Dow Jones Has Its Largest Single Day Point Drop In History

We will see how this plays out.

The Dow crashed like this before in February 2018 only to come roaring back. I’ve always hated the KAG slogan though and thought it was foolish for Trump to run on a laundry list of economic statistics. There was always a chance that something unexpected could happen.


Note: For the record, I think Trump is right and that the spring and summer heat will help contain the spread of the virus. What happens though if it comes back in the fall? Clearly, it is also going to do plenty of damage to the global economy anyway, even if it does ease up soon.

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  1. I’m supposed to be upset over losses of the moneychangers. Aw darn….little Wall Street does benefits folks like me anyway

  2. Right now, blompf is luxuriating in a pool of Incredible Negroes…and a few incredible jews…corona/ebola/aids whatever, is contained! Believe me!! KAG!!! (lmfao)

  3. To be fair you have to have capital to fight diseases. First responders are going to be working round the clock isolating infected areas. Imagine what’s really happening in Africa. They don’t have the staff or resources to even gather data.

    • Captain John,

      The White doctors with kumbaya and humanitarian mental disorders that make up NGO Doctors Without Borders are always on ‘the ground’ in darkest Africa. Who else would tend to jungle bunnies? Witch Doctors perhaps?

  4. No need to worry, we’ve got an elastic supply of fiat currency. We’re fucking rolling in promissory shekels!

    “Panics were widely attributed to the nation’s “inelastic” currency, the concentration of bank reserves in New York City and other major financial centers, and investment of those reserves in short-term loans to stock market speculators.2 The Federal Reserve Act addressed these perceived shortcomings by creating a new national currency—Federal Reserve notes—and requiring members of the Federal Reserve System to hold reserve balances with their local Federal Reserve Banks.”

    Unless, it doesn’t work. Or it uses theoretical debt as a tangible exchange medium to redeem for something physically valuable.

    • The coronavirus would not be that big of a problem if we still had a solid manufacturing base in the US that was not dependent on a global supply chain. Trumpo has clawed back some manufacturing, but, it is too little, and too late.

      Interest rates are so low, and when they go lower, it will be like the Fed doesn’t exist. Lots of people don’t get this.

      • The fools lowered interest so much they now have no weapon to resist economic downturn. I guess they could enact negative interest rates and rob the poor even further.

  5. “For the record, I think Trump is right and that the spring and summer heat will help contain the spread of the virus”

    Optimistic. I think the only reason there hasn’t been major outbreaks is because of the cooler weather. I think once the temperature becomes more moderate in the West and people start going outside doing stuff, it will generally get worse. Canada only has a few cases despite having a large immigrant population in cities and one of the dumbest governments in the world. The winter weather is the only thing I can think of that is preventing things from being worse here.

    While the virus hasn’t taken to tropical climates fast, it also hasn’t taken to freezing temperatures either. It seems to spread the most in areas where the temperature is more moderate.

  6. The US economy has been roided out, for decades. Ultimately, it’s going to look like Ronnie Coleman, from super buffed to broken.

    Front page NYT, “trump desperately needs more immigrants to grow the economy”
    (Dirty little secret, US has been using immigration to spur demand for 4 decades.)

    It will be sadly ironic, when Americans get to see the backside of this orc invasion, in high unemployment and much lower living standards.

    • “Dow Jones Has Its Largest Single Day Point Drop In History”

      Next to follow, housing prices, my equity , my equity!

      (We’ll see a really dismal economy if Americans lose a substantial amount of home equity. Watch consumerism go down the drain.)

  7. The “biggest point drop in history” is just more sensationalist bullshit (of the kind you’ve been showing a real taste for recently). Obviously what matters is the percentage decline, which in this case is not even close to the worst ever.

    • correct. The whole thing is just another (((pump then dump then….etc.))).

      wash, rinse, repeat. BTW, my

      regular friday cashew chicken take-out from the local Chinese eatery was


    • @Silver,

      Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 12% this week, and the S & P 500 lost 11% of its value.

      Is it still “sensationalism ” that muh GDP is sinking faster than Biden’s presidential campaign?

  8. It’s amazing how many grass roots conservatives are eagerly swallowing this nonsense about “muh low black unemployment.” My impression was that these same people were angry at blacks over all the anti-white violence a few years ago. Anyone else notice how coverage of anti-white violence has disappeared from conservative media since blump was elected?

  9. The Jews are just using the global health crisis as an excuse for tanking the Stock Market in 1 day. The Jews are looking for another fat tax cut for the rich now because Trump isn’t guaranteed a Win in November. Any Democrat elected would hike taxes on the rich and put that money toward Health Care, Infrastructure especially with all the flooding going on, and other things. All that funding should be done by Trump but he’s not gonna do it with the Jews and the Super Rich controlling the Government and our Economy. Deo Vindice !

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