Ric Grenell Secured Julian Assange’s Arrest For Donald Trump

Cassandra Fairbanks revealed the truth about Assange last night.

Chumps beware. Julian Assange did more than anyone to elect Donald Trump as president in 2016 and this is how he returned the favor. See also his friend Roger Stone who is going to prison. At least you got a fat neocon piece of shit like Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State, right?

Note: Trump has pardoned Michael Milken, Rod Blagojevich, Dinesh D’Souza, Scooter Libby and Sholom Rubashkin. He even pardoned the deceased early 20th century black boxer Jack Jackson.

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  1. Does this information finally quell any doubts that Trump was the Manchurian candidate meant to push the Overton window of conservatism very far left? Maybe the fix was in right from the first Republican debate til the general election? Russian interference was, and is, just a distraction.

  2. Trump is a gruesome POS, isn’t he? That Fairbanks / Grenell phone call? Holy Dildo! Grenell is SUCH a deranged FAGGOT.

    This cannot continue.

  3. “So Donald Trump personally called the shots and ordered Julian Assange to be arrested! Unless your a neo-con how is any Trump supporter ok with this?”

    He is also the one who kicked the Alt-Right off social media.

    As proof of his power, when the government tells code sharing sites like Github not to give countries like Iran access to their services, they all obey without question. So if you think Trump is powerless when it comes to social media you are in denial.

    The dumb right wingers imploring God Emperor to Do Something! about social media censorship were in fact banned on his orders.

  4. Pro-Israel, anti-9-11-truth etc Julian Assange, is a CIA-Mossad fraud, every major gov’t knows this
    – Zbig Brzezinski on 29 Nov 2010, USA PBS News Hour television, admitted Assange was intel
    – Bibi Netanyahu admitted to Israeli media that Assange was an Israeli asset

    – Assange famous via CIA media, NY Times, UK Guardian, media who ignore or defame real dissidents

    One major lesson here is how the whole world is easily duped by CIA-tied media, into believing a faker like Julian Assange is a ‘dissident hero’ instead of an intel agent

    – Unknown how many dissidents Assange helped silence & kill after they were duped into contacting Wikileaks, a ‘rat trap’ to trick real whistleblowers, who sometimes wind up dead after contacting Assange, who then sometimes claims he didn’t get the dead guy’s files LOL

    – Assange lawyer John Jones of Doughty Chambers, thrown under a train & killed in the UK, after being apparently about to expose Assange was CIA-Mossad fraud, never really ‘living’ at the Ecuador embassy, moved in and out for his photo ops by UK MI5-MI6

    – ‘Assange in UK Belmarsh prison’ continuation of ‘Assange in Ecuador embassy’ hoax

    – This current farce in Britain is part of winding down the Assange scam … Veterans Today has predicted Assange will be ‘dead’ so he can join Jeffrey Epstein in Israel

    – Proving himself fake, Assange his lawyers & Wikileaks hide file on USA Virginia federal judge bribery & extortion corruption, which they know would instantly make Assange extradition impossible
    – Same files that stopped extradition from UK of hacker Lauri Love
    – Same files that shut down Trump impeachment by Robert Mueller, involved in bribery with same Virginia federal judges who would put Assange ‘on trial’

    – Assange shared lawyer with Rothschilds, Rothschild sister-in-law posted Assange bail
    – 3 people trusting Assange dead – Peter W Smith, Seth Rich, John Jones – others jailed
    – Assange helped Rothschilds destroy rival bank Julius Baer in Switzerland

    – Assange as big a faker as ‘Edward Snowden’ who first ‘leaked’ to CIA WashPost Bush VP Dick Cheney biographer, but that was stupid, so switched to Rothschild employee & ex-gay-pornography-seller Glenn Greenwald, Putin hints out loud he knows Snowden is fake

    • Right on the money, my friend. I have been saying this for years, and most people still have not caught on to this hoax. (((Hollywood))) doesn’t make movies about real dissidents unless it’s to make the public believe they’re evil. This all by itself should be a dead giveaway for Assange and Fast Eddie Snowden.

  5. The trouble is that it’s almost impossible to dissect the truth from the disinformation. If we can’t believe current information, why do we believe past information? Now, let’s find out who really got Lenin Moreno elected?

    We’ll be in this mess until we die. Our biggest problem is “the herd” around us.

  6. Dumbass, Trump did not pardon Blago, he commuted his sentence to time served.

    I suspect Trump will go easy on Assange in exchange for him verifying that he got the DNC files from Seth Rich.

    • “commuted sentence to time served”

      that’s…a Talmudic distinction. You

      silly cuck. And Drumpf will continue to do nothing about the Clintons’

      murder of Seth Rich. Or anything else that matters to us.

  7. Trump betrays everyone who helps him. Flynn, Stone, Assange. Even his Jewish lawyer, who used his own money to bribe blompf’s pornstar mistresses. Trump demands loyalty but is unwilling to reciprocate it.

  8. F T S! I am off the Trump train. All bark, no bite! I don’t like the Retarded Right anymore than I do the Lunatic Left! I had hopes some form of National Populism would prevail but it’s the same old S repackaged in a new form-the second coming of George W. Bush! His MAGA movement has become just another appendage of the Retarded Right! We get fiery rhetoric but also a justice department which sincerely believes White racial activism is more dangerous that ISIS or al-Qaeda! Trump’s administration is Hell bent on going after White Nationalism. We have a president who destroys those who helped him gain power such as Assange. Once again the Retarded Right has no comprehension of the Concept of the Political which is why the Lunatic Left runs circles around then!.
    Democrats are the real racists! If MLK were here today he would be a Republican! Democrats are the party of slavery, racism, and Jim Crow! And all other such Retarded Right Lunacy!

  9. Is this stupid youth movement over yet? Can the so called alt right understand you were a bunch of twenty somethings lead by a few thirty somethings who foolishly thought, like many other youths, that your passion would count.

    This movement was never alt right. It was alt youth.

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