Woke Supremacy and Symbolic Murder

Who is responsible for this national catastrophe?

First Things:

“Second, that a great many of the foot soldiers in this movement are young, white, suburban, middle-class and college-educated; and that they are working out their salvation with fear and trembling and a deadly earnestness. The “white privilege” of which these young people complain is a projection onto others of the very condition that they suspect and fear in themselves. Hence the convulsive rage, complete with copious gutter profanity, which we have all seen in videos of them. People in the grip of such powerful psychological forces will go a long way to expiate for their existential sins and rid themselves of their demons. They are easily mobilized by others. According to Pew estimates, only one out of six Black Lives Matter activists is actually black. …”

This has nothing to do with the distant past.

In spite of what we are told in the media, it is not about Christopher Columbus and the genocide of Native Americans or the War Between the States or the settlement of the West or the Founding Fathers. Consider the fact that the men who actually fought in the War Between the States reconciled and moved on in the 20th century. Why is antebellum slavery such a burning issue … in the year 2020?

This crisis is entirely about the end of the post-World War II era. It is about the postwar doctrine of “anti-racism” which was enthroned in our culture after the war. It is about the “meritocratic” system which sorted and created America’s postwar elite. It is about how that elite which was alienated from the American past proceeded to systematically deconstruct the nation. More than anything else, it is the fruit of all their toil which has gone on for decades in the mainstream media and in our universities.

Conservative liberals are responsible for creating the woke mobs. They accepted and legitimized this new moral frame – the laundry list of -isms and -phobias, which are now our compass of good and evil and the basis of “cancel culture” – which have been propagated since World War II. They were content to smugly bask in the “spontaneous order” of freedom which is why they allowed the radicals to seize control of public education. For decades, they participated in “canceling” anyone who was courageous enough to defend White people, make a politically incorrect joke or break this racial etiquette, and the long term result of their cowardice was a generation of spoiled upper middle class suburban White kids who have been psychologically traumatized and who are playing out their White guilt by smashing statues, burning down businesses, tormenting their peers and voting for radical leftists.

“Systemic racism” actually does exist and needs to be confronted. Every institution in our society whether it is the military, the media, social media, the universities or the churches is now anti-White. In order to get ahead in contemporary America, you have to pledge allegiance to the anti-White cause, especially in the mainstream conservative movement. The woke mobs were raised from K-12 public schools through college to be anti-White. The doctrine that “anti-racism” is synonymous with anti-whiteness is now openly and explicitly proclaimed in the mainstream. It is now “White Fragility” to reject it.

“But unlike Jefferson, we have the benefit of being able to stand on his shoulders, with his words to direct and inspire us. “We knew” about Jefferson’s faults, said the venerable civil rights leader Representative John Lewis of Georgia. “But we didn’t put the emphasis there. We put the emphasis on what he wrote in the Declaration. . . . His words were so powerful. His words became the blueprint, the guideline for us to follow. From those words you have the fountain.”

The phrase “all men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence is a fountain of lies and is responsible for our misery. It is this false philosophy which has led to all this guilt and resentment. The world would be an infinitely better place today if the “venerable” civil rights icon John Lewis had been chunked off the Edmund Pettus Bridge and into the Alabama River in 1965 as anyone who takes more than ten minutes to drive through Selma, AL in our own century can confirm today.

If First Things didn’t spill so many tears over Marxist radicals like John Lewis crying about “racism,” Christianity and America wouldn’t be in ruins today.

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  1. There is usually a pushback against madness such as this, but where is it going to come from this time?

    • The money has to go bad, first. We’re not there yet but the train is going down hill fast, picking up speed and like this anti-racism crusade, has no brakes.

  2. “Princeton bows to pressure from wing nut Glenn Beck and cancels Woodrow Wilson”

    I’ve come around on these cancellings.

    Stalingrad** & Leningrad got canceled. (Today they are known as St. Petersberg & Volgograd.)

    ** Yes Stalin turned on the Jews with the Doctors Plot but he caused untold misery in Eastern Europe and in the German Democratic Republic, part of my beloved Fatherland.

    Recently Churchill had his statue boxed up and since he ordered the fire-bombing of Dresden I am for that as well.

    With Wilson he got the USA into the European Civil War ( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Civil_War ) and presided over a massive increase in government. Prior to Wilson the only contact many Americans had with the government was getting their mail. Now we are facing mandatory vaccibations when Biden gets in! Yikes!

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