Donald Trump Endorses Tommy Tuberville To Spite Jeff Sessions

I’m finished with the GOP.

I’m done with chumps telling me to vote for the GOP to restrict immigration or because somehow these people are “advancing our ideas.” This was the last straw. Donald Trump IS NOT a nationalist or a populist. Clearly, he doesn’t care about restricting immigration. The man is an incompetent demagogue, a petty narcissist, a vain con artist and the leader of a vacuous personality cult. When he loses in November, he will leave nothing but a trail of destruction behind him.

Note: This isn’t even the worst thing he has done this week. As Italy collapses, he is telling his chumps that the coronavirus is less serious than the flu. These idiots believe him too!

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  1. Your description of Zion Don and his idiotic cult following is 100% accurate, HW. I’m through with voting. If you’re not a Zionist jew billionaire then you don’t matter.

    • As a Rural White Southerner, concerned solely for Dixie, I can only agree with you.

      Somewhere between 1861 and 1945 this country became what I refer to as ‘The Jew England Yankee United States’ Empire’

      There is nothing in this for me.

      Trouble is : ——- most of my Southern kind have not gotten the news and still think this country is for them.

      So, what can I do to encourage them to peer beyond the veil over their eyes?

      The Establishment gives me 2 choices for 2020 – Vice-President Biden and President Trump.

      The former is a New Englander who actually is honest enough, despite his glaring grafting corruption, to admit that he wants to ‘restore’ the policies of recent decades – as if, somehow, President Trump has really altered them!

      The latter is a deadly morphine in the veins of my fellow Southerners – many of them, still – as of 2020 – daring to believe that he was appointed by The Good Lord to lead us out of the wilderness!

      I have to carefully mull this situation over, because the reality of these two choices is that, beyond style, there is not much variance.

      Perhaps I would vote for Joe Biden, this in hopes that his presidency would so discomfit my fellow Southerners that they would actually do something about it.

      No, this strategy might have been good for Southerners of 1927 or 1827, but, so sheepish, gutless, and distracted are my fellow Dixians that it simply will not suffice for 2020.

      In the end, I am powerless to do anything more than wait for something to break, full mindful of the fact that such a thing might be a very long time away.

      I do not wish to be like the Tarheel Klansmen of my childhood who constantly kept thinking that a cataclysmic civil war was just right around the corner…

        • Thank you, Dear Atbotl, but, as Joe Biden represents their ideals about what this nation ought be, and they accept him doing such, I will regard him in that New England light, just as I regard Jewry’s foremost advocate in this country as President Trump, even though he has not a drop of their blood.

          Thank you for your thoughts!

          • “I’m factually wrong, but I’m just going to make stuff up to fit my paranoid narrative so I can avoid talking about how Southern people voted en masse for Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman and JFK.”

  2. When voting in any democracy there should be an option labeled, None of the above candidates are acceptable, but the establishment would never allow it for obvious reasons.

    • Democracy can only be a popularity contest and travesty of the real thing when the majority of the electorate couldn’t pass a grammar school civics test on the structure and functioning of government or remember more than last week’s topical distractions they saw on the news. But aside from the vulgar, virtue-signaling popularity contest our elections have become, the pretense of democracy provides the deadly serious, manufactured mandate for grave evils committed in our name. Washington should be likened to a sewer rather than a swamp because what you see is the shit that floats to the top.

  3. My first thought was: who the F is “Tommy Tuberville?” And then I read that he is some kind of coach for a sporting team. ( I do not follow sports.) And then as I read Trump’s “endorsement” I was thinking: How could anyone be tougher on immigration and borders than Jeff Sessions????

    Like you Mr. Hunter, I am done with Trump. The age of statesmen and leaders is over in America: all we elect now are those who pander to their own cult followers and or to the mob in general.

    • Tuberville is most known for his “brave” stance against the Confederate flag, when he refused to coach if his school did not lower it. In addition he is a big advocate of “Legal” immigration. All you need to know. Another shill and pawn of the elite

      • In other words, an antichrist. “2 John 1:7 – For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

        2 Thessalonians 2:3-12 – Let no man deceive you by any means: for [that day shall not come], except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition…”

        “In the end, all the Churches will follow Antichrist.” – Fr. Seraphim Rose, 20th-Century Orthodox monk

      • I did not know that, Captain Schill. Very sad to hear about all that.

        What a turncoat scalawag Tuberville is.

      • Tommy loves laying it on thick with the whole Jesus thing, one add featured him praying with nigg….err his College Football Players. It is really cringeworthy. Boomer Southern Evangicons eat that up.

