Russia Approves Constitutional Changes

Meanwhile in Russia …

The Moscow Times:

“Nearly three-quarters of Russian voters have backed constitutional changes that pave the way for extending President Vladimir Putin’s rule until 2036, according to the Russian election commission’s preliminary results released Wednesday afternoon.

Polling stations have closed in the Russian Far East as the rest of the country continues voting for or against the package of 206 constitutional amendments. In addition to enshrining populist and conservative measures in the Constitution, the changes cancel a sitting or former president’s term limits, allowing Putin to seek two more terms when his current term ends in 2024. …

Putin is emperor for life.

Check out what Russia has built while Americans are in a frenzy tearing down their monuments.

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  1. What they built is a “church” where Stalin was initially depicted as a saint! Don’t fall for the illusion that the Russians are some kind of alternative to the decaying West. They to put it mildly are a pitiful bunch! Check the pictures at the bottom of the article with posters for the just concluded military parade where the idiots at local level had pictures of German soldiers and American tanks to depict Victory Day???That does not imply that I see any hope for US and Western Europe after the recent events.???

    • Dear Ivan,
      I am aware that Russia has problems, and that Russians have different feelings about that and the efficacy of their leader in having dealt with that.

      Russia has always had a dark side, and Russia is still suffering the lingering problems of reestablishing a unified country and economy after the Fall of The Soviet Union.

      That said, it is difficult to be an American Conservative and not take note that, at the foundations, Russia is making some improvements, while this country is sinking and sinking further into the muck.

      Even the most basic things of our society, such as, ‘Made in America’ or marriage between a man and a woman, are either completely shot and or breaking down.

      Vladimirovka has, as he has publically admitted, solved the Russian Economy, but, he has made good strides in other respects.

      Many of us look at what y’all have in him and see no equivalent in The West.

      We see no effective patriot at the helm of any country, in The West, save for those of The Visegrad Alliance, such as Duda and Orban, but, then again, they are not really West.

      But, yes – things always look rosier from the outside.

    • Ivan- As if Bulgaria has anything nice to say to Russia!? It’s almost on a level of ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ with the neo-Cohens here in the USA.

      • Yep nothing nice to say about you, cause we know you very well! And the other Eastern Europeans know you too. We also know what these commie freaks rioting with demonratts endorsement will do to the US!

      • Bulgaria….Russia …USA….

        What the Paraguay hamster owners union think about Uruguay hamster owners union ? I depends, if communists using those organizations as cover for anti white war or not.

        People do things, not isms or institutions or land masses. When Jews and communists can take over whatever institution, then it will be turned into anti white weapon. For example, US supreme court may decide that for saving constitutional republic it is necessary to declare constitution itself unconstitutional . Sounds absurd but this is exactly how our enemy works.

        Who are representing things ? Humans or communists ?

  2. Looks like good news. I knew I was not wasting my time learning the Russian language and Russian history. i took another Russian aptitude test and supposedly I am advanced Intermediate level.

    However when watching the Russian TV series Better Than Us, the only Russian i can continuously follow as they speak is the little girl. Meaning I could attend a Russian Kindergarten.

  3. I think Russia has always valued stability, and, after the brutal Yeltsin Years, I do not think that it is difficult that many of them see stability in Vladimir Putin.

    He has brought back pride, some social stability, bolstered the family, helped to revive the church, rebuilt the military, and reestablished Russia as a big player on The International Scene.

    Knowing more than a few Russians personally, I am well aware that there are Russians who are angry at him, for various reasons, though,. on the whole, I do not believe that they are the status quo.

    I think The Silent Russian Majority has an appreciation for what Mr. Putin has done, and they see no one to take his place, wearing all the hats, as he does.

    I think most Russians are keenly aware how close they came in the 1990s to permanently losing their sovereignty, in it’s entirety, and deep down, they know that one man stood in the way of their eternal subjugation to The Rothschild-Rockefeller Complex of the West, and his name is Vladimir Putin.

    Long after Putin is dead, he will be studied, as are Peter and Catherine, the greats, Stalin, and Ivan The Awesome, whereas men such as Andropov, Gorbachev, Brezhnev, and Kruschev will all be obscure footnotes.

    For me as a Westerner, I am grateful to Vladimir Putin for being a mild breakwater to some of the megalomaniacal insanity of The West.

    We are a better world, a much better world, for Vladimir Putin.

    What recent American president can I say that for?

  4. As to The New Military Orthodox Cathedral – I think it stupendous, and, yes, I am well familiar with Russian Orthodox Cathedrals.

    Moreover, what I really think is splendid is how Putin ties Church and State together, something which people here, in The West, think the very worst possible thing.

    Yes, the ties between church and state can make for abuses, but, on the whole, that bond offer many fold more advantages.

    In an upbeat way, I envy the kind of unity Russia is developing, at least in part through faith, and I see absolutely no corellary here.

    If there once was a correllary in The United States, it was the NFL, though, with all the Marxist activism in it, as of recent years, it no longer functions as such.

