Will Conservatives and Libertarians Start The Boogaloo Over Coronavirus?

If you have been observing how the Dissident Right has reacted to the coronavirus, you may have spotted a trend. The conservatives and libertarians are furious about lockdowns that have throttled the economy and have tended to dismiss and minimize the coronavirus as “just the flu.” The conspiracy theorists are predictably spinning a vast web of conspiracies that gets ever more complex by the day. In contrast, post-liberals and many Christian conservatives have been much more willing to accept reality.

I didn’t believe in liberalism before any of this happened. I see people who share my views on that subject and none of them are currently up in arms about the tyranny of the state. Most of them seem resigned to the shutdown due to the public health threat which the mainstream Right allowed to spiral out of control in January and February. They don’t see anything out of the ordinary going on because new viruses are always emerging. Similarly, I see many Christian conservatives who are resigned to the shutdown out of their belief that God has always sent plagues throughout history to punish the wicked.

Clearly, the ideological liberals are having the hardest time with this:

In my view, none of this would have happened in the first place if these people had not been so ideologically inflexible at the outset. Donald Trump has allowed 430,000 people to travel from the United States to China since the coronavirus first surfaced in Wuhan. It took him over a month to impose a travel ban on Europe which like the China ban also didn’t apply to American citizens. Americans went ahead with the Super Bowl and Spring Break in Florida and Mardi Gras in Louisiana.

The “boogaloo” is originally a libertarian term. Do you think there will be a libertarian and conservative uprising against the government if the lockdown continues through the summer? The focus in the last year has been on Neo-Nazi accelerationists, but these are very different times. The people who want to “accelerate” things now are mainstream conservatives because the only scenario in which millions of people die from the virus is where nothing is done about it because of personal liberty.

Note: We’ve already had one nut who derailed a train in New York in an attempt to crash it into the USNS Mercy.

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      • Every Prepper that ever lived…. has been vindicated.

        And normal gardeners (like myself) are seeing things like Peat Moss, Vermiculite, and a whole host of other things in short supply… much like toilet paper, a month ago. Vendors are running out of seed, all across the ‘fruited plain.’ Is it an apocalypse? No, but suddenly, the older values of ‘being prepared’ – having a ‘Victory Garden,’ working to ‘fight the Enemy’ – in short, common sense, American ‘flyover country’ NORMAL MINDSETS, are making a lot of sense. Can you bake your own bread? Do you have enough flour, sugar, yeast? Can you and your neighbors pull together, to get through this?
        WHY should we trust Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, Bezos, Soros, etc.? WE SHOULDN’T.

        The businesses that sprang up in 1999, prior to Y2K, are now doing a record business.
        And yet…. sites like https://survivalblog.com/ are feeding the frenzy, with all sorts of nuts and Rapture KOOKS, blaspheming all over the place. (As well as your ‘we stand with Israel’ heretic blasphemers)

        FWIW, this bullshit mindset about sectarian Prots becoming even more fractured, via a scenario called ‘house churches’ – as one article presumptuously blathers on about, is just the tip of the iceberg: https://survivalblog.com/alaska-coronavirus-and-the-true-church-part-2-by-j-p-sun-apr-5-n/

        This is just the latest sign that we have learned NOTHING about this scourge God is sending us.

        NATIONS are comprised of millions of people with: a) common ancestry, b) common tongue, c) common RELIGION -only one! and, d) common Enemies. We cannot go it alone. “No man is an island, severed from the main…”

        Neither Mad Max mindsets (which are ostensibly JEWISH HOLLYWOOD ‘end-of’the-CHRISTIAN- world’ SCENARIOS,) or the ‘Wall Street/Banker/Trump’ worldviews are VALID
        – as they are both contrary to all race, religion, and rationality.

  1. The short answer? No, they will not. Why?

    In 1975 I was in High School in Mr. Davis History class. We were covering the Russian Revolution and the (at the time) the Cold War and the Soviet Union. Randy, an inquisitive classmate asked a logical question: “If Soviet Communism and tyranny was so bad, why didn’t they revolt? Why not another revolution in 1975?”