    • People love their negroes who play feetsball, can’t get enough of it. The feetsball fans who are opposed to immigration will have no problem putting down the TV remote control just long enough to vote for this feetsball coach guy then it’s back to the 60 oz. Big Gulp soda and the pizza from Dominoes with some hair in it for a snack.

  4. Alabummians voted for Dugout Doug against Roy Moore, and now they are going choose Bummy Tubeville over Sessions? Alabummy epitomizes everything that’s wrong with the South.

  5. First let me state that I am glad you and yours are doing well Brad.. Wild times out there indeed. You picked the proper point to return as this will slip under most media radar but for most of us is the final betrayal. Anyone with more than a Fox news level of understanding realize Jeff Sessions was the single shining light in that administration not to mention a dignified gentleman of a better age.

    This single act combined with his Coronavirus, CPAC, etc really makes it clear that if you support the GOP you either have zero self respect or are simply a dupe.

  6. The only remotely interesting thing for nationalists to be talking about now is who we are going to run in 2024. We must run a candidate who is unambiguously our guy and get started on learning independent electoral politics now. We need a symbolic campaign to serve as a rally point for future party building. We need to get party building underway now. If we don’t this, we will never make progress. We have to forever forget the pipe dream of coopting the GOP.

      • no, he’s an idiot. Whites in ‘Murka have

        one foot on a banana peel and the other

        in a kosher mass grave. And he/you think we’re

        going to vote our way our if it?

        • Voting has a role to play, venerable Angmark, BUT, yes, it may require something other, along with that.

        • You can’t have political power without a political party whether there are elections or not. The Communist Party took over China with no election. They could not have done that had communists just been an affinity group with no party infrastructure.

  7. Trumpeldore is SUCH a relentless jackass. He worships whomever despises him, and stabs those that have exhibited loyalty and integrity in the NECK. Pathetic

    • Don’t impugn the character of Dumbledore in the HP books. He, at least, had a head on his shoulders.
      Trump….. not at all. Julian the Apostate meets Forrest Gump.

  8. Alabama screwed up. So did Sessions. First, Alabama could have had Roy Moore as its Senator but an open Christian like himself flipped out jewish controlled media and Jewish controlled Hollywood. Blaxxx- as usual- voted against the Christian candidate in Moore and voted for the baby killer, open borders and pro homosexual Jones as dem blaxxx were praisin JESUS in da churches, dancing it up and eating up. It’s the biggest folly ever- black Christians. Once in a while a true black Christian leader will condemn the ungodly black herd and he will get death threats for it.

    Sessions gave away an easy senate seat. He was a good senator but his urge to be attorney general backfired. He stupidly recused himself and the Mueller investigation, aka the Mullet, took over. Another aging, incoherent man like Biden is Mueller.

    Do these old people ever know when to call it? Pelosi is literally either drugged out or drunk everyday with the glassy eyes, the teeth falling out, the babbling nonsense. Biden has literally become the new Joe D. The first was the great ballplayer, Joe DiMaggio. This Joe D running for president is Joe Dementia.

    Back to Sessions. If I lived in Alabama no doubt I would vote for Sessions over Tele tubby. And the truth is Alabama can do that but I fear there is way too much Trump driven anti Sessions sentiment. Sites like Breitbart trash Sessions in the comment section. Sessions blew it even though he was a good attorney general. He was too honest dealing with sharks in the Democratic party.

    Trump demands loyalty. He is erratic. But with that said he is literally running against a guy with dementia. Biden lashes out, pushes fights, can’t remember things. He is aging rapidly. His son Hunter is an albatross, too. Biden has also run a rabidly anti white campaign.

    Finally. I find it so satisfying that sucking up to the blaxxx has once again destroyed political dreams. Bernie Sanders got beat by black people. Michael Bloomberg got beat by black people as his 78 year old, mega billion dollar appeasing ass literally trashed his own political legacy and success by trying to smooch black tush. So rich in its irony. Two jews brought down by muh blaxxx. Lol.

    • “dem blaxxx were praisin JESUS in da churches, dancing it up and eating up. It’s the biggest folly ever- black Christians.”

      Jeff – if the Ecumenical Councils mean anything, it is that there is only ONE Church, ONE Faith, ONE Truth- and only those who are the racial Elect, are the conveyors of that truth. For over a millennium, that Racial Elect were the White Race of Christendom. Both the OT (LXX) and the NT are in Greek, the foundational language of Europe. All of the Ecumenical Councils (upheld by Rome/the West, for the record!) were held in the Eastern Roman Empire. St. Paul was a Roman Citizen.

