Calm Before The Storm

Peak Prosperity has been an excellent, level headed source of information on coronavirus since January. I watch all their videos. Contrast their coverage of this with the garbage in the mainstream media.

I’m fine!

I’m sorry that I haven’t uploaded the blog over the past few days. I’ve been focused on preparing for the arrival of the Wuhan coronavirus here in Alabama, spending more time with family and enjoying the last few days of normalcy before the shit likely hits the fan here.

What have you been up to? Are you prepping for coronavirus?

Note: I suspect we will have plenty of time to spend together over the next two months. I live in a rural area and want to be able to drop out of society if it becomes absolutely necessary.

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  1. Chilling material on mass deaths and chaos in Italian hospitals, hidden by media –

    Have personally today spoken with northern European physicians who are personal friends with physicians in northern Italy, these people non-political

    They verified to me that there is indeed an unusual never-before-seen crisis there, people are dying, intensive care units are overloaded, and triage decisions are being made, it is worse than what is in media or as spoken of by Italian politicians

    Seems to be less severe in hot humid environments like SE Asia

    Jaroslaw Mika the general commander of Poland’s armed forces has tested positive for coronavirus after returning from Germany

    That execution the other day in Alabama of Nate Woods who did not personally kill anybody

    Gave a disgusting image of Alabama to the world

    If even most shit tier countries who aren’t Muslim have dropped the death penalty, why can’t the USA burgers?

    Shoot ’em on the street if need be but gawd damn the death penalty is weird psycho demonic shite

    • Huh? You mean you want murderers and their helpers alive? What kind of cucked out cereal have you been eating, brabantian? It speaks incredibly well of Alabama that they executed that demonic entity who played a large role in the execution of police officers. Sounds like more humanist gobfest that has infected nearly all majority white their slobbering to murderers to keep them alive. Why would any sane person want to keep murderers alive? Make that double for killers of multiple people.

      The new west mantra is to execute the babies but keep them murderers alive. No wonder whitey is going the way of the dinosaur. And the fact woods was black and executed was a good moment. So sick of seeing disgusting white celebutards with their black racists and types like Kim Kardashian who has taken it upon herself to try to get blacks out of jail because she likes black peen.

        • If 90% of orcs in zoos(euphemistically called ‘prisons’), were executed , America would be a far better nation. There’s no parole from death!

          All those billions wasted to sustain orcs could be spent on fine White minds and families.

    • No offence to the Latins but they like to chit chat within spitting distance.

      The old English greeting of an arms length shug of “olright” and zero eye contact is only second best to a snappy heel click, Seig Heil IMHO.

      Live and let die in the Plague Year.

  2. Those who make it through this – never forget those with the power to halt or ameliorate this coming horror did nothing to save those who will be lost. They clutched their gold and protected evil, and condemned the innocent to terror and death. And for that, hold each and every one of them accountable.

      • My dear Arian – the (((elite))) are not incompetent. They know what they are doing. Coronachan will obviously kill off loads of “expensive” oldies.

        Then a world of stupid, malleable Orcs.

  3. Welcome back Brad, you was missed! Altho’ I’ve been sceptical about the Prepper Industry, my scepticism hasn’t prevented me from “being prepared”. It’s just common sense in this world.

    • Being prepared in general is a good strategy – you never know when a supply chain disruption could hit. Heavy rain/floods? Earthquake? Riots?

        • Speaking of which, here is the first INTELLIGENT advice to be noted, about all of this. THinking of the THIRD LEVEL effects, this commenter noted:

          “I suggested if there are mandatory quarantines, TPTB might look into suspending all rent/lease/mortgage payments for the duration, to be caught up at a later date, while people are out of work because of said quarantine. (I also said that was too sensible, so that our political would-be overlords would probably fall over themselves not to be that smart right off.) Well, look what Italy has done* right after their PM shut the entire country down. And BTW, I’d like to thank Prime Minister Conte for reading this blog.”


          But we’re talking JEWS, BANKING, and THE LUST FOR GOLD/GELD.
          Probably not gonna happen. But send it to your senator/congresscritter, anyway.

  4. I’m not so extreme with the Prepping, just stock piling cheap and easy to cook food like beans, ramen, and canned soups if something really pandemic happens and food prices sky rocket during it. Btw Good to have you back Hunter

  5. Coronavirus didn’t “break the stock market”. These fuckers and their monopoly money….if it drops 1000 in a day it goes right back up the next.

    • Exactly. The stock market is NOT “the economy”. The stock market is a device to extract wealth from the productive.

      FYI – I have begun to regard CoronaChan as a big global (((scam))). We are being buffaloed yet AGAIN. My reasons?

      1) This years flu has already killed THOUSANDS, and no one is talking about the flu at all. Why CoronChan 24/7?

      2) Chuckie Shomer, Israeli bagman, was on the juznuz HOWLING about the “stock mawket” his AM. “If Trump doznt doo sumpin, dad stock mawket will drop and drop and drop!!!”

      The stock market is NOT the economy, and Chuckie’s Tribe is mostly responsible for the gutting of entire industries in this country.

      We’re being stampeded AGAIN.

      • “The stock market is NOT the economy, ”


        likewise, a barometer isn’t the weather, but it gives a good indication of things to come.

    • “if it drops 1000 in a day it goes right back up the next.”

      You haven’t experienced a prolonged bear market.

      • Yes, I don’t think there has been a true one during my adult life. The Fedkikes do everything they can to prop up Wall St. Their Ponzi/fake money scheme can’t last forever, though.

        • Good to hear you are preparing. I dont think the virus itself will be that bad, but supply chain disruptions from trying to deal with it will be.

          Thanks to Mister Metokur, I saw what China was doing and thought “Isabelle 2.0” and checked what stuff I needed. Thankfully I live in an area that gets weather scares every couple of years. Kinda makes me prepare for the worse even if the worse doesn’t come.

          Thanks for sharing Peak Posterity. Between them, Styx, Moly and Metokur they have kept me up to date with Corona Chan. And gotta thank BNO and zerohedge too.

      • The markets have always been manipulated. Now, the rigging is in our faces and many still don’t see it. We’ve been domesticated to the point of idiocy.

  6. Strange that decisive moments for Europe start generally in Italy, since the Roman Empire.

    Haec est Italia diis sacra.
    This is Italy, land sacred to the Gods.

    • Italy, being the West’s nexus of trade and finance for over 15 centuries, there’s nothing strange.

      • The nexus of awkward spitting distance intercommunication with counterparts. That’s Italy.

  7. Lately, I’ve really appreciated the ADR2 highlighting the true nature of America and neoliberalism with the help of the COVir. Tragic that we’ve been brought to this point. Wall Street, the Dow, GDP, and Israel are literally more important than the well being and safety of the citizenry according to the ruling elite which includes Zlimpf.

    It’s absolutely insane but it’s better to see it than to ignore it and bury our heads.

    The Left offers nothing practical and only makes things much worse with the ‘Das Rayciss!’ lunacy.

    Truly tragic.

    I hope we all stay safe, healthy, and alive and avoid danger zones where infection is likely and take the rational and mature precautions to avoid becoming infected. Prayer can also boost our immune systems by elevating mood and lessening fear. Whatever it takes.


  8. I’d say American politicians caught the Jew Flu well before this year’s AIPAC convention.

    However, unlike some contrived version of the flu, Zionism is terminal. One day you’re running for office, the next you believe some useless desert shithole that produces nothing is “our greatest ally.” Endlessly reciting moronic bromides.

  9. Guys you really need to calm down! You’ve watched too many juden Hollywood movies! Most of you won’t have more than a flu-like symptoms.

  10. Well, Brad…good to see you back. It’s past time you spoke at the AmRen conference, don’t you think? Your perspective is always interesting, provocative, & worth hearing. I’ll tell Jared that, at any rate. MBSP isn’t too far for you, even w/corona, right?

  11. Captain John,

    Let’s just do the Asian martial arts bow. The Western handshake should have been retired long ago, as it is nothing but a vector of microorganism transfer.

    • In the 80s I do not recall English people shaking hands outside of Mass. So it is good that we are flinching from handshakes again and talking at arms length again. CoronaChan has brought the Anglo back to his chilly stand offish disgust with fellow humanity

    • November,

      It is interesting that when I first met Anglos I would get up right next to them and speak. They would back up some. Now I keep some distance between them and myself when I talk to them. I still get real close however when speaking to Mexicans/Mexican -Americans.

  12. Arian,

    We were saying this very early in this Pandora’s box emerging pathogen. That trump’s incompetence and affirmative action appointees to important departments like FEMA, NIH, and CDC would screw the pooch on corona chan.

    While HW was getting his logistics in order, I was watching TruNews, and even Rick Wiles has thrown in the ‘white towel’ on Blompf’s handling of the coming plague.

    At least there was a Covid-19 spreader at CPAC and AIPAC. Just desserts.

  13. Welcome back, Brad. I missed the updates but I figured you were taking time to get your personal life in order.

    Coronavirus is only a tiny rumor in my area for now, so I’m not terribly worried. The moment it starts creeping in, though, I’m going full prep mode. Extra gasoline, propane, non perishable foods, bottled water…I’ll be ready. As a young and healthy person, I think I could weather it if I caught it…but given what I’ve heard of the virus, I’d rather not catch it if it can be helped.

  14. Trump has no trouble finding money for Israel but when it comes to funding necessities for Americans he cant find the money.

    Trump budget chief holds firm on CDC cuts amid virus outbreak
    BY NIV ELIS – 03/10/20 12:26 PM EDT 166

    Russ Vought, the acting director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, on Tuesday doubled down on proposed cuts to health services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), despite the coronavirus outbreak.

    Vought came under intense questioning from Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Pa.) at a hearing about President Trump’s 2021 budget request. It proposed cutting health funding by $9.5 billion, including a 15 percent cut of $1.2 billion to the CDC and a $35 million decrease to the Infectious Diseases Rapid Response Reserve Fund.

  15. Be not afraid gents. Trust the plan. Trump told us it is just a harmless flu. He has never lied to us before, so if I catch it I will carry on my life as normal. I will go to MAGA and Republican meet ups, go down to AIPAC, go down to the stock market, hang around the big city banks where the plutocrats count their money, vist the Fed, etc, etc. 😉

  16. I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge at the exact same moment that cruise ship filled with quarantined passengers was sailing underneath it. As far as I know the Bay Area hasn’t been devastated by any pandemic.

    • I read that too. SF has always had more than its share of weirdos but lately it’s out of control. BTW raccoons are notorious for carrying rabies.

  17. I just ordered a water purification unit for a friend, and the website I ordered it from is backlogged at least 9 weeks on storable food. If you have a Sam’s or Costco membership, get those big packs of canned goods. I haven’t been able to find hand sanitizer anywhere where I live, either.

    • You don’t need hand sanitizer. Its handy and quick, but it does help to breed more resistant bugs. Soap and warm water is really all you need.

  18. 2002 – West Nile virus

    2004 – SARS virus

    2005 – Bird Flu

    2008 – Avian

    2009 – Swine Flu

    2012 – MERS

    2014 – Ebola

    2016 – Zika

    2018 – Ebola (encore)

    2020 – Corona (the “¢rown viru$”)


    2020 (& beyond) – goyische kop knows absolutely no bounds

  19. How are you people NOT connecting 5G and this ‘outbreak’?? A bit flabbergasted it’s taking this long for the masses to catch on. What levels of denial are people on to dismiss 5G as the culprit?

    • yeah, what a cohencidence that Wuhan , China was the first city to release 5g tech!
      This shit is all fake.

  20. Hey Hunter,
    Thanks for the update, and glad that you and yours are well. I too live in a rural environment, a majority White county with a population of less than 50 people per square mile. If Covid-19 goes widespread, I will rarely be leaving my little homestead. This possibility makes my extensive vegetable gardening even more important. Take care.

  21. The outbreak and consequent disease is a matter of accumulated probabilities.
    Just reasonably stack the odds your favor.

  22. Rush Limbaugh is blathering on endlessly about how this coronavirus is all a big hoax. As if the medical professionals who saw the data the 14% of the people get really, really sick and 5% need hospitalization such as ventilators etc and don’t realize this is way, way more severe than “the flu” and has the potential to overwhelm the health care system. Just think about a 69 year old guy WITH LUNG CANCER, that would probably be fatal combined with coronavirus, so let him go ahead and pooh, pooh it all away. A guy who makes $60 million dollars a year lectures us how easy it is to just go out and spend $14K a year on health insurance. If he gets it he’s a goner, then we won’t have to hear any more of that strange lingo on his show about “El Rushbo” like he’s a Mexican Wrestler or something. And the endless snake oil commercials we get on WLS AM for the “Balance of Nature” scam, I noticed this scam has had the audacity the last couple weeks to run a new ad that claims it cures, not brain aneurisms or congestive heart failure this time, but “you’ll never get sick!” If Limbaugh gets it he’ll go down in history like that Victorian Slumlord who refused to listen to the scientist who traced a Cholera outbreak to a water pump and claimed it was fine, drank some water from the well, and died of Cholera a few days later.

  23. So far the only ones dying from coronavirus are 80-90 year olds. They would be dying anyway, without this coronavirus. Maybe the coronavirus is sending the 80-90 year olds to the next world a few weeks before they were going to die anyway — from old age. I mean, it’s normal for 80 and 90 year olds to die. In Italy, all the ones who died from coronavirus were in their 80s and 90s.

  24. As Jon Rappoport states in his recent article, the lie of the Coronavirus is different from Ebola, Sars, et al because they are adding fuel to the fire of lie on this one whereas the others they just let die off.

    This is going to get insane OD readers and we know how bad things can get when a crowd mentality takes over. The NCAA has already announced that even IF their tournament is played here in a few weeks, it will be WITHOUT FANS!

    The Golden State Warriors will now play without fans starting Thursday night in the Chase Center against the Nets!

    The governor of Ohio Mike DeWine has called on both indoor and outdoor venues to ban fans!

    This madness is just beginning and there is a mighty agenda behind it and it has nothing to do with the well-being of the public at large!

  25. The National Guard, in Jew Rochelle, JEW York, ARE BEING USED AS SHABBOS GOY FOR THE GOD DAMNDED DISEASES KIKES. The members of the National Goy are cleaning and delivering food to the Nation Wreckers.

    No wonder the Hebes despise the Goy; the Goy ARE PATHETIC.

    • Did Trump mention anything in his speech about closing the border?

      The government is sending the National Guard to New Rochelle because some jews there got the virus and the National Guard is going to help the jews, make sure the jews have food and everything they need, the government doesn’t seem worried that the National Guard troops can get coronavirus from the infected jews in New Rochelle. So the government can send the military to the border to stop the illegals from coming into the United States. This would be the perfect time for Trump to live up to his campaign promise about closing the border. If he doesn’t close the border now, now that there’s the coronavirus pandemic, then for sure he LIED in 2016 during the presidential campaign. He can close the border now and if the Democratic Party leadership accuse him of being racist hardly anyone will listen to the Democratic leadership, probably most of the grass root Democrats would support closing the border now. So Trump doesn’t have that excuse not to close the borders, for there wouldn’t be that much political opposition now to closing the border. It’s the perfect time to close the damn border.

  26. Tom Hanks and wife have it now. No fans allowed at March Madness. Remote campaign events being announced. Travel getting shut down. Interesting times.

    Hail closed borders. Hail Xenophobia!

  27. Tom Hanks just “tweeted” he got the ¢orona viri$

    … therefore, the “viri$” must be for real!!!

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