus effectively call the shots, and with the appointment of Grinnel all 17 US intel operations are under de facto Israeli control. Not that long ago a former Israeli military intel officer, Lani Cass, was put in charge of Air Force cybersecurity, including all nuclear codes and operational plans, which ex-CIA Philip Giraldi outed as capital treason at the highest levels, but to no effect.

      Whitney Webb’s recent article on Grinnel spells out Jewish control for Jewish purposes. Feinberg, Neuberger, Ravich, Steinhardt, et al have no qualifications whatsoever to run the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board on America’s behalf. The bigger picture is how this small group could so totally overpower the US and direct it to do its bidding to the point the US is now dying.

      Oswald Spengler reasoned that societies are analogous to natural organisms, but he couldn’t have known the uncanny resemblance between International Jewry’s control over the nations of the West and the tiny jewel wasp. Western Civilization’s perception of its world is mostly determined by an almost 100% kosher msm, which is analogous to the antenna on insects providing them with the primary connection to their world. The jewel wasp takes control of the insect’s antenna and effectively becomes its brain, riding the relatively huge prey’s antenna in the way Jews ride the msm, and in both cases facilitating the predator’s consumption of the prey. The US will be discarded as an empty husk twitching in the dark after losing the battle with the enemy within.

  3. Point on Chinese death totals.

    How many people are dead in their isolated apartments, that won’t be discovered until warmer weather makes it obvious.

  4. Putting Mike “Israel First” Pence in charge of dealing with Corona-Chan is no different than Blompf’s infamous “monitoring.” We are on our own.

  5. Funny thing about contagious diseases, the ruling elites, with all their money, surveillance technology, police thugs and everything else cannot hide from corona, no one is invulnerable. No doubt they and their families get first crack at drugs, vaccines, the best treatments, etc. and have luxurious places to hide, miles away from trouble. They may find themselves in a situation like Edgar Allan Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death anyway. Good, fuck ’em.

  6. Trump is renaming it the Covfefevirus instead of Coronavirus out of spite because Mexico did not pay for The Wall.

  7. Gonna start calling it caronavirus to own the libtards. Laughing my ass off at that Eugene Gu nutcase on blumpfs twitter replies

  8. He’s doing nothing about it. If he was…..he’d need more funding and God forbid a Republican ever ask for more public funding for something. Why that would get in the way of more tax cuts for the rich Jews who control the US economy and the World. Deo Vindice !

    • Brian – funding isn’t really going to help. Throwing money around won’t do a thing about this. The BEST thing to do would have been SEVERE restrictions on travel, and NEVER ALLOWING THE HEBES TO OUTSOURCE ENTIRE INDUSTRIES TO OTHER COUNTRIES IN THEFIRST PLACE.

      It’s all good. CoronaChan is on a Holy Mission.

  9. “Caronavirus”

    He really is an idiot. That(and all the other times he’s done similar) shows lack of attention, lack of intelligence, or both.

  10. It’s a great irony as this pandemic vindicates every border enforcement protocol you care to mention. The only defence against pandemic is strict borders and isolation of areas, towns, houses families. Really Trump should be gloating about the folly of free movement. “told you globalists so…”. What a fucking loser. He’s just as likely to get Corona as anyone else if he does all his public appearances. In his state of obesity and general poor health he’d probably be a fatality. What a loser he truly is.

    • That is the absolute JOY of this thing. Anyone can get it. I know the (((Overlords))) have all kinds of bennies that mere Goyim slaves do not – but the lifespan of this Frankenvirus is so long that ANY ONE can get it.

      FYI I know I an my Fam and Friends can this well. I could be nailed. I live in a rural area – but all kinds of folks come and go from everywhere. I’ve made my peace with this. Europeans are the least likely to contract this – but many of us will. Most folks who get this won’t die. Right now Nigras and the Eff Bee Eye are more dangerous to us. So I’m just sitting back and enjoying the show.

      Work on boosting your immune system and strengthening your lungs.

    • He is also a germaphobe (is that even a word?) according to what I’ve read. If true, he will be in a panic soon. No bribes or family position can keep it away either, unlike his multiple draft deferments during the Vietnam war, there is no deferring corona when if comes knocking.

  11. This is a short video of a Wuhan resident recording from his high-rise apartment in that city. Listen to the people screaming and yelling from their windows and basically beginning to go mad due to this extensive quarantine. This will give everyone a firm grasp of this nightmarish situation over there right now!

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