    Mr. Davis answer was this: “Because the average Russian in 1975 has a much higher standard of living and consumer goods then his father had in the 1950s, and much more than his grandfather in the 1930s. Why risk what you have? Why risk going back to a feudal, backward way of life like Russians had in the 1920s? Would you risk your dacha, Moscow flat, etc. for a revolution?”

    Yes, exactly. US conservatives and libertarians may have fantasies about being citizen-farmers in 1776, but few are really willing to risk giving up their smart phones and standard of living just to fight another bloody civil which they may, or may not, win. Losing would be catastrophic and they know it.
    That’s my opinion anyway.

    • Well they did revolt in several satellite areas. The USSR was not a peaceful place and the wider Eastern Bloc was regularly rocked with revolt.

    • THIS… You nailed it. As much as these cringe lords like railing about their “1776” and “cold dead hands” memes, see how much they are willing to risk once their TGI Fridays and Netflix are put on the table

    • “Why risk going back to a feudal, backward way of life like Russians had in the 1920s?”

      Also, understand that your teacher was a PRODUCT of ALREADY EXTANT JEWISH misinformation in the schools and academes, at this point in time. Back when National Geographic was still a valid magazine, in @ 1912 or 1913, they reported that Czar Nicholas II had worked so hard to raise literacy, the quality of life, and bringing Russia into the 20th Century, that soon, RUSSIA would be the world leader- NOT Britain, and NOT the USA.

      That one article was the spur that sent the JEWISH BANKER oligarchs into a frenzy of action- a world war was started, the USA was ‘given’ both the Income Tax, as well as the Federal Reserve, and big ‘capitalists’ like JEWISH Bank Presidents [Kuehn-Loeb, Schiff, et al.] financed the BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION.


      “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and critic of Communist totalitarianism


      People at home like Nesta Webster and others, tried to warn us in the 1920’s, 30’s 40’s and 50’s… but by then, it was almost too late.

      But Russia was NOT a Feudal or Backward country when compared to the USA in the same period. If you doubt that, read the vast array of articles on this site, about AMERICAN POVERTY, ILLITERACY, and the SOUTH in the early decades of the XXth Century.

    • We did not revolt for a few reason.

      1. 1975 Soviet Union was pretty well managed. Simple man life was very good. There was no shortage of
      basic needs.
      2. Ideology was separated from real life, not like in the west. So everybody had just opportunity to live
      their everyday life and ignore the propaganda BS.
      3. Big historical changes may turn bad and everybody knew it. When we after Lenin and Stalin and wars
      and mass murders finally got normal life, better do not rock the boat.

      Revolution demands masses. When simple man life is good, he does not care about politics or ideology or whatever. Nobody knew it better as the Stalin handpicked Soviet Elite. So the gave us bread and circus. Shit hit the fan when they got old, could not manage country anymore and we had shortage of everything.

  2. It’s ok to lose my freedoms when I’m scared about an invisible flying thingy monster coming to invade my bodily orifices and torture me to death. – Hunter Wallace

      • Yeah. Pasteur admitted he was a fraud in his diary. Viruses are as made up as the holocoaust and the moon landing.

    • Only people of strong faith rebel. That”s not America. No one really believes in Christianity anymore, they accept materialism but cling to the old ways for comfort and habit.


      • “No one really believes in Christianity anymore.”

        Living in your mother’s basement/under a rock?

        “Christ is Risen, Glorify Ye Him” is the cry of all Christendom, EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY.
        You can no more cancel Easter/Pascha than you can the sunrise/Son Rise, every morning.
        The myriad of saints, martyrs, kings, priests, Hierarchs, and holy men and women, belie your blasphemy. Because ‘God is the god of the living, not the dead.’
        And we all are alive forevermore, because of Christ.

