Coronavirus: 6/2

The pandemic is still churning along and killing people.

After six months of COVID-19, we are all tired of it though. The riots are now in the spotlight. It is June and summer is almost here and we are at a national ebb until the fall.

The South: 6/2:

MS: 16,020 cases, 767 deaths

AL: 18,720 cases, 653 deaths

SC: 12,415 cases, 501 deaths

GA: 48,207 cases, 2,102 deaths

TX: 67,973 cases, 1,735 deaths

FL: 57,447 cases, 2,531 deaths

LA: 40,748 cases, 2,839 deaths

AR: 7,818 cases, 136 deaths

KY: 10,185 cases, 442 deaths

OK: 6,692 cases, 339 deaths

WV: 2,056 cases, 78 deaths

VA: 46,239 cases, 1,407 deaths

MO: 13,969 cases, 796 deaths

NC: 30,022 cases, 961 deaths

TN: 24,375 cases, 381 deaths

U.S. cases:

6/1: 1,859,323

6/2: 1,881,205 <— YOU ARE HERE

U.S. deaths per day:

6/1: 730

6/2: 1,134 <— YOU ARE HERE

TOTAL: 108,059 dead

Note: This is completely normal.

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  1. The chief doctor for Saint Rafael’s Hospital in Milano, Italia, has said that his area is no longer in a panic about Corona and that the strains of the virus that he is seeing in those walking into his hospital are noticeably weaker than what he was seeing several months ago…

    • @Mr. Griffin…

      Let us hope. After all, we have very big fish to fry on political and cultural levels, without having to wrestle with that.

      At any rate, have a good night!

    • You did good. People following advice to social distance also facilitated racial distancing too.

  2. You need to put at least a couple weeks of daily deaths in your list. Or at least the average deaths per day over the last week.

  3. Now onto more important business. The Antifa organising the rioting in NYC and Chicago are blacks and browns. STRIKER did a good job reporting on it all. These are Brown Supremacists posing as intellectual radicals. The Base in particular are straight out of Bushwick. Black and Brown Hipsters.

  4. I’ll breathe easier (get it? get it? I’ll “breathe easier”! HAR DEE HAR HAR) once fall is over and we’re past whatever second wave might or might not happen.

  5. I’m really impressed how all the protestors managed to maintain social distancing and mask wearing (not, of course, to hide their identities). They are being so good and well behaved us evil Whites need to reward them for it. We’re all in this together.

  6. I did the Swiss test and found out I had it.
    These fools at the protest are killing and infecting people. They should be shot flat by the Army.

  7. My theory is these riots were caused by cabin fever from the lock downs. The virus is not fake, so its going to blow through 200,000 deaths in half the time. The lefties are already blaming racism for the new wave of covid deaths that are coming, and its going hit the antifas, street thugs, and shit libs particularly hard. SAD!

    • These morons are killing each other and they are killing their relatives. They should be shot on sight.

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