Letter From a “Racist”

I know what you think of people like us.

I have watched you nearly every day for the past 20 years.

In your view, we are “racists” and “white supremacists.” We are the “Alt-Right.” We are “White Nationalists.” We are “extremists.” We are skeptics and reactionaries wedded to the past. In contrast, you are not a “racist.” You are “mainstream” in America. You are a colorblind Christian conservative. You are one of the good ones. You are a True Believer in the glorious future of “anti-racism.”

When it was hard to speak out in our culture, you didn’t stick up for White people and condemned all of those who did and were willing to pay the price for doing so. It was necessary to condemn “racism” so that America could progress toward the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream of a colorblind society which was the fulfillment of the liberal ideals found in the Declaration of Independence.

How is that working out for you now?

What did you trade away in order to be able to sit here in the year 2020 and marvel at the climax of your happy colorblind utopia in which everything is now racism and white supremacy? What was the path that was not taken at that fork in the road at the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement? What if America had remained the overwhelmingly White Christian country that it was in the 1960s?

I can already hear your response.

In spite of all evidence to the contrary, “race doesn’t matter.” Christianity is what matters. Black liberation in the Civil Rights Movement had no unsettling implications for Christians.

America was so irredeemably racist back in the 1960s that it had to be transformed into the post-Christian society that it has become today where a mob of demons can gather on July the 4th to take a blowtorch to a statue of St. Junípero Serra on the grounds of California’s state capitol. If anything like that ever happened in the Jim Crow South, I am unaware of it. The Old South named cities like Columbus, GA and Columbus, MS after Christopher Columbus whose memory is despised in our times.

St. Junípero Serra was a White Christian and that was enough to paint a target on his back like the bullseye you now have on your back.

Take a look at what you lost while fighting “racism”: a country that was good, decent and more righteous and beautiful in every way than the one you have left behind to your children.

What is sacred in our society?

In the new era of moral clarity in American journalism, there are still some things that are beyond the pale and which cannot be vandalized. There are rules which apply to some people.

Not the Jefferson Memorial:

Not George Washington:

Then what?

Black Lives Matter murals.

This is where the line is being drawn.

In the 1960s, you were persuaded to buy into “anti-racism” and this notion that America was moving toward a colorblind utopia. After the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Immigration Act of 1965, America embarked on a monumental project greater than the Egyptians who built the pyramids or the Rapa Nui people who built the stone heads on Easter Island. Virtually every institution in our society was reconstructed to promote anti-racism.

Just as the Easter Islanders destroyed themselves, Americans are destroying their country in pursuit of this monomaniacal obsession because the persistence of racial differences in spite of this unprecedented anti-racist effort is such a strong affront to the liberal belief in equality. Never before in all of history has any people or culture so completely dedicated themselves to uplifting another people.

And now it has failed …

And we realize now that it has failed …

And we have concluded we have failed because … we are simply irredeemable. Whiteness must be some kind of original sin. In spite of our best efforts, we can’t help but oppress black people. Whiteness is racism. Anti-racism must become anti-whiteness. Justice must become anti-White. We’ve tried equal rights and it didn’t bring about equality of result because the system itself is racist.

2020 is another big fork in the road like in 1965. After a half century effort that cost trillions of dollars, America has failed to end racism. It has failed to end racial discord. It has failed to bring about racial equality. In order to achieve “racial justice,” we have to dispense with the fiction of the colorblind utopia and openly champion discrimination against and repression of Whites. We have to embrace the notion that the entire European presence in the New World from Christopher Columbus to George Floyd is racist, immoral and illegitimate. We have to embrace the idea that White America is synonymous with “racism” and defile and destroy every symbol of White American heritage.

White Christian conservatives are invited to go along with this new vision of society in order to finally end “racism.” If you remain silent and do not affirm this vision of negative White racial identity and overturning White rights and replacing them with a new racial caste system, “White silence is violence.” If you oppose this new vision on the basis of colorblindness and call it racist, well, that is “hate speech” and “White Fragility.” Only White people can now be racists. This means that you are a racist.