    At any rate, binding a nation through sports is a rather paltry thing when compared to uniting it through God.

    Yep, I know it offends liberals and liberal conservatives in my country, but, I see this Military Cathedral in Russia as a serious sign of good health.

    Yes, as The West celebrate genders confusion, consumerism, substance abuse, man-hating feminism, abortion, and marriages between Tom and Steve, Russia is fostering the time-honoured and time-proven values that make for a winning nation.

    What’s not to ;like about that?

    Oh, yes, it’s not individualistic enough.

    Oh, well…

  5. What they built is a “church” where Stalin was initially depicted as a saint! Don’t fall for the illusion that the Russians are some kind of alternative to the decaying West.

    Sorry, things look better over there. At least Stalin was on to the Jews and he never would have allow jigs to become national idols. I’m not saying I want a commie leader but having vulture capitalists, pedophiles, and crazy queers isn’t working out to well for us.

        • Thanks. Haste makes waste and can make one appear ignorant. I admit I am rusty sometimes but I need to slow down and double check. But, I know I won’t in the long run.

    • This commie animal Stalin who personally ordered churches to be blown off has no place in them!

  6. The “dissident right” would be wiser to focus on demography rather than side issues like abortion, guns, homosexuals, or religion. Compare Amren’s outreach to millennials and zoomers compared to the now faltering and mostly boomer supported Focus on the Family.

    The only reason East European countries are still traditionally conservative is because they were shielded from the tumultuous changes of the ’60s and ’70s by the Iron Curtain. That’s now slowly changing among young Eastern Europeans, as well as East Asians, because of the net and them wanting to emulate the wealthier and supposedly more sophisticated West.

    You can either have a safe, clean, prosperous white Western nation where progressivism will always exist to some degree due to European altruism (ie France, Switzerland, England, Finland, Canada, etc) or you can have a diverse hellhole like Brazil or El Salvador where the people agree with your religiously conservative extremism, but y’all can’t have both. Most of us race realists will choose the former because you at least have prosperity and security in a decadent First World country as opposed to a crime ridden, corrupt, poor Second or Third World country.

    • Yes, the progressivism of France and England in particular are doing wonders for their demographics.

    • “””…..The only reason East European countries are still traditionally conservative is because they were shielded from the tumultuous changes of the ’60s and ’70s by the Iron Curtain……”””

      No no no. We are more normal because wars and revolutions wiped our genetically mad population away. Wishful thinking, logic mistakes, and self invented heavens and hell“s will not make bad situation better.

      Race realism means also realism about white race. Witch hunt, French revolution and lot of other madnesses in the West happened without Jews, niggers or Muslims or video games or public schools or TV or whatever badass you like.

      There is genetic madness inside white race and without dealing with it, West will keep falling from one disaster after another.

    • The stupidity of comparing Brazil and El Salvador to the “progressive utopias” is beyond belief. Why can’t we be more like Sweden? Does this look like Sweden to you? The people promoting abortion are the people bringing the immigrants. Nobody cares about Focus on the Family. Is your grandfather a James Dobson fan?

      We always get these false alternatives posed: “You can have fiscal conservatism if you just drop the bigotry” “We’ll control the borders if you give up the extremism.” They keep temporizing, prevaricating, making “deals” until they get what the JEWS WANT. Then your a moot point see? White America is moot, they’re telling us, to get Trump re-elected. So he can do more wars for Jews. I honestly question whether these things would have been happening without Trump to catalyze and downright enable them.

      • If you think wars work wonders for our race, feel free to volunteer for the army and go out to the Middle East (we know you won’t because you’re either too old, unqualified, and/or too craven).

        As for the other two morons, progressive thinking spread throughout the entire West in the postwar era and how many Jews live in Finland, Italy, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand? Porn was legalized in Denmark ahead of the US and UK and they’ve barely had any Jews.

        When you have wealth and stability, progressive movements naturally occur because the populace is content (this site has cited several authors who mention this). Reactionary movements occur when progressivism goes overboard or if there’s socioeconomic instability.

        Y’all may want full theocratic totalitarianism because you deplore any civil liberties, but some of us race realists are fine with “progressivism” to some extent as long as whites remain the majority. Norway recently elected an anti-immigration progressive party into power. The left and right both need to return to the race realism consensus that existed before the postwar period.

  7. Putin and most Russians in power still believe that capitalism is better than socialism, and very little has been done to restore social enterprises and property that were privatized under Yeltsin. As long as the systemic usury continues practically unrestricted, the country cannot become really Christian. They cannot serve both God and Mammon.

    • @Anonymous…

      Clearly, the tens of millions of Russians who are practicing Orthodoxy and loving Chryst every day will be greatly interested to hear that their efforts are in vain…

  8. I don’t want a dictator, king or emperor, but our Weimarican system is clearly rotten and in need of renovation.

  9. Amerilard white trashionalists who look up to Russia are a special kind of idiot.

    Russia is one of the least spiritual and socially conservative nations in the world, even worse than some Eastern Jewropean countries like Poland. It may specifically dislike sodomy, for the wrong reasons, but it is still a world leader in divorce, pornography, promiscuity, fornication, adultery, murder of unborn children, and other extremely wicked sins, all relentlessly promoted by the electric Jew. And Russian youth is much more acceptant of sodomy anyway. Visit a porn site to see just how conservative these ‘people’ are.

