RIP David Dorn

My radical take:

I thought what happened to George Floyd was unjust but likely unintentional.

I also believe what the looters did to David Dorn was unjust and that it was murder.

Finally, the virus which has killed over 108,000 Americans was a monumental tragedy that isn’t even close to being over. I don’t think the people who are rioting care about any of this.

Note: The rapper Drake contributed $100,000 to pay the bail of rioters. #BlackLivesMatter

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  1. Wait, I thought BLM? If there was one honest reporter, he could have blown that whole lie out with the death of a black man.

    • BLM, like AntiFa, is a Jewish outfit from top to bottom. 99% of BLM activists are Jews and their ostensibly White Goy stooges.

      They don’t care about Blacks, outside of their utility as political weapons, and as tools of conquest.

    • Oh yeah…and if you do who is going to go your bail? Gotta legal defense fund? They do…

  2. Leftists hell the majority of people on twitter are trying to blame all this rioting and looting on white supremacists now, a total deflection and denial from the truth. Antifa are the supposed “white supremacists” they the ones looting mostly with thugs Am I wrong I’ve watched all the livestreams this seems to be the case

    These people are truly evil and Trump is a dumb stunned cunt for doing nothing about it

  3. Rap is crap heard a few drake songs out of curiosity what absolute shit how is this guy so famous? utterly tuneless drivel

    Rappers support looters and murderers imagine my shock

  4. IF the HR hired cops can’t stop this THEN it is up to the INTEGRATED ARMY full of Tyrones.

  5. This instance illustrates a very important point about blacks , a super important point.
    Any good that is present in the race is overwhelmed by the bad, making their overall character so very destructive. The bad will always dominate within a black community.

    This is the very reason black communities degenerate to savagery.

    • 100% right you are. Man I wish I could go back in time and tell the slave owners to pick their own damned cotton.

  6. The few, and I mean FEW, good ones are not worth the burden of the rest of them. They are not an asset but a destructive force.

    They should be kneeling to us.

  7. The time is approaching where many Whites will wish they had bought AR-15s instead of LED televisions.

    You might want to get one today along with 10 magazines and 2000 rounds of ammunition, a decent mid-range optic and carry vest. That’ll set you back about $1700.00. Had you bought that same equipment six months ago it would have cost about $1100.00

    It’s only going to go up from here & be harder to obtain.

    The police, The President, The local Mayors and State Governors have made it abundantly clear… You’re on your own.

    Make no mistake. The most important things you own aren’t your computer, your cellphone, your car or your home. It’s the tools you have to preserve your LIFE.

    • @KC…

      It was lost long ago. Now that is obvious to even the most disinterested American, we can began the processes of contemplating what is to grow up in the aftermath of the rot.

  8. I suppose he went to black cop valhalla.

    Die to protect a pawn shop? Lol.

  9. I’m going to counter signal you here. While Dorn might have had many great qualities, I’d like to know I fhe ever trained with the IDF or was ever involved with sending cops to train in Israel or work with Israeli contractors on St Louis PD work. The guy was doing security at a pawn brokers for fucks sake. That’s sickening. Pawn Brokers are vampiric.

  10. Even when Whites open up (between ourselves) to the incredibly obvious fact that we, like every other tribe, have in-group preferences, most of us won’t publicly admit it. Civic nationalism is the dominant programming forcefed to us in education and media. The vast majority learn to go along to get along, so questioning even our most elemental instincts — like tribal fealty — eventually becomes easy. Those that can resist nonstop social and cultural pressure are few.

    We can’t expect allegiance from many. I thought we could build a coalition as we became more marginalized, but the completely cucked nature of the bulk of Whites in the US won’t be altered anytime soon. We’re rare birds, those of us able to accept clear-cut realities like racial differences.

    • We are Rare Birds on here Boomer X!

      Only the few get to Heaven: The chosen ones?

      (((The devils party’s are always better ))) is the slogan for the anti Christians.

      True on Earth,

      False in the after life!

  11. This man’s death is a tragedy. A real one, unlike the death of dead nigger floyd. He was one of the very few good negroes left in this garbage dump country. Ironically his life was ended by a nigger thug.

    • Oops, apparently the terrorist enabling employees in questions were not fired.

      My mistake.

  12. There are two types of human equality that need to be mentioned here. One is physical equality, which measures only obvious physical characteristics. The physical manifestation of a human being is best described as a “person” and classified by purely physical characteristics. In this limited sense, all black person are physically equal to each other. Their single shared characteristic becomes “blackness.” Arguably, Martin Luther King, Jr. is significantly equal to George Floyd, although I strongly reject this racist argument, this purely physical “Point of View,” as irrelevant.
    The other type of human equality ignores physical characteristics and measures instead only intellectual similarities. The similar concept that comes to mind is “spiritual.” In this second sense of Human Equality, MLK, Jr. is equal to Mahatma Gandhi and to Henry David Thoreau. These three men all represented a common philosophical position. The racists can identify nothing in common with these three thinkers.
    The Antifa crowd is celebrating George Floyd as though he were the latest reincarnation of MLK, Jr. I object. I believe that Floyd was a flawed individual whose life was one of crime against both society and against himself as a human. In truth, Floyd was a life-long criminal; his checkered past is a matter of police record; he was not reformed at the time of his last arrest.
    Those who now advocate wide-spread non-violent protests against “police brutality” predictably serve as a cover and an excuse for the leftist’s wide-spread violent looting and burning. The Main Stream Media apparently can’t clearly distinguish between the two ethical positions, or else don’t wish to. Floyd was a tragic figure, but let’s be fair, so too is the white Policeman they now want to throw up against the wall of prejudice and lynch.
    Predictably, George Floyd will now also being resurrected as a character from great literature. He’s now being cast in the role of Jean Valjean, the reformed convict in Hugo’s “Les Misérables.” Our zealous policeman also appeared in the same novel, as Inspector Javert.
    My, my, how life does imitate art, or did the MSM get that backward too?

  13. America’s Bane aka 13% aka Joggers and other terms, at work proving that the cohort is, indeed, the feral barbaric cohort they constantly prove through their actions that they truly are. The non-indoctrinated and non-brainwashed rational thinkers know what is required to make the USA as great as it can be but never will attain what with so many parasites dragging the productive people down. Only a successful military coup can undertake the actions required to end this ongoing menace that is akin to a growing cancer that ultimately destroys the host.

    • there is ,and never has been , any peaceful way out of this…
      that is traditionally how genocides usually work..

  14. You can’t impose White standards on black people.
    You can have integration or civilization, but not both.

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