To wrap things up, you are probably a gullible, but decent and kind hearted person who genuinely wanted to help black people. This was a weakness that your cunning enemies who had no such scruples exploited to the hilt. They gaslit you with propaganda and kept your attention focused on the past. You didn’t see or grasp the significance of the groundwork that was being laid for your future.

You have a simple choice to make: throw in with the progressive Left, resign from both whiteness and Christianity (accept that Original Sin is whiteness which is heretical) and throw yourself at the feet of the mob in abject submission who have redefined anti-racism as anti-whiteness in order to theoretically fight “racism” and bring about the El Dorado of “racial equality,” OR, you can stand up for yourself and choose your own identity and interests, your own people and heritage and especially your own children and grandchildren. Either way, like it or not you are going to be called a “racist” in the future.

Note: Undoubtedly, you are going to try to third way your way out of this coming fight, which are terms your enemies are not going to accept. It is White Fragility to not be a pitiful, conquered, self effacing loser.

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  1. There is no reasoning or making peace with Anti-Whites. You are either Pro-White or Pro White Genocide.

    • This. I was having a conversation with my brother in law over the holiday. He said hey my philosophy has always been live and let live. I responded by saying the obvious that there is no live and let live for whites. We are a target, plain and simple. He didn’t disagree with me.

      • @SC Rebel…

        Glad you said what you did to your brother-in-law. We just cannot let out sleepy-eyed brethren keep reciting the same failed mantras, over and over again, without challenging it.

        Too much on the line.

  2. A remarkable letter that leaves no stone unturned.

    Several years ago it might have gone unread, except for a few of us, but, if the good-ole-boys who make up life here in Northeastern North Carolina are any indication, it will get a hearing because, it articulates what is beating in their hearts.

    I hear my fellow Rural Southerners very clearly in my ears and in the air, and they are at a turning point.

    If persnickety is what the many in this nation want to see from us, then persnickety it will be, and, like a flea that gets out of from between your forefinger and your thumb, you won’t likely get it back there.

  3. Serra, the Papist (RC) so-called “saint,” was just another sanctimonious administrator of forced conversion and forced labor, who let others do the dirty work while he talked the religion and acted merciful. Some of his other statues have been toppled or removed before, and all of them should be. Babylon must fall completely someday.

    Compared to the other “saint,” King Louis, discussed here recently, whose Pope-blessed military operations in France and Egypt killed more than one million (mostly French White people and some Arabs), Serra’s “holy” project was relatively innocuous resulting in only thousands of casualties.

  4. I will never apologize for loving my people. If that makes me a racist so be it. It’s a girl, my grandchild on the way. JB and I will protect her by any means necessary. My son? Who knows. This is the reality we live in. Make it stop.

    • I share your sentiment. Being called names means nothing to me. It’s just a sign that the lunatics have no argument, so they have to call us names.

      • @Vickey & SC Rebel…

        I agree with both of you.

        Being called a name is totally meaningless to me.

        Absolutely nothing wrong with loving your own tribe – in fact it’s absolutely right.

        A huge problem we have today in government is that politicians could care less for their own people – they just love themselves, hence, the corruption.

        We’ve always had corruption, but, when i was a kid, and there was more Nationalism, we had a whole lot less.

        A nation filled fulled of untethered individuals is a very dangerous concept, as is on full display, every dang day.

        • That’s correct Ivan. While we are literally being overrun by blacks & mexicans in our small town, people tell me this is Winning? This is happening under Trumps watch. No one, including him has our back. Politicians are scum. I’m voting for the other guy if I vote at all.

  5. I do not believe Thomas Jefferson ever fathered a batard black child. Maybe his brother did but even then I am suspect.

    They started destroying our history decades ago.

    • It was his half-brother Randolph who liked to go down to the slave quarters and party with the inhabitants. And some other relatives of Thomas Jefferson who was too old and sickly to stud a woman young enough to be his daughter.

      Little Miss Sally Hemings was pretty free with her favors and got around quite a bit.

      It’s unfortunate that, despite his condition, Thomas Jefferson never remarried after his wife died. We will never know if George Washington indulged with other women. It never comes up. Had Thomas Jefferson married again, he would have had plausible deniability and the children of Randolph would have had to be content to be more distantly related.

