Coronavirus Goes From Bad To Worse

Coronavirus is officially taking off in Europe now. Pope Francis might be infected. Meanwhile in the United States, we don’t bother to test for the virus so it is nothing to worry about.

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  1. Anti trump virus. Wrecked his niggers employed econ before selection

    Nobody givess a shit when influenza kills 100k or chronic metabolic syndrome kills millions a year. Fuck all you virus mongering pricks. And your bullshit social engineering agendas.

    If you believe in the risen Christ, none of this mans world matters. What did you do today to live as God wants us to?!

      • Your right about imaginary men in the sky but the virus statements he made are also correct, juxtaposition? Just another Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Sars,.H4N4 H1N1 etc. Good excuse for a world governmemt though eh? The JEWISH bible ie Torah, Mishna. Quran are books of pyschopaths they’ve used to control our societies for 10,000 years, and while.dangerous and have killed hundreds of millions is complete horseshit and so is this stupid flu. Here’s on yearly.normal flu: 40,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010. Fuck the corona.virus and Jewish invented religions too (Jewish ‘scribes’ wrote the Quran, and the Bible).

      • Denise, Anti-B did not say he (she) believes as a Christian. But even if he did, his verbiage belies that fact. As does your vulgarity, which is not becoming for a woman to speak so.

        • Your admonishment is accepted. My verbiage was uncalled for.

          As for the demons that inhabit this forum, they will make great kindling at the LOF.

    • I removed five lithium ion 18650 cells from a bad Craftsman drill battery pack. I put them on a charger I got from Amazon; they are all still usable ?. I also fished a dead mouse out of my bucket and roller rodent trap. I put the carcass on the same large rock as always. Guaranteed a Raven will take it in the morning. Finally I took a two mile walk on my property (4 laps). I saw some FedEx boxes at the gate for my neighbor so I hauled them 200 yards and left them on her porch.

    • CORONA SEEMS LOKE A GOOD EXCUSE TO SHUT DOWN BORDERS AND EXPELL GUEST POPULATIONS. Trump bitched out when the real opportunity arrived.

      • If Trump had an ounce of smarts he would start railing against globalism, blame corona on the Democrats and the rest of the scumbags for preventing border enforcement and shipping whole industries overseas. It doesn’t matter that Republicans are at least as guilty, probably more or that he didn’t fight much for borders either. Trump could seize the moment, blame the crisis on his political opponents and turn a catastrophic loss in to a win.

        To do that Trump would have to go against his owners and his co-president though, President Jared. Corona, the stock market crash and manufacturing deficits are the logical result of globalist policies pursued by people like co-President Jared and his peeps. They own both parties, have been the architects of neo-liberal policies, foreign and domestic, particularly since Reagan was president. Trump’s bait and switch election policies will doom him now unless he stabs in the back people like Sheldon Adelson and delivers what he campaigned on.

        Corona is an opportunity for Trump to save his presidency and get re elected if he plays his cards correctly. This would require him to stick a fork in eye of the scumbags who bought him though. Instead, Trump will probably start another war in the Near East for “Our Greatest Ally” and go out with a bang.

      • @Captain John

        Just like 9/11 was a “good excuse” to “shut down” the borders… but instead, Muslim immigration actually increased after that

    • This life is fleeting and it very much bothers atheists who think we got here by some weird magical explosion from nothing, that they will die after roughly living 55 to 90 years of life. Then it is gone and forgotten forever. Back to dust we shall all go as the roughly 120 billion humans from the beginning of time have found out.

      This life can feel important and its what we know. However the fact we all die should put a constant reminder that this life is a short gig and you shall be replaced. The next life is permanent. I much prefer to be on Team JESUS than team atheist explosion theory.

      • Jeff,

        The idea of returning to that place we all were prior to a spermatozoa fertilizing an egg isn’t exactly terrifying.

        • Lol. We all have a time in life when it’s just you and GOD. No amount of money, family or friends will save you. Look up former atheist Ronald Reagan( not the actor) and watch his incredible story. Don’t forget. It just takes one of these many types of stories to be true to 100 percent prove GOD/JESUS is real. This life is a vapor as it says in the Bible. You blink and you are gone forever. Choose wisely.

      • What happened to those billions who happened to die before Jesus showed up? What happened to the poor souls in parts of the world who never even had a chance to hear about Jesus? Tough luck for them, I guess? They went to hell because of when or where they were born?

        • Powell, your question is answered by many Christian sites you can do a search on. The overall consensus is people never exposed to GOD/JESUS but who lived good and decent lives would not go to hell. I am not into the concept of tossing everyone into The Bible says for each person to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. The thief on the cross was saved just before his death. I believe that has and can happen for many. Take care

  2. The virus tests are supposedly only 50% effective, plus Corona-chan can live on surfaces for 9-10 days. So keep the Purell flowing over your hands when you go out. Keep iodine and silver (natural virus-killers) handy just in case.

