New York City Charges Central Park Karen

In the middle of an explosion in violent crime that is being compared to the Wild West, the Manhattan District Attorney has found the time to charge Central Park Karen.

New York Post:

“The Manhattan DA announced Monday his office is prosecuting Amy Cooper for calling the cops on a black man in Central Park and falsely claiming he had threatened her after he’d asked her to leash her dog.

“Today our Office initiated a prosecution of Amy Cooper for Falsely Reporting an Incident in the Third Degree,” said DA Cy Vance Jr. in a statement. “We are strongly committed to holding perpetrators of this conduct accountable.”

In a now-viral video, Cooper is shown dialing 911 and stating: “There is an African American man. I am in Central Park. He is recording me and threatening myself and my dog.”

These things are all related.

These are all symptoms of the great liberalism and anti-racism crisis of 2020. The virus has pushed all of these nutty people over the edge who were barely holding it together.

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  1. Race mixing always decays into chaos and ruin.
    After centuries of historical experience, ppl are still too stupid to learn.

    Race mixing is a disaster, as axiomatic as the sun rising in the East.

    • I understand NYC Karen getting fined for the false report but to lose your job sucks but to surrender the dog crossed the line.

  2. NYC is anus mundi. The NYT is the equivalent of Pravda in Soviet times, keeping the nomenklatura abreast of modifications in the Party Line.

  3. Those that are afraid to name the Jew call it all “woke”. Yeah right, the wokes are doing it to us. For Fear Of The Jews is not a new thing.

  4. The “Karen” was just playing the statistics. You can’t relax around the joggers, especially when you are alone.

  5. > In the middle of an explosion in violent crime that is being compared to the Wild West, the Manhattan District Attorney has found the time to charge Central Park Karen.

    If you don’t prosecute people that lie about an emergency issue then you are stealing a police officer from his duty of protecting people. I completely agree with expending effort to punish Amy Cooper.

    • They aren’t protecting people, nor are they allowed to, and they aren’t charging or prosecuting far worse offenses, so no this is bullshit.

    • I don’t care if she misperceived his ultimate intentions. He DID threaten her, per his own admission. He said in writing that he told her that she “was not going to like what he was going to do.” So I stand with her.

    • All other things being equal had the woman been any other race but White we wouldn’t be having this conversation. The woman committed the crime of being White. Expect to see more of this.

  6. Slightly O/T: While having a burger at a local bowling alley, I looked at the (thankfully) soundless ESPN on the big screens there. The headline news crawl had bs about how Blompf “alleges” NASCAR’s token nig made up the noose story. As if the FBI hadn’t disproven it sometime ago. The corporate media is continually stoking the “blacks be oppressed by mean ole Whitey” narrative, facts be damned. Which isn’t shocking, of course. In other obvious news, water was discovered to be wet.

  7. Since when is it wrong to describe a suspect’s race during a 911 call?
    Anyway, unlike many here, I try to view things objectively.

    The Caucasian Karen should’ve been fined for not leashing her dog, but the supposed birdwatching Negro George Floyd wannabe actually threatened her and her canine companion so why wasn’t he at least fined as well?
    If somebody verbally threatens your life and that of your loved one, aren’t you supposed to call 911?
    This is why I try to avoid large crowds, especially dindus.

    • @Jude Clownworld there are 10s of Millions of Whites waiting for a chance to put their ARs and AKs to good use – the only wildcard is whose side the US govt will throw their weight behind. You don’t see the radical Left and BLM pulling their crap outside of their Uber-Lib urban strongholds. Blacks are 13% of the US population – and of that percentage of Blacks maybe 40%(that being males 16-45) are physically capable of combat – not a very long Civil War, then.

  8. Gave up her dog? What the? These district attorneys are of Satan. Many have infiltrated to literally let out black and brown criminals. Or in the case of this serpent loving d.a., Cyrus Vance, uber cucked white anti white, he cowers to the black and white communist mob simply to be reelected. He has no soul. Just goes along with the mob. Apparently he is from a totally cucked political family. Whites like this are so embarrassing.

    Ny is done. I know people don’t trust Republicans and that is rightfully so. But voting Democrat is basically like voting for Charles Manson now. Yeah he may be dead but the anti white, pro black, pro criminal, pro transgender, pro baby killing, pro illegal alien party has the same heart as Manson and is very much alive.

    These corporations are pure evil. Look how fast she was fired. Complete scum run companies. Look at all of them supporting and giving money to Blm? Look how they support Bubtard Wallace who literally lied about a noose and nothing happens to him. In fact I only see Trump condemning him. As usual all southern politicians say nothing about it or support Bubtard.

    Black savages attacking whites and attacking each other. This is like saying the sun will come up this week. Unlike blaxxx, the sun is quite useful. I remember what seems like a million years ago and a big reason I did not go to a particular high school in the 80s had in part to do with the fact black barbarians were mugging and assaulting whites in the area then. I chose a school much closer to home. Showing once again most blacks %÷÷ up everything.

    I think the worst part is this is like an out of control train. There is no urge to do what is right. The urge from every Democrat is to ruin. The urge is to kill or lock up whitey. The urge is to take down anything white while promoting all that is black. It’s an upside down world.

    It is also very true this push has been going on for a while. Allowing in illegals has been going on for decades. Sanctuary cities for decades. The jewsmedia covering up black on White crime for decades. Blacks destroying schools for decades. Blacks hating police for decades. Filthy judges purposely forcing integration for decades creating more white flight.

    What I find interesting in a place like New York is the fact that Nyc is the power of Ny state. It’s the money area. By allowing Blm terrorists to go crazy robbing and looting and to allow crime by blaxxx and brownzzz to shoot up( pun intended) the city is chasing out their tax base. Many are leaving to different parts of the state or getting out of the state.

    Sucking up to black people is always a losing strategy. Thank you Jews for pushing an agenda that has never worked and never will. Shhh, goyim!

  9. Ps. I highly suggest you go on the district attorney of Manhattan’s twitter account. Cyrus Vance. You see why liberal Democrats are not just immoral people but highly evil people. Many are congratulating the d.a. for the charges against the white lady. Virtually nothing is said about the high rise in violent crime by black and brown people. There are some normal people calling the prosecution a waste of time and mentioning rising crime rates but they are a minority.

    Many leftists on Vance’s Twitter page are calling for the arrest of the Trump family. The sooner we can get this tired idea of a “United” States done and gone the better. We have become a nation of cracking down on the jaywalkers while letting out the murderers and rapists. Too many people, too diverse and allowing enemies to control news and Hollywood. That is the American way.

    • She’s not being made to suffer because she’s a “leftist”. She is being made to suffer because she is WHITE.

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