        You, otoh, will die forever [Mk. 9:48]. Repent.

  3. “Similarly, I see many Christian conservatives who are resigned to the shutdown out of their belief that God has always sent plagues throughout history to punish the wicked.”

    Trump has the gall to seek the Catholic vote after promoting Con Inc’s globohomo agenda. Many Christians believe the current plague is punishment for America promoting the sinful and immoral values of homosexuality, abortion etc.

    • “Similarly, I see many Christian conservatives who are resigned to the shutdown out of their belief that God has always sent plagues throughout history to punish the wicked.”

      Some Christians, especially those of a more rigid right-wing bent, also tend to be very susceptible in continuously falling for apocalyptic, “end-times” fantasies – all supremely exploited by, um, their favorite people – thru their never-ending and very skillfully adroit use of the Hegalian (marxist) dialectic.

    • “Many Christians believe the current plague is punishment for America promoting the sinful and immoral values of homosexuality, abortion etc.”

      I not only believe it, I am sure of it.

      God is not mocked- not by idiot commenters on blog sites, pundits, the political false Uberclass, or [ most especially, most damnably] the Deicides.

      We who are Christians should call down MORE WRATH to punish the ungodly, and take dominion over the detritus of the world, and get back to building ‘Thy kingdom’ once again, as it ALREADY exists in Heaven, and has existed on Earth, for two thousand years. God has used the ‘xenoi’ of China, as he used the Assyrians and Babylonian empires of Biblical Israel’s day, to cause His Elect to REPENT.

      If we don’t heed this warning at the present time, we have only ourselves to blame.

    • “Many Christians believe the current plague is punishment for America promoting the sinful and immoral values of homosexuality, abortion etc.”

      Well, Aids fit that bill to a T but this? Wiping out old people? If anything it could be viewed by those inclined to interpret events in such a way as a plague to punish us for Globalism and tolerating a treasonous elite who shipped our industrial base off to China.

  4. There was a time I wanted to become an American and truly believed America was a better place for White men than Europe and in some parts that may be true, however, this idea that you have to go out and catch the Coronavirus as a way to defend your rights is Bush 2 tier “My country is gonna bomb the hell outta your country!” levels of thought that I didn’t think survived past the War on Terror.

    This is NPC-tier thinking, because many of the people advocating for this cannot enjoy time off alone at home and it’s driving them off the wall that they cannot go out and go places. I expect women acting this way, but grown ass men? Especially Boomers like RamZPaul? Give me a fucking break.

    Despite the calls from these people claiming that obedience to a quarantine is for “cowards” or “betas” it seems we’re dealing with a generation of old men and LARPers who are the real cowardly betas that want to spread a plague across the land so they can have one more day to drink margaritas at restaurants. Boogaloo my ass, these people would only start a revolution as long as Big Line stay up. Overthrow the Jews but maintain Wall Street.

    Pathetic, these people aren’t fit enough to scrub the GI generation’s boots with a toothbrush let alone try to hold a torch to the generation that fought in the American Revolution.

  5. I love how Conservatards who thought the Mainstream Media lied about Russiagate, 9/11, Hillary’s crimes, immigration, et al. suddenly believe everything about “hospitals are overwhelmed” and a the numbers from a sketchy virus test.

    • Yes. The same people who were posting videos 2 weeks ago showing how the media staged the “migrant” crisis, showing how the media took pictures of “kids in cages” to push their agenda, those same people are tripping over themselves to defend an unprecedented and counter-productive “lockdown” of their entire world AND…AND blaming people who oppose this as “Boomers” who only care about the stock market. The NWO person being created, whether “nationalist” or left-wing or whatever, share a profound authoritarianism and almost mystical worship of the state.

      • Fortunately, the United States is only one country in the world and we can look at the rest of the world and at profoundly different societies like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea and see how they are reacting to the virus, which proves that it is real and not a HOAX by the media. There are lots of countries in the world which are not completely dysfunctional like the USA.