  3. According to that map, outside of Asia the countries that had “DiVErsITy” imposed on them are getting Corona Virused first.

  4. I still believe this CV hysteria is a cover for a much larger totalitarian agenda that has nothing to do with the etiology and evolution of a specific microorganism. Too much fakery! Too many abnormal and/or scripted responses from the WHO, CDC, and individual citizens! Too many obvious cases of police, health-care workers, citizens, etc. not taking obvious precautions in the face of what we are told is a serious and threatening situation!

    Whether it is under the umbrella of an experimental vaccine being unleashed on the public or the result of the rapid 5G deployment in China(Wuhan specifically)is unknown. This ‘pandemic scenario’ could be used to achieve multiple objectives that in these early stages we can only speculate on. The advantage of such a ‘pandemic scenario’ is that it can draw all countries into its orbit with virtually minimal effort. And most importantly, while we are focusing so much attention and energy into the CV, something much more sinister is being prepared for us!

    Guinea pigs we are and remain in the City of these hostile elites!

    “Prospero had supplied everything they needed for pleasure. There was music, there was dancing, there was beauty, there was food to eat and wine to drink. All these were within the wall, and within the wall they would be safe. Outside the wall walked the Red Death” – The Masque of the Red Death

  5. Yeah let’s keep letting in millions of shit skins and yellow slants into the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It’s worked out so well.

    • That sort of foresight is too rare.
      Don’t project you good sense onto the average baboon.

      Squawk ….DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH….. squawk.

    • Leftist retards will continue with their “abolish all borders” insanity until we are all dead. But that’s the goal, honestly….wipe out European-kind.

  6. I don’t see that it’s getting worse in any truly worrying sense, even if it continues to spread. Since February 18, the number of daily recoveries has exceeded the number of new cases. Also the proportion of closed cases which result in a death has been falling all month, from about 40% on February 1 to 7.25% today. (A closed case is a case which results in either a death or a full recovery. The death rate of all cases – active plus closed – is much lower still.) If these trends continue, I think the epidemic will be successfully contained.

    • All of the analysis using statistics assume that the statistics are “good” numbers i.e. are correct, complete and accurate. There is no way to know if the statistics collected so far are correct and it seems doubtful that places like China would release true numbers if the truth would show the CCP in a bad light, not that the U.S. and other governments are any better. This is not to suggest a conspiracy or cover up, just normal, everyday incompetence and fear is more than adequate to explain bad statistics although lying and particularly secrecy are second nature to government officials.

      • That’s true. But it’s also likely that incompetence and fear operate pretty much the same way each day, so even if the numbers are off by some substantial margin, the trend itself might still well be reliable. That’s important because it’s the trend we look to in order to gauge how worried we should be.

        • Yes, the trend counts !

          HWs graph of exponential increase, at the first outbreak, speaks volumes.

    • Pushing the same chiliastic BS, again, are we? No thanks.

      “The essential point is this: if an anathema expresses truth, and the bishops who pronounce it are true, then it has power “to the ages of ages”, and nobody can lift it, because it is pronounced not only by the earthly Church, but also by the Heavenly Church, in accordance with the word of the Lord: “Whatever ye [the apostles and their successors] shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven” (Matthew 18.18).”

  7. I laughed when I read America and others are short on masks now because we shipped all the production of such things to China ages ago. Way to go retarded, evil, greedy, get the last drop capitalist pigs. Starting to totally agree with the commies Sanders and the child looking Aoc that billionaires should not exist. They gut our country.

    Look at creepy Bloomberg. The guy is literally looking to single handedly take down Trump by simply buying never ending ads. The fact that it is allowed to have this kosher crypt keeper keep buying ads to sway elections shows the corpse America has become.

    One person with this kind of evil wealth is not here to help America. He wants more and more immigration to turn us into a slave like mess. Typical authoritarian, Jewish, diseased thinking.

    Please Mike, go away. You are nearly 80. Time to go soon. These people act like 20 year olds instead of being far closer to 100. Pelosi is another one pushing on 80 next month. Her brother passed recently at 90. She will be lucky to see it. Instead she pretends she is closer to Aoc or even a 60 year olds age. Disgusting. This is what happens when no term limits exist except for president, ironically.

    Don’t forget kids. Corona virus, Ebola, mass third world immigration and never ending black dysfunction reminds us that diversity and open borders capitalism are such ” strengths ” that we literally have shipped most of production to even make masks to bat eating and grossly manipulative China. Human greed and constanty lying is truly a demonic hell.

  8. Don’t worry guys Israeli scientists are working on a vaccine for carona and said it will be ready in 3 weeks roll up your sleeves goys. Also assuming they already have it and it was given to them by Shill Bill “poop obsessed” Gates and his gilead company just a conspiracy tho apparently

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