    Jewtin is a satanic kike puppet whose literally ONLY job is robbing his own citizens and helping his kike oligarch friends do the same. He has no other agenda whatsoever. Jewtin’s appeal to ‘traditional values’ is an even bigger show and a scam than the GOP’s (because nobody actually WANTS them in Russia). He cannot even be bothered to ban sodomy, which would have overwhelming support and boost his approval rating, since it would upset Western kike politicians. Jewtin uses the word ‘anti-semitic’ as an insult.

    That pagan sanctuary filled with SATANIC BOLSHEVIK KIKE ORDERS is a complete embarrassment even by the demonic heretical ‘standards’ of Eastern Heterodoxy. It highlights the role that religion plays in Russia, which is to say none, it is an aesthetic thing for the kikes to exploit. The country is downright hostile towards actual religiosity and spirituality.

    And of course it is chock full of ’non-white’ immigrants, not that it actually matters at all in light of the above. Then again, I’ve seen white trashionalists glorify literal Iceland…

    • The oligarchs have only been restrained under Putin, which they had to be, because parasites are not successful if they kill their hosts, or kill them too quickly. In any case, Russia has definitely lost the mantle of world leadership in socialism and it has been passed to China.

      • The only subhuman, hook-nosed, shifty-eyed, hand-rubbing, devil-worshipping, money-grubbing, nation-wrecking, Christ-killing, genocide-worthy, child-sacrificing, well-poisoning filthy crooked apostate Zionist yid hebe vermin maggot KIKE that suffered under Jewtin was (((B*rezovsky))), and he’s been replaced by others like the (((Rotenbergs))). Otherwise (((they))) simply act in close alliance with the government these days, making MORE PROFIT THAN EVER. There were ZERO dollar billionaires in Russia in the year 2000, whereas today there’s a HUNDRED. Demonic kike lap dog Bolshevik traitor Jewtin bought the kikes’ personal loyalty AT THE EXPENSE OF THE NATION.


    • @MBT…

      “- In my deepest conviction, Russia needs an influx of new citizens. We will work not only to increase the birth rate within the country, but also in the influx of people who feel that they are Russians in the broad sense of the word..’

      Hey, MBT, I went to this link you left and read it. Is this the statement by Vladimir Putin to which you take such great exception?

      “… In my deepest conviction, Russia needs an influx of new citizens. We will work not only to increase the birth rate within the country, but also in the influx of people who feel that they are Russians in the broad sense of the word…”

  10. There’s a great new article by The Saker today on Roman Catholicism’s direction of the U.S.’s anti-Russia crusade, under Obama, and now also under Trump. Yes, it’s NOT “just Israel and the Jews” that run the U.S. Empire, unless Roman Catholicism can be considered to be run by Cryptos (and let’s not overlook the important supporting roles of warmongering Mormons and “Protestant” Zio-evangelicals):

    The new version of Russiagate (“bounties to Afghans to kill U.S. soldiers”) has been launched to further stir up distrust, fear and hatred in the American Sheeple toward Russians, and prepare them for transitioning the “hybrid” war to HOT war, to re-conquer Russia and install a puppet regime to finish what we started with Yeltsin. Our forces are a lot closer to Moscow now, and a lot better equipped to invade than the Germans were in 1941.

    How can anyone give views to FOX NEWS, including the Tucker Carson Show, that repeats and amplifies these lies about Russia like all the rest of mainstream media? Fox News will tell you many “politically-incorrect truths that are not told to you by the other news networks,” just to get you to believe one crucial lie.

    Speaking of CIA-created false news, yet another “sample” paper copy of the indirectly CIA-run EPOCH TIMES arrived in our rural mailbox yesterday (from which it goes straight into the compost pile, for the worms to read) full of “politically-incorrect truths” designed to get you to swallow crucial lies that the Empire wants you to believe, to prepare you for, and make you want, the coming war to overthrow communism in China and install a puppet regime. Who pays for all these expensive paper copies and YouTube and magazine and television and radio ads of Epoch Times? It wouldn’t be our taxes (being funneled indirectly through several channels) would it? (Rhetorical question)

    The greatest weakness of Russia is that its leaders including Putin, and many ordinary Russian people, still believe the CIA propaganda that was drilled into them for decades: that capitalism is good and communism is evil, and that communism failed. Very little has been done under Putin to restore the great social enterprises, infrastructure and property that were privatized (stolen from the Russian people) under the U.S.-installed puppet Yeltsin. Private banking (usury) that steals from the Russian people constantly has not been touched either. Building new churches is very important but Russia cannot have religious revival without renewal of socialism. I cannot serve BOTH God and Mammon.

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