  6. Even tho they weren’t virus incidents, the economic collapses are rather parallel in Japan 1990 and in Iceland 2008 … tho in both cases in tribally homogenous nations

    And we need to look at what they did, essentially a ‘national’ socialism, ensuring EVERYONE had a secure roof overhead, food and basic means of sustenance

    In 1990 Japan had a huge economic, stock market etc crash from which they technically never recovered

    They acted in authoritarian fashion … bankruptcies and foreclosures and laying off employees were put on hold by general order … Mr Japanese worker was told to put on his necktie and go to work even if there was zero to do, and his salary would continue … They NEVER allowed high unemployment, the superb theory that if everyone had a tiny bit of money, the economy would limp along, proving itself

    Japan’s financial arrangements ‘zombie companies’ etc were scorned around the world … their national debt is the highest per capita in the world … but the yen remains one of the world’s strongest currencies, and there was no ‘social disaster’ or even high unemployment, and it’s now 30 years after

    Iceland 2008 everything collapsed … the entire country got together, went door to door to make sure no one was hungry or freezing, they increased fishing etc to get food, let the bad debt implode and disappear … and got back to normal quicker than the EU which they refused to join

    Northern Europe is similar with in effect a back-up UBI, with the virus lockdown they’re already enacting programmes that people don’t have to pay their mortgage for many months etc

    Socialism, even the authoritarian kind, is not to be dismissed

    • Exactly right. Pay all business expenses, including salaries, until corona emergency declaration ends. If so, maintain lockdown. If not, reopen. Businesses will impose social distancing and probably even mandatory PPE in establishments such as masks. That will be good business. Then treat the sick as they self-discipline, quarantine as needed.

  7. LOL. Is that like Mexican (Catholic) and Puerto Rican (Catholic) family values? Consider that the Catholic priesthood is homosexual by its very nature.

  8. Yes we live in some crazy times. I’ve studied political ideology all my adult life. Some say governing from the middle is best. I would agree. I think Nationalism in a British National Party sense is the best political ideology for White People and people in general. The Fiscal Conservativetards have finally been put down in American politics and that’s a good thing. Those Greedy Hogs are the worst of the worst. It’s good seeing many of them coming around and supporting the Economic Stimulus Packages. This will make more people come around to us. We should look out for the best interest of all people…not just ourselves. That basic view is the root of Organic Nationalism….we should all have prosperity. I do believe we can have Freedom, Liberty, Social Distancing, Markets, and wash our hands at the same time. Some people (young punks who wanna get drunk, do drugs, and party in groups of 20) are messing all that up. The solution is for young people to stop acting like stupid selfish idiots cause doing that is only giving the government an excuse to cut all Freedom and Liberty right now. Be smart with your Freedom and Liberty. The government should let the Free Enterprise system fix this problem by putting the right medicines on the market and vaccines at a low cost. I saw a meme yesterday that Coronavirus is what it’s like if we didn’t have Vaccines….very true. Clean vaccines work! Deo Vindice !

    • You’re retarded if you think vaccines and social distancing stop illness. Full stop. Boomer downs syndrome.

    • The problem is, America is no long a real nation. It’s just a ((business enterprise)) masquerading as a country. There can be no organic nationalism with different races sharing the same living space.

  9. Soooo, you’re voting biden in the fall??? Or are you one of them types that says voting doesnt matter and doesnt bother going to the voting booth???

      • voting is rigged…
        And anyone with an IQ over room temperature knows this deep down…
        I mean, they may still partake in the facade, but they know.
        Politicians like anyone in hollywood, all have blackmail tapes that they are reminded of if they ever go slightly astray.
        This is how jewry works, goyim.

  10. Of course not. Our Oligarchs are smart enough to share a big enough portion of their bounty to buy off all dissent, feed our need for trash culture(I. e., bread and circuses), and have brainwashed us to hate each other for frivolous reasons (divide and conquer). It has always worked, no reason to doubt it will still work.

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