      • Given Thomas Jefferson’s advanced age and failing health at the time, it was likely his brother or younger male relative since male Jefferson DNA can mean any male from the line. To try to claim Thomas was the father is a deliberate attempt to smear a Founding Father.

        You guys also fail to mention Sally Hemings was a quadroon and not full black as many Afrocentric movies like to portray. She was more white than she was black, so black broads alleging a Founding Father was into the “sistahs” is just wishful thinking on their part.
        Sally looked more like Mariah Carey (black and Venezuelan mestizo father and Irish-American mother) or Meghan Markle (white father and mixed race black mother) than Whoopi Goldberg or Gabourey Sidibe.

    • So right.
      Just jooish propaganda, to both defame Jefferson and excuse bill clinton.

      “Joos are the masters of lying”…….Schopenhauer

    • @Snowhitey…

      Not for a moment do I doubt that Hemmings and Jefferson were, for all intents and purposes, man and wife.

      Very common for White Southern Oligarchs to pick a beautiful young Negress from their lot and take her for a lover.

      We know about this from the journals that convey the bitter complaints of the wives of Southern oligarchs, such as Emma Clanton Thomas of Augusta Georgia, who went into incredible detail about the rage she felt about the humiliation her husband was giving her by his perpetual dalliances with their House-Negresses, chosen by her husband for their beauty and sexual compliance.

      Moreover, the Hemmings-Jefferson situation is well documented, not to mention that most of their contemporaries believed they were an item.

      That said, I do agree with you that they have spent the last 75 years trying to obliterate Southern history.

      There certainly is a lot of evidence for that.

  6. The Catholics are starting to get nervous—they are finally realizing all of their politicians are anti-White! Pelosi, McCarthy, Biden, Newsome, Cuomo, Durbin, Casey, the whole damn bunch hate White Americans.

    Then there is the Catholic B team composed of Puerto Ricans, Mexicans and other non-White Catholics who hate White Americans.

    You Catholics have dug your own hole. You cry about abortion, and then your own Chief Justice, and another Roman Catholic Hispanic family values advocate shoot down even a mild sensible law that might have restricted some abortions.

    Anytime any Roman Catholic opens their yap about abortion they should be punched in the fucking mouth.

    • The Chief Justice is gay, so no surprise he isn’t following Catholic teachings on the bench.

      • Polish Roman Catholic Roberts gay, as in the Roman Catholic priesthood is homosexual by its very nature?

    • It is too bad that HW allows pablum from jewish Fifth Columnists like KW to soil this site – maybe OD has been compromised as many have suggested.

  7. White Christian Conservatives are a lost cause. Whatever remains of them in the future will be assimilated into the Mestizo population. I have never seen a group more enthusiastic about miscegenation than Christian Conservatives.

  8. Rob McCann is one of the most despicable “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”
    When I first saw this article, I thought it was a typical “hit piece” against Christians, and then I read his own words. Shocking, disgusting.

    Read what he says about homeless people and how he justifies not feeding “aggressive panhandlers” in his soup kitchen. This guy, who says he’s “100% behind BLM” has nothing but contempt for homeless people.


  9. “What if America had remained the overwhelmingly White Christian country that it was in the 1960s?”

    I would be a happy camper right now.

  10. Snow-you are right to doubt. I have done extensive study in that reading all the noted Jefferson historians. One point in fact is that TJ was in Paris when Sally Hemmings got pregnant.

    • Let’s be honest. White men laid with blacks It’s why we have mixed race mystery folk amongst us. We do not have to deny the obvious to be correct. We just have to do better now. Right now.

      • Well you can produce mixed race mystery meat with huwhite women laying with bucks. (forcibly or consensually)

  11. That couple are bold, brazen and crazy lol I wouldn’t get my self killed over government funded graffiti on the street. Who are they fooling whats accomplished from that exactly? Pretty funny tho

  12. Hard to recall that, back when we were founding this nation, we had a lot like the current crowd, except we had nastier names for them. Sent a lot of their cowardly asses to Canada, too.

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