      It was only as the Church fractured (“Rome was the first Protestant,” the Orthodox say) that the false construct of taking the POLITICAL concept of ‘Invade the world, invite the World’ [ Sailer Strategy] was joined at the hip (an antichrist ‘hypostatic union’?) was extended to the rest of the world, from the standpoint of Europe. It was only THEN, that sub-Saharan, Mestizo, Amerindian, and half-caste Indians and Asians were ‘converted’. It wasn’t so much a ‘call to preach the gospel’ as it was a sugar coating for Capitalism, ‘converting the heathen’ as we sold them every good Britain, France, Germany, and America could produce.

      And now, that heresy is coming back to bit us in our pocketbook, via a flu, engineered by US and Chinese idiots…..

      Therefore, I have come to the obvious conclusion, that the tenets of the Christian Identity folk have even MORE, rather than, LESS Merit, than heretofore.

      In other words, no nigger is saved. He may have common grace, and may have the trappings of Xtianity, but his Elect status is not even on YHWH’s radar. Only the Whites of Christendom are the Apple of God’s eye, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. Amen.

      Of course, our sins against His holy Law do not give us a ‘pass’ in this worldwide plague. God is just, and He WILL purge His elect, and punish evildoers. That is a given.

    • Blacks didn’t vote for Bloomberg or Bernie but at least they didn’t pander to them like Trump did. Trump and his fool surrogates talking about BLEXIT & Blacks for Trump.

      • Bloomberg and Bernie totally pandered to blacks, Hickey. Bloomberg literally trashed his legacy to pander to them. He also trashed his police Commissioner indirectly in doing so. Bernie was sucking up to blacks all day long including throwing white police under the bus, reparations, kissing butt on the racist black caucus. I can go on forever. All Trump is doing-though it’s lame, is trying to push his black vote to 12% from 8%. America has too much diversity and black people have too many kids irresponsibly so politicians cater to that.

        John, while I do think some black people are true Christians, they are a minority. JESUS said by your fruits you shall be known. HE also said HIS true followers shall be hated.

        Africa was a backward, idol and demon worshipping place when whites showed up. Not sure if you read it but I highly suggest ” Negroes in Negroland” which you can find for free on the net. A fascinating read of what the white colonialists found in Africa including eating of human body parts, the sacrifice of up to 1,000 people when a tribal leader died, and slavery long in existence well before whites showed up

        A true black Christian receives death threats the way some received when some leaders trashed Obama. But most are in it for the money and/or political advancements.

        Christianity has become a recycled feel good religion that puts judaism on top and pretends all cultures are equal. It’s also dying in white nations due to such madness and “tolerance.” The Catholic church refuses to ban people like Pelosi and Biden. Their fruits have been well known for decades. People don’t respect it anymore. Just like with Joel Osteen never preaching on sin. It’s pretty sad. If a preacher is loved because he is easy, that is a warped Christianity even if that preacher says a few good things.

  9. Half of the MAGA and Q crew are now saying that the virus is a hoax created by the demoncrats to hurt the Trump presidency.

    Boomers have been driven insane by the realization that the news had been lying to them their entire lives. They are an entire generation that was trained from birth to defer to the media and to experts, but suddenly in their twilight years they had that rug pulled out from under them. It broke them and now they have lost their minds.

    • Trump is a germophobe, I think he is scared to death of corona. There is no way to protect him from it, he meets too many people every day who meet more people who meet more people etc. Sort of like six degrees of separation from corona for him.

      He and the other scumbags in DC wanted their big jobs with their big power and they got them. Those big jobs require meeting lots of people constantly, there is no isolation for them, they can’t just retire somewhere all alone with family, hunker down and wait corona out. Fuck ’em. Good riddance to the lot of them; Congress, the scumbag lügenpresse, the traitorous judiciary, the bureaucracy etc.

  10. Everyday I get more pessimistic, we live in Weimar 2.0 and voting and diplomacy are not working. What should we do?

  11. “America is more a system of rackets than it is a nation.”

    I knew this from an early age, and against my better judgement I voted for this fraud. Well, that was the first and last time I lower myself to participate in the democratic process.

    Looking around, I don’t see where America’s salvation will come from.

    • America’s future, whether next year or next century, is in being reorganized, William.

      By the way, my wife and I loved your quote. We had never heard that before. How very very true!

  12. At some point it doesn’t matter who is the face of this hellish clown show. We are going to suffer mother nature’s wrath and it’s going to reveal just how ineffective and insane this nation has become.

