1,000 Antifa Riot In Portland

This was the 38th straight day of rioting by Black Lives Matter and Antifa in Portland. A violent mob over 1,000 strong attacked the federal courthouse yet again last night:

Nothing “dark and divisive” here.

It was another “mostly peaceful protest” like the one at Stone Mountain. White silence is violence. This is not violence. The new rules are the law doesn’t apply to the mob.

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  1. When the USA dies, with it goes the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Immigration Reform Act just for starters. Then there’s all of the other minority and jew protection legislation that is used as a weaon against whites and it has been an absolute disaster for the founding stock as well as other white ethnic groups. We have no freedom of speech, we have no freedom of association. For God’s sake, you an’t even sell your house to whomever you wish. The feds indoctrinate your kids and you have to pay extra for your food because of the kosher seal of approval (parve etc.). It’s so damn corrupt and anti-white. We can’t even protect ourselves nor does the system make much effort to protect us. What exactly are we trying to save here? The statues of yesterday and along with them, the handcuffs and demoralization of tomorrow?

    To give you an idea how rigged everything is against us, I suggest you give this clip a run. I can vouch for Sarah Westall as a true and genuine investigative reporter. I’ve followed John Singleton for some years and believe is a real good guy as well:


    I certainly would never participate in its destruction but I am not sure many tears will be shed on my part. What I loved about America is gone and I’m only deluding myself that we can return to normalcy one day.

  2. Please explain this to me…

    In 1861, Lincoln invokes emergency powers that NO previous POTUS had ever invoked when the CSA declared independence. He arrested and imprisoned people without warrant or charges, closed down newspapers who stoked Southern sympathies, etc. etc.

    Why can’t Trump do the same? Since Lincoln paved the way, and set a precedent, I believe that Trump could legally do the same, and restore order.

    I may be wrong, and I hope I am, but there is a growing feeling that inaction is not a result of cowardice, but design. It is almost as if the elites who run this nation want us to devolve into civil war. But to what end? How will civil war and smoldering ruins and millions of dead make “America great again?”

    • They have already written White people off, to be replaced, they even openly speak of “replacement migration”. Trump could not save America, even if he were so inclined, he is owned, and we have all been sold out. We are in phase 2 of the 3 phases of bolshevik revolution. No one is coming to save you; White people need to face the hard cold facts about this situation.

    • Lincoln undertook illegal actions, and everyone just went along with it. It’s already been shown Trump couldn’t do the same, even if he were inclined to.

      • Only to neo-Confederates like you, powell. Don’t forget the peripheral South went for the GOP even during the “solid South” days and twice as many Mississippians answered they’d fight for the Union over the Confederacy if the Civil War were to happen today. You characters are relegated to rural pockets while we suburban Southerners are mainstream America and proudly America first.

        • I’m a Midwesterner, fool. But I sure as hell wouldn’t have marched off to kill fellow white men over the urgings of a president who shat all over the Constitution merely for the stated purpose of keeping some nebulous political entity together. Not then and definitely not now.

          • Neo-Confederates aren’t just relegated to rural pockets down South, nitwit. Wouldn’t surprise me if you’re an evangelical creationist lol
            Whether you like it or not, Lincoln’s considered one of the greatest Presidents by most Americans, you’re definitely not a constitutional scholar (or will you ever be), and white majoritarianism is a much more important topic than a war that ended 155 years, old man boomer.

  3. Reality is yet again turned on its’ head by language. This is the culmination of the constant barrage of civnat and multicultural propaganda since the end of WWII. There will be a point, though, when even the zombified White normies will react to all the chaos. Beyond desperately trying to ignore it, I mean, as they now do. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. The first pol willing to mercilessly crush the forces of disorder in a blue state will get plenty of support from the silent, currently pussified majority.

    • The propaganda began slowly before the 1920’s, and was institutionalized in the 1930’s, by the Frankfurt School marxists. This program is literally over a century old, now. The bolsheviks planned then to take down America from within, rather than do it the hard way, like they did in Russia in 1917. They have only begun to ramp up…

      • The program is even older than that, as in the 19th century American education became molded in the Prussian style. The peasant should be taught to know their place and worship the state, along with those who run it. Besides knowing just enough to be useful to the elites in their factories, naturally. The plans of the elites don’t really change, they just take different forms.

    • Never, not with the weak leaders we have today. Maybe Tucker Carlson will save us from ourselves.

  4. There is only one way to end violent riots.

    Use deadly violence against them so they are incapable of even thinking of trying to riot again.

    When Christ comes back there is going to be blood up to the horses’ bridles.

  5. Remember when the orange nigger faggot was gonna classify antifa as a terrorist organization?!

    Those were good times.

  6. Oregon is so far away, that it seems like it doesn’t even matter. At least not to us in Dixie.

  7. Oregon has long had the highest percentage of atheists in America. It has long been their Capitol, and especially Portland and Eugene.
    I say get the Federals out of there and let it burn.

  8. America won the Cold War economically but lost it politically and culturally. Now the march through the institutions is over. Cultural Marxism won!

  9. Where are the tough White biker clubs? Hells Angels did fine in contesting the street with the worst Leftist “students” at anti War demonstrations in Berkeley CA late 1960s. HA also did necessary security at Rolling Stones concerts Altamont Speedway.

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