  13. The sweetest victory for all those left behind by MIGA and the greatest defeat for Trump will be Biden’s winning the white working class vote in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. It will be a YUUUUGEE ego hit for Trump. Aside from that, we’re f-ed as a country.

  14. Since we are talking about the Society of Spectacle let us not forget the new national anthem played at collegiate and professional football and basketball events. All white people stand up and sing! (Sung to the tune of Auld Lang Syne)

    All hail to thee the God race
    Thy sacred blackness be
    To me and mine a symbol of
    Thy African divinity!

    After all, whether we admit it or not it is a form of virtual Negro worship.

    • I respectfully disagree, Heartland. The Southern Negro has long been a fantastic athlete.

      And enjoying his performances is nothing new for Whites, not Southern Whites, that is, for, in all the centuries leading up to the 20th century sport’s spectacles, White Southerners have gathered to watch Negro boxers, Black cock-fighters, Black dog-racers, Black runners, Black wrestlers, and anything else you might mention that gathered in the squares of our towns.

      In fact, many plantationeers in Eastern North Carolina set aside certain Negroes of theirs to compete, for big stakes, against the Negroes of other plantioneers.

      This is about entertainment, and, in the world of entertainment, race, culture, class, dress, couth, looks, and connections are never the criteria upon which one is judged.

      In any case, be well!

        • If mentioning history is to troll, ATBOTL, then I am going to be guilty.

          One of the best things about Occidental Dissent is that it’s host has written extensively, as indeed, have commented it’s visitors, on a wide array of things that just never get talked about.

          The relationship of the Modern U.S. to the Negro Athlete is nothing new to Dixie. In fact, it comes from her.

      • “This is about entertainment”

        I for one, am not entertained. I could never wrap my head around the reason why whites find these degraded spectacles are worth their time and money.

        “Football is a game for trained apes. That, in fact, is what most of the players are — retarded gorillas wearing helmets and uniforms. The only thing more debased is the surrounding mob of drunken monkeys howling the gorillas on.” — Edward Abbey

  15. I am disgusted & frankly saddened by Trumps treatment of Sessions after he stood there and praised Trump In a campaign speech. I knew something was wrong with him in 2016 but I could not stomach Hillary. I’m voting for Joe. That’s it.

    • President Trump’s treatment of Senator Sessions IS pretty disgusting, dear Vickey – but, not so vile as his ongoing con games.

      That said, Vice President Biden is quite a con man, himself, not to mention a war criminal, a usurer, a perpetual dissembler, a grafter beyond even the illustrious Hillary Clinton, and arrogant beyond any, save for our current chief executive.

      And, oh, yes, I forgot to mention that he is, at most, 3 years away from being mentally incompetent.

      In any case, be well!

    • Vickey.. Voting for Joe? So you are mad at Trump so you will vote for the far worse guy in Biden who wants 2 million more invaders here immediately and wants to increase more immigration generally as well as refugees? Voting for Biden who has run an incredibly anti white campaign pandering to the blaxxx? Yeah that will show em.

      I am also assuming you could care less the types of judges Dementia Joe will put in or the fact he is another fake cat lick supporting mass abortions and globo homo?

      Ok Trump is a pompous ass. Ummm. So is Biden every bit as much and then some whose stated purpose is to hurt white people. He also is literally senile. Never saw so many pro white anti whites on a site. Lol.

      Good going. Vote for the guy who has dementia and will put in far left judges, will end the remain in Mexico policy, will radically increase immigration, refugees, will go after the second amendment bit by bit as they deny it.

      A pro black site could not have promoted more absurdly than I read from some on this site. Trump was never the guy. He is a stepping stone. Something you never got from any Republican in modern times before him.

      Heck I was just debating this black guy I know. The dude hates Trump because ” muh blaxxx are not getting their butts sucked on 24/7 by Trump” and they view him as raycisss. That alone is enough for me to vote for Trump. It was also great to see two black ass kissers in Bloomberg and Sanders get taken down by blaxxx. Lessons learned yet , yt?

      • “Vickey.. Voting for Joe?”

        What are you, a Freeper? What a lame cope. Your post is a steaming pile of copes. “The left hates him, so we should support him” is one of the most basic heresies against the alt-right worldview. You could use this logic to vote for Dubya again. Anyone who thinks way is not part of our movement, you’re just a racist conservative.

        • Yes atbotl. Dementia Joe is far better than Trump. Lol. Now back away from the weed and call it a day. You have two choices. Biden or Trump. You can do the lame neither one routine which just helps Democrats. Hey maybe you can get a job holding Biden up or reading him bedtime stories at 6 pm. If this corona crazy passes with not too much suffering, Trump walks in to an easy win regardless of some of the cucked alt right members here!

          • We now have low IQ, GOPe loyalist boomers coming into alt-right spaces and telling us to support Israel First and calling us “cucks” if we don’t.

  16. I’m actually glad Trump endorsed Tuberville over Sessions. Roy Beck of Numbers USA has endorsed Sessions, saying that no member of Congress over the span of years had a better record of opposing immigration than Sessions. By Trump endorsing Tuberville, Sessions will be free once elected(but not before) to unload on Trump about the differences between candidate Trump of 2015-16 and President Trump of today. As a Senator he can tell us what he really thinks about Trump without fear of reprisal or losing his job as an elected Senator. Hunter, do your best to get your fellow Alabamians to vote for Sessions. As an exponent of real conservatism, Sessions might conceivably be able to ride his position of chief right wing Trump critic into the White House in 2024. Roll Tide!

    • That would be fascinating to see, (Sessions unloading on President Trump for being so different from the candidate)

      That does not sound like Senator Sessions, Dear Blowtorch, though, but, rather, the one who will not win – Judge Moore.

    • The real question, Herr Wurker, is “What is the likely fate of a race whose members see football coaches as moral authority figures?”

      That, of course, is a trick question, since the answer is, “Well, it depends what that race is up against.”

      If such a race is up against the Jews, then that race’s likely fate is a constant struggle against extinction–but I’ll guess you’ve noticed that.

      • A couple of thoughts, Dear John – as you well know, football is an American 20th century ersatz model for militarism, because shooting at each other, as we did for millenia, does not fit into the modern bourgeoisie society that is devoted to distraction, satellite TV, frozen pizza, cheap Chinese take-out, and the accumulation of knick-knacks.

        So, naturally, the football coach is important to us. For us, in The South, Bear Bryant was pretty much the biggest chief. for Northerners, Vince Lombardi was much idolized, and no bigger fan of his than was President Nixon!

        As to ‘a race being up against the Jews’, I’ll say this to you : White Gentiles (as a whole) have lost a taste for running their own countries. They’d rather be ruled, and, naturally, Jews will do this, because, as the very controversial Bishop Richard Williamson has pointed out, ‘Jews are very motivated’.

        It all comes down to this, My Friend – Jews want to rule and Gentiles do not.

        THAT, and that alone, is the reason for why things are the way they are today.

        When you and I were wee, the generations of our parents and grandparents were surrendering, and, at this point, most of us, now the older generation, have no idea what has gone on, or what is going on!

        All the best to you and your mama!

        • With only a comparatively-minor difference, Ivan, what I’ve been saying re the Jews in my every Occidental Dissent comment since I began posting here, may years ago, is what you’ve said. You say, “Jews want to rule and Gentiles do not.” I say, “Jews CAN rule and Gentiles CAN not.”

          Oh, sure, Aryans are good at bringing home some woolly mammoth meat to the tribal campfire or whatever it was you used to do in the good old days. (I know that you personally, Ivan, are only half-Aryan, but I’d say you count as an Aryan in this context–more than I ever will, anyway.) Guess what? The game–no pun intended–has changed.

          “[F]ootball,” you reasonably observe, “is an American 20th century ersatz model for militarism, because shooting at each other, as we did for millenia, does not fit into the modern bourgeoisie society that is devoted to distraction, satellite TV, frozen pizza, cheap Chinese take-out, and the accumulation of knick-knacks.”

          That’s excuse-making. You belittle daily, modern American life to explain why you’re not winning at it.

          Do you see the Jews trifling with the mental development of their children? Do you see them, for instance, telling their children that a magic man comes down the chimney every December and brings them gifts–if they’re not poor, anyway? No–you don’t.

          Do you see Jews joking about the physical height of any one of their thinkers, as many an internet commenter used to joke about the alt-righter Millennial Woes? No–you don’t.

          I’ve just reminded myself of a passage from a Randy Newman song …

          “Her own mother came to meet us at the station
          Her dress as black as a crow in a coal mine
          She cried when her little girl got off the train
          Her brothers and her sisters came down from Jackson, Mississippi
          In a great green Hudson driven by a Gentile they knew
          Drinkin’ rye whiskey from a flask in the back seat
          Tryin’ to do like the Gentiles do
          Christ, they wanted to be Gentiles, too
          Who wouldn’t down there, wouldn’t you
          An American Christian, God damn”

          That song, called “Dixie Flyer,” is a sort-of-autobiographical piece, I guess, about a Jewish woman and her child (or children) who travel by train from L.A. to their ancestral home in the South while the woman’s husband is away in World War II.

          Look at that:

          “Drinkin’ rye whiskey from a flask in the back seat
          Tryin’ to do like the Gentiles do”

          Tell me that doesn’t capture the nature of the Gentiles whose idiot ways you’re defending, with your remarks about Bear Bryant and Vince Lombardi.

          I’m sorry to speak in this impolite way to you of all persons here, Ivan, but I’m afraid I don’t have the strength for anything better at the moment. Believe me, I could go on–and so could you, if you wanted to be frank about the Aryans.

          Let’s take a look at the closing of Mark Twain’s “Concerning the Jews,” which, as I understand it, was published by Harper’s in 1899 …

          “The Jew] has made a marvellous fight in this world, in all the ages; and has done it with his hands tied behind him. He could be vain of himself, and be excused for it. The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek and the Roman followed, and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other peoples have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished.

          “The Jew saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmities of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind. All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?”

          Many years ago, when I was first encountering race-conscious comments on the internet, I heard a White Nationalist remark that Twain was among many famous thinkers who had written unfavorably of the Jews. Since I’m going to guess that that nationalist was speaking with respect to that particular Twain piece, I’m going to say that that White Nationalist’s remark was a true specimen of Aryan obtuseness. Twain isn’t disparaging the Jews: He’s doing EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.”

          Well, this extended comment of mine is disjointed know, but I hope something of it has been clear enough. The day I hear school-age Jews ridiculing one of their serious fellows as a “bookworm” or “four-eyes”–or whatever may be the present equivalents of those mindlessly-insulting terms that young Aryans favor–is the day I’ll excuse the football, the booze, and all the rest of it. Until then, I’ll keep watching the Jews winning on today’s true playing fields–like physics.

          PS I’ve just recalled the reply a non-Jewish friend of mine gave me, years ago, when I asked his opinion why the Jews are doing what they’re doing. “Because they can,” he said.

          PPS The Randy Newman song:

          PPPS And regards to everyone at your end, as always, my friend.

          • Dear John, what a fantastic comment, both in style and substance. I’ll have to tend to this when I am not so busy.

            Thank you so much for your cordialities. They are always very much appreciated, and, I wish, more knew how to do this!

          • “Jews CAN rule and Gentiles CAN not.”

            Yes, this is a golden age for Jewry, Dear John, but, ‘Gentiles can’t rule’?

            As someone who has seen both parties up close, all I can say is that both have plenty of ability. If there be one area where Jews, over the last century, have excelled White Gentiles, it is in a desire to rule. They want it more.

            Sedevacantist Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson talked about this perhaps 4 years back when he remarked that Jewry is ‘extremely motivated’.

            But, hopelessly superior, I think not. That said, I respect your right to see it otherwise.

            In the end, for better or worse, the modern world, as we know it, has been the principal result of an ongoing collaboration between Europeans- Gentile and Jew alike, for centuries – ESPECIALLY IN Great Britain and The United States.

            With the rise of Rothschild’s fortune in England, after the successful deposing of Charles I and the coronating of Cromwell, this collaboration took on more of an international edge, with Jews, by the 20th century, becoming the senior partner in the firm

            That said, nothing of what The West is, and, indeed, has become, could have gone on without the massive Gentile contribution.

            It is a collaboration, Dear John, and, as such, it is the result of 2 willing partners.

          • ““[F]ootball,” you reasonably observe, “is an American 20th century ersatz model for militarism, because shooting at each other, as we did for millenia, does not fit into the modern bourgeoisie society that is devoted to distraction, satellite TV, frozen pizza, cheap Chinese take-out, and the accumulation of knick-knacks.”

            That’s excuse-making. You belittle daily, modern American life to explain why you’re not winning at it.”

            I do mean to belittle modern American Life, Dear John – you are most certainly right about that!

            I wish I did not have to, but, this country is sinking to such depraved depths that is increasingly difficult to maintain any enthusiasm about it, or my country, the South.

            For me, have passed decades watching Dixie became a belly-crawling unthinking dupe of every party alien to it, that has zero respect for her, is incredibly painful.

            We’ve lost all our self-respect.

            And you know, when you love somebody really deeply, when they go over the edge on a self-destructive dive, it is a pain that just keeps on giving.

            My Alabaman wife is tired of it, too, which is why she proposed moving to Eastern Europe when she retires. I suppose she, like more than a few, watches on a country like Hungary with a jealous, wistful, and admiring eye.

          • Do you see the Jews trifling with the mental development of their children?’

            Well, John, on a personal level, I do not, this because there are very few Jews left in Eastern North Carolina. Many used to be here, but, when the United States’ Government completed the destruction of rural Southern economy (begun under Nixon and mostly complete by The Clinton Administration) they began deserting it in droves for the prosperous cities.

            That said, I did see it on TV, my wife and I aghast at the series on cable which was called ‘Jazz’, that the story of a Secular Floridian Jewish couple who allowed, and, indeed, encouraged, their son ‘to transition’ into being a science-altered pseudo-woman at a very young age.

          • “Look at that:

            “Drinkin’ rye whiskey from a flask in the back seat
            Tryin’ to do like the Gentiles do”

            Tell me that doesn’t capture the nature of the Gentiles whose idiot ways you’re defending, with your remarks about Bear Bryant and Vince Lombardi.”

            Well, I am not really ‘defending’ Modern Gentile ways’, Dear John, but, trying to show that they have arisen from the evolution of reality.

            To repeat myself, I think this a terrible time, and I certainly share your frustration at the abdication of the majority citizenry to exercise a serious ongoing effort to ensure the future of our heirs.

          • “I’m sorry to speak in this impolite way to you of all persons here, Ivan, but I’m afraid I don’t have the strength for anything better at the moment. Believe me, I could go on–and so could you, if you wanted to be frank about the Aryans.”

            Oh, it’s no problem, Johnny. I do not feel you’ve directed it at me, but, merely have voiced that you are generally grumpy.

            I can tell you this – the situation in The South ’bout dang near drove me mad for some years, until The Holy Ghost took pity on me and gave me some peace on it!

          • “PS I’ve just recalled the reply a non-Jewish friend of mine gave me, years ago, when I asked his opinion why the Jews are doing what they’re doing. “Because they can,” he said.”

            Well, Dear John, that’s exactly what Andres Segovia said, years back, when a reporter asked him why he played so fast?

            ‘Because I can’, he replied without a hesitation and a smile as impish as a fat middle-aged man could make!

            In any case, I hope this week treats you well, My Philadelphia Friend!

  17. Agent Orange does it again!-This endorsement will come back to haunt him , just like his ill-advised endorsement of Mitt Romney as Senator from Utah. Seriously, Trump hasn’t got a clue-he can’t distinguish friends from enemies..Hopefully Sessions can get elected and repay Trump in Kind.-by being the conservative conscience that he lacks. AAso, why has Trump turned on Sessions, while the silence is deafening about Rod Rosenstein, the guy who chose Mueller without consulting Trump and really stabbed him in the back? Could it be because Rod was a member of the tribe, and Jeff isn’t? Just wondering…

  18. Ivan-Roy Moore denounced people like us at every opportunity when he was running for Senator last go round-did him a lot of good, didn’t it?

    • Thank you, Blowtorch. That was not a wise move on Moore’s part, though, certainly I understand why he would do such a thing.

      In any case, he would not have won that election because he had the whole U.S. Government Republican Establishment arrayed against him

  19. The Jews learned in 1933 what happens if you let a real European/white Nationalist come to power through democratic means. They don’t intend to ever make that mistake again. We can’t vote our way out this time. Disappointment is no worse than foregone conclusion when the end results are the same.

    • Excellent remark, MPO. That said, I will remind you that Hitler and The NSDAP never won more than 36% of the national German vote.

      Hitler got power through negotiation, after achieving a slim plurality.

      At any rate, be well!

  20. The state I reside in uses close primaries. On my Stupid Party ballot I’ll write “you’re fired” next to Trump’s name and write in Tulsi along with Tucker. I’m with you, Brad. Fuck the GOP and Trump, especially for this insult to Sessions.

  21. Here’s the truth, white man. No matter who you vote for in the rigged two party oligarch system, you lose and the jews, illegals, legals and blacks win. The best way to avoid losing the game is not to play.

  22. Tuberville’s plan for Alabama is to flood it with cheap brown labor. The GDP will soar! But of course Alabama will cease to exist completely in a haze of taquerias and tejano radio stations.

    Get ready Alabama, the Texas disease is coming your way. A great economy by numbers, and a completely unrecognizable shithole of incoherent diversity in which to raise your kids. Complete cultural death.

    My state is screwed, but I hate to see other Southern states follow the same path. Brutal.

  23. Ivan. There is dramatic worship of black athletes and performers like never before. There were plenty of whites playing football and even basketball years back. If you look at the dramatic shift in the Nfl it’s startling. The white coaches constantly groveling to their black players is disgusting. The tolerance of low down behavior has increased as long as ” the blacks don’t get mad and money is being made.” The absurd acceptance of crap lifestyles and stupid ghetto names has never been worse.

    I truly hate where sports has gone both culturally and financially. I truly hope it all takes a massive hit instead of giving guys 25 million per year to throw or shoot a ball. It’s capitalism at its worst and I would love to see corona chan, boycotting and even socialism flatten it.

    Regarding Jews you say non jews dont want to lead? Seriously? Non Jewish white Christians lead in many aspects of life. I think it’s more like Judaism is a very discriminatory religion and when they can. they take over ruthlessly. Meanwhile Christians are preaching equality and love your neighbors as yourself. Plus Jews run most media so there is the jewish victim routine and massive covering up for jewish mobsters and general criminal behavior.

    Jews push other Jews while Christians do not. Bottom line. That vile Jew Larry David along with fellow heeb Jerry Seinfeld did a disgusting show where urine splashed on a picture of JESUS. Nothing happened to them. Two shyster billionaires for contributing what exactly? Jewess so called comedian Sarah Silverman got zero trouble for saying she would kill JESUS again. But she did get in trouble over a black face incident. Interesting. Jewish and black worship along with out of control capitalism are wrecking this nation. Trillions in debt. Maybe Corona chan will change the way America is run.

    • Don’t waste your time talking to Ivan. He is either a troll or a old died in the wool neocon type who will never change. Even is he isn’t real, his attitudes are widespread among white men in the South, including millennials. They do have a higher tolerance for low representation of whites in sports than whites elsewhere do. Talk to some white big ten football fans and then talk some white SEC football fans about race in college football. The BT fans will acknowledge the issue and express a desire for more whites on their team. They are often passionate about wanting in state white high school standouts to play. The SEC good old boys will laugh in your face, tell you blacks are just better “afaletes” and make racially self-depreciating comments. That kind of thinking is part of the toxic effect of black slavery on white Southern culture.

        • Exactly, Denise – White Southerners are Negroes for the Northern Man, just as are the whole rest of the White World, or, at least, that part which does not take its daily stroll in patent-leather jackboots and Chanel.

    • “Regarding Jews you say non jews dont want to lead? Seriously? Non Jewish white Christians lead in many aspects of life.”

      I certainly agree, Jeff, but, in the most important areas of our country, (areas that set the direction of the country) in law, finance, media, and foreign policy, I find Jews to be preeminent, and this, too, is nothing new.

    • “Jews push other Jews while Christians do not. Bottom line.”

      Right, Jeff. In other words, White Gentiles are not interested in ruling, because, if they were, they would respond in kind – as they used to for centuries.

      Thank you for taking the time to make such a substantive comment!

    • One last thing, Jeff – President Nixon (1969-1974) was so taken with football, he used to doodle plays in The Oval Office and then phone then in to his favourite coaches!

      In his speeches Nixon oft referred to the best coach of that era, Vince Lombardi.

      When I was a child, a majority of men, colour irrespective, would sit for hours on the weekend just to watch a game, or two, or three.

      I can see my friends’ daddies, right now – smoking pipes, carryin’ on, and drinking beer.

      If there was one thing that united rural and urban life in those days it was enthusiasm for sports.

      Hell, back in the day in Alabama, Crimson Tide football was a religion, and no man more talked about or respected than their coach, Paul Bear Bryant!

  24. Thank you for your thoughtful reply, Jeff. I agree with you that many adulate sports’ stars all out of proportion, but, that is nothing new.

    When I was a kid, people were ga-ga over Mickey Mantle, Jim Brown, Jerry West, Bart Starr, and Wilt Chamberlain.

    In my daddy’s generation they were ga-ga over Lou Gehrig, Jim Thorpe, Dazzy Vance, Walter Johnson, and Babe Ruth.

    Before that it was Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, and Cy Young.

    The only reason why Blacks are not listed there was because they were shut out.

    If there was a shift, it came over a century ago – world series baseball games considered so important, many would gather around an electronic sign-board to watch a mechanical field indicate the play.

  25. Trump’s con worked because the people who were conned by it don’t understand the idea of there being more than one enemy at the same time. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that Trump didn’t have Jewish donors. I’ll make an analogy. The criminal on the street may be a bad guy, but it doesn’t mean that the police officer is your friend.

    My original position of being against a single jewish cause but still being against “big” Jews is basically proving to be the right position. This is the position I had long ago, before I started to play around with chaim ben pesach.

  26. Ivan Turgenev is a self hating cuck pretending to be one of us while wallowing in racial masochism, philosemitism and negrophlia. He is emblematic of the modern boomer